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I am most curious as to what this nude plan of Kimi’s is…

shes gonna turn her into a cat probably anyway

i want to see nude art of kimi in rule 34 hurhurhur i am 12 P.S. i love the third and the fourth panel of this kimi looks so cute :3

So possible nudity okay, huge water slide not? Okayyyy then.

Kimi has never really taken a liking for cloth.

Well, yeah. It’s her natural state to just have her fur coat. IRL cats are probably wondering why we wear clothes.

hey, now I know why my cat is always staring at me with that clueless expression

My friend has six cats and it doesn’t help that I’m mildly allergic to cats. If it’s one or two cats I’m fine, but any more make me sneeze like crazy. BTW, his newest one called Shadow (lol, I didn’t name it) completely stalks me and then climbs up my leg when I’m sitting. I wouldn’t mind it, but his claws make me bleed (and it kind of hurts). And the worst thing is, is when I arrive at my friends house and all the cats just stare at me.

hey nekonny, its a Kia Soul

I’m sorry, but I have a crit. in the second to last panel, Kimi’s…ah…left(?) cup looks odd. I’m thinking it’s because it looks like a traditional bikini cup, while the other side is the triangular shape.
Oh, God, I love this comic.

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