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2018 “Draconia Chronicles” Calendar

Draconia Chronicles 2018 calendar!
Draconia Chronicles 2018 calendar!

Awkward, funny, and downright cute!

Ever wonder about the early years of your favorite Dragons and Tigers? Well, we have the answer!

With 36 all-new full-color drawings, the 2018 Draconia Chronicles Calendar shows you the adorable childhood years and the awkward teenage years of 13 of the series’ most popular characters, shadowed by their grown-up counterparts!

This year’s cast features Kess, Saph, Rula and Naisha, Her Majesty Queen Oscura, Kilani, Lady Red, Princess Kiriad, Cinder, Scyde, Kighan, Ennek, and a glimpse into the future of Her Royal Highness Princess Lumina!

Order your 2018 Draconia Chronicles Calendar today for just US $20 each, plus $5 for worldwide shipping and handling!

Draconia Chronicles 2018 calendar!

Shipping late December 2017.
Approximately 8″ x 13.5″ (20cm x 34cm).
Spiral-bound heavy-duty paper.
Suitable for wall hanging.
Printed in the USA.

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