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hey hey people i love this comic and so do you thats why you come back to read it right!!NEKONNEY dont take down the page bro we the people love this comic and ask not demand that you keep this page dont take it DOWN or i might go kick a evil thing in your comic…SHIT just broke my laptop by kicking the shit out of that monster TheT0pCat 4 the win yay!!!

Crumbs, the gun is down. What happened to the crew? When did monster snot get so dangerously hot? AND IS THERE A BACK-UP PLAN!? HEEEEEEEELP!

Alice, please have a Tiger tank or even a StuG III. Assault guns like the StuG III are easier vehicles for maintenance and give more bang for their buck. But the Tiger does more damage…

Looks like it’s time to fire up the Karl-Gerät.
If 88mm won’t do anything maybe 600mm will.

Actually, the Flak gun was only a few degrees off. That 88 mm shell did tear open a shoulder. I expect that the monster will need a Kaiju-sized sling. But for Alice, perhaps we will need the Karl-Gerat and the huge 80 cm Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun! The drawbacks are that the Schwerer Gustave needs proper track laid and an entire battalion for support and that while it can strike from about 47 km away with its HE-shell (or from 38 km away with the Armor-piercing shell), the dang thing takes about half an hour to get one shell loaded.

Perhaps a squadron of Stukas would do the job more quickly? And please no King Kong references! If the monster tried to snatch a Stuka out of the air, its arm would be ripped off by the momentum or shredded by the steel propeller at the cost of one pilot, one gunner, and over 1000 kg of bombs, not to mention the entire plane smashing into the monster!

Poor 88, we barely knew ye.

Alas, poor Flak, I knew it, steelCOYOTE. Perhaps we need 12.8 cm Pak 44 gun instead. That HUGE anti-tank gun can penetrate 20 cm of armor at a range of 20 km, assuming normal-to-surface deflection. And it can wipe out stuff with a HE shell from 24 km away! If Alice gets the Pak 44, two MG-42’s, a dozen Sturmgewehrs, twenty-five Panzerfausts, fifty stick grenades, four 37 mm medium Flak guns, and a platoon of civilians, that monster had better start running (and please add items to my list to the tune of the twelve days of Christmas if you wish)!

Or better yet, Alice might need a couple of Stukas or Panzerbuckers. Where’s the nearest airport? HEEEELP!

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