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hey is that Mihari giving out candy???


best birthday ever


I don’t get it, someone please explain the joke for us simpler folk :<

it must an inside joke or something

In the forums, Nekonny’s ID picture is of him (in cat form) dressed up as Cookie Monster.

oh my god, it DOES make sense

Question: Page 300 will be Spartan themed?

After coming back to this page 5 times, here is my reaction: WHERE’S KIMI?

I dunno, not born yet for starters? X3

is there anywhere said how old are you in any given point in the time line of this comic or others? you were also on a few other pages with the older nek.

I’m not a character in this comic, so no.

You said that on this page, kimi is not yet born. which sugest this is, irrelevant to the story, past, and not just everynoe made younger because of a spell… and here you are. well, part of you.
I know that in the end, it is just filler, but i was hoping for something other that stright out “nope”. you could have even seid something like “i am goddes, i am timeless.”

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