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What happened to the clothes they didn’t want to ruin?

Uh-oh! Here’s come the bunny-like-girl-things… big n ugly won’t be far behind. This is getting so exciting!!

I believe the term used when the first of the things arrived was “Orca-Bunny-Renamon thingy”, if I remember correctly.

It’s also been described as “the result of Lucario f***ing an orca”, but it wasn’t fans that came up with that one.


cue fight music!!

I could see if/when the girl turn back to human and are in armor that they (thru the bell or Kimi KNOW how to fight. that they could be helpful.

Side note, if Tina were to stay in the form she’s in now she could probably do a fair bit o’ damage, considering the meat-hooks she has on her feet and the set of teeth she has can picture not to mention her strength. IF she were to take a swing @ Nekonny he’d probably end up with a good concussion (as if getting tackled but a football player YES I know Tina would do no such thing to him..

I’ve got this funny feeling when Kimi changes them back all 3 of them will be dressed in battle armor. Seeing as there are multiple enemies coming it only makes sense there be more than one hero to stop them. Not to mention that if they don’t get their own armor they’ll be nekkid :L

It would have been entertaining if Tina after landing on Nekonny a big dry-ish kiss/lick 🙂

No, a big wet, slobbery kiss-lick!! THAT woulda been hilarious. 😀

Cat’s togues aren’t as wet as a dogs.

Oh no! Incoming monsters and we have no reinforcements! Where are the MG-42 crews when you need them!? I mean, seriously… Let us assume that we are being bum-rushed by 100 monsters. I guess we would need 5 MG-42’s. This would require that each machine gun be crewed by five people each. One is the gunner, one is the assistant, and the other three are issued rifles. The machine guns serve as the primary killing force and the riflemen provide cover when the machine guns need to change barrels or ammunition belts. If the flak gun could hurt the giant, then I don’t see how regular small arms can’t work on its mates. JUST GET MORE GUN!! [plays Engineer’s song from Team Fortress 2]

Either this, or perhaps some field artillery pieces loaded with canister rounds would do. Any questions?

Gah…Tina’s so happy to see Nekonny that she’d eat him right up. XD

You know, had a tiger jumped onto me, I’d be flailing right now, whether or not I knew the tiger~

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