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Damn good lookin why u keepin Nekonny to yourself. Also ” Tine used Mega Punch”

Aw, crap. They put the two newbies alone.

Pretty sure there are 6 newbies there.

Check my comments in comic #296.

I’m talking about HUMAN rookies.

i’ll dare you to step up to them with those twin swords they got at hand and call them that, you’ll be a sorry pin cushion when they get through with you

No thanks. There’s nothing more dangerous than a weapon in untrained hands,
especially if those untrained hands have been human for 5-30 minutes.
If they actually slay a bunny it will either be because they got a lucky shot with a weapon or these bunnies are really weak against those magic weapons.

Either way, we’ll see.

“If ive told you once I’ve told you a thousand times warn me when your going to do THE PUNCH.” side effects may include dizziness, brusess, broken bones and the frequent cellear disitergration, THE PUNCH is not for everyone consult your doctor before use.

Wonder how they are going to take care of Jormugand, I mean since not even the flak-88 Alice brought did any real damage it’s probably gonna take quite a lot to send that huge of a beast flying. Or maybe they’re gonna go for a sealing spell of some sort…

Or just take it’s head off. That usually works with dragons.

Well that would have worked if Jormugand was actually a normal dragon in the first place, but as we have seen in page 286 it has a “liquid” body. And regenerative properties that are powerful enough to regenerate the wound from a flak-88 high explosive round in a matter of seconds. Plus that firebreath will probably cause some trouble with getting close.

We know that Mjolnir is capable of sealing Jormungandr somehow. Besides, from what we just saw it’s possible a strike from the ‘hammer’ could do more damage than a Flak-88 could.

well then, havent been here in a while… hey whatever happened to the prequel comics that used to be here? the ones about nekonny before and when he was changed into a cat in the first place?

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