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Mihari, I know it’s a different webcomic, but it’s part of the Katbox network
of comics so I thought you might have an idea. Is the above
announcement about comments the reason that Las Lindas no longer shows
the ability to leave comments? It’s been that way for several weeks
now. It’s the only one in the Katbox network that I’ve noticed this
with. I had asked a question about the story on one of the pages and a day later the entire comments section was just gone. And has been since.

It was a mix of things, but mostly the LL team felt the comments were getting out of hand and felt it necessary to just remove them. Will they ever return? I have no idea. Anything is possible I suppose.

Cool. Thanks for the reply, Mihari.

Kinda sucks cuz I wanted to know the answer to my question and it had to do with the story and Geecku. But now I’ve forgotten what my question was. lol But I can also understand. I’ve moderated and admin’d a few forums over the years. Can’t say it’s one of the more fun things I’ve done. heh

digger get a grip man it’s not the end of the world (also you didn’t reply to my request man)

wait, what request???

The request for thine soul… I think… Maybe… Or was it a mystical weapon fabled throughout history? Something.

I don’t have a soul, and the only “mystical weapon” i have is the midget cricket from Men in Black

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