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you mean me-wow!

Um. No.


To whomever downvoted me (you know who you are):
Try saying “me-wow!” out loud. Go ahead. Listen to how ridiculous you sound.
Now do the typical sexual “meow” sound, dragging out the “e” and emphasizing the “o”. There, isn’t that a lot better?

Well now have a small army of 5 kitty fighters. Six if put him in there.

Super Neko Skimpy Team Go!

Teenage Magic Neko Fighters.

*insert guitar riff*

Now that’s what I call an impressive collection of Catgirls!
Very nicely done.

I have to be the ‘downer’ as you put it. I don’t overly enjoy receiving complaints about people. Not to mention it’s a hop, skip, and jump from the same road that the LL comment system went down, and was eventually closed.


This is about as far as I got so far…need to think more of how to make it work…

Teenage Magic Neko Fighters!

Turtles count it off:

1! 2! 3! 4! 5! Nekos!

Magic chain reaction (Nekos!)

Livin’ underground (Nekos!)

Ninjutsu action (Nekos!)

It’s a shell of a town!

Nekos count it off:

(1!) Live by the code of the martial arts

(2!) Never fight unless someone else starts

(3!) Always stick together no matter what

(4!) If all else fails then it’s time to kick butt!


I love bein….

I love bein….

I love bein’ a Neko!

Teenage Magic Neko Fighters!

Turtles count it off:

1! 2! 3! 4! 5! Nekos!

There’s no one better (Nekos!)

Lusca(?): Watch out for Lusca! (Nekos!)

They’re like no others (Nekos!)

Those teenage fighters!

1! 2! 3! 4! 5!

1! 2! 3! 4! 5!

Teenage Magic Neko Fighters!

(Nekos! Nekos!)

Nice new clothes! Also I like the fan service of the two catgirls closely holding each other, squishing boobs.

those are Mika & Muna sisters very surprised to be Nekomimi’s now
just got to hope they are of good use there tho (they got a thing for Nekonny too)

And Nekonny has himself a nice size Nekomimi harem now.

wheres maya????????

Fans: This world needs more catgirls.
Kimi: Gotcha covered!

Hurry! Does anyone have type A blood? I need a transfusion bad, I’m losing so much blood.
There’s just too much for my nose to handle.

How could you even nosebleed from this? Shouldn’t all that blood be used down south?

have you never seen any anime? All it takes for guys in there is a panty shot to get a nosebleed so strong that it will knock them off their feet, though it only works if they’re young, old guys just start drooling.

what do middle aged guys do??????????

Yuki got the best outfit of them all after Kimi of course XD

she looks like a biker chick

Umm. Hot.

Yuki:… define… armor…

sexyiest armor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But in all seriousness, while the fans are lost in all the Nekomimi glory here, what will happen when they all die, will they all become guardians of the light, like Kia, for the next time the beast appears? Or will they have to outright destroy it? Or am I over thinking it at the moment?

kimi will probably change them back, its probably the power of the true guardian to change other kats to help her defeat the beast

It probably is, but I have a feeling that if Nekonny stays the way he is, Mina and Muna will want to stay that way too so they can be with him.

good point, but isn’t her name Mika

with all due respect Mihari grave digger decided to follow me in discus and has become annoying by replying to my posts. i am really sorry for these troubles but im not looking for fights with this annoying guy. my apologies for this u_u

an army of catgirls… and no weapon among the bunch.
Don’t get me wrong, I like sexy armor but I dislike sexy armor on the battlefield, I much prefer functional armor on the battlefield.
Which is why I like Kenny’s armor, it is mostly functional.

Now this is just awesome. Meowza! The expressions are priceless. Tina just being amazed at the transformation, Yuki is more bemused, the sisters looking incredulously at each other wondering why a human is suddenly holding on to them with that dawning moment of realization coming up fast. Kimi is in complete control of the chaos. Very well done!

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