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Dont pull it. We will all be satisfied with the results.

Can’t we have both?

That’d be very painful on their backs…potentially for both options.

Well, in a cat’s reproduction. Once the male cat is about to ejaculate, his member (Im guessing its the same name as a human male) get’s barbed so it doesn’t leave the female’s…you get the idea.

Well, I’m supportive of kittens, but maybe not giving them to Tina. She’ll terrorize the poor little things.

Tina would be a good mother….considering how bad a father I would be

Hmmmm, I would be thinking that Kimi would be the mother since she would give birth to them. Also, saying that you are a bad father is judged due to perspective.

Say that you slack off and let the kids do mostly what they want and giving them what they want. That’s being a bad parent. Too many rules and not getting them anything is also being a bad parent. It’s best to do something in between. Also, don’t try to drink that much, it’s just bad for everyone.

Those are basically good tips to parenting. I think I will make an awesome father. Sorry about the rant, I just get into things, and stuff happens.

BTW is Tigerclaw a reference to Warriors?

hell yeah its a reference! didnt think anyone would get it, lost hope

and i do slack, and drink XD though kids tend to like me, judging from YOUR little chart id be the middle dad not to much not to little.

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