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Mandatory spelling/grammar correction: “How do fight all that?” I think there should be an “I” or “we” in there.

Also, what poor soul got a lollipop to fight the evil bunny-orca with?

if you look more closely man that is a Mallet type Hammer NOT a lollypop then there are combat gloves a bo stick pole and 2 pairs of katana blades, soo Kimi is the weapon maker there.

ok so now Nekonny too has been outfitted with armor so I wonder who will use which weapon! i’m guessing
1Nekonny the gloves
2 Yuki the Bo Pole staff
3 Tina the other Hammer
4 Mika & Muna the Twin Swords
that is my line up (tho there should be something else but nothing is coming to mind except a switch from gloves to Battle Axe XD

Like these play toys. Hard to pick what like the most.

That is a good question.
When I see Nekonny I see long sword (and maybe a shield or buckler).
Kimi I see the war-hammer.
Tina …a mace.
Mika & Muna… they are the hardest to think of a fitting weapon(s)… I am going to go with rapier(s).

Yuki I see her with a pike.

While I must confess a soft spot for modern touches like that FLAK 88 we saw earlier, there is a certain timeless charm to magic weapons, revealingly armored catgirls and catboys and beating the living stuffings out of something. 🙂

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