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Hang on, are those wires?

hope that helmets fire proof :3

That helmet (if original) is made out of 1.8mm steel. Do the math.

steel conducts heat ouch ;(

Please let Alice be OK/….
IDK about the musical guys that much but i hope they got out the way as well.
( Also-Poor flak 88 never stood a chance–yes i feel bad for the gun. )

I also feel bad for the cannon… but OMG I hope Alice is ok!! The 3 musicians, too… but especially Alice!! (I love her SOO much.) **prays**


Hmmm… I think she should have loaded the high-explosive shell instead of the armor-piercing round. That would have blown off the entire arm! And there is the possibility that the fireball has extremely little substance in it. I mean, do you really expect a flaming ball of monster snot to knock out a flak gun’s shield? And if the fireball is, in fact, an exploding ball of doom, why isn’t the monster made of explodium!?


Rommel wrote a book about his tactics in the North African and Western European theatres. In it he emphasizes the use of the multi-role 88mm FLAK/ARTILLERY in full battery units or at least gun teams for full effect of the weapon against both air and ground targets.

Sorry… I know Rommel pretty well from reading the article on Wikipedia and the one from TV tropes. Since the tanks of the Afrika korps weren’t all that great in numbers or armor-penetrating capability, Rommel’s usual approach was to use his tanks to lure British and American tanks into a Flak gun ambush. The Flak 36 greatly out-ranged the British two-pounder tank guns and American 75 mm tank guns so the usual result was that the Allied tankers would run away screaming Mommy.

“Rommel… You magnificent bastard, I read your BOOK!!”


All I have to say is: traf es erneut! (hit it again!)

google is a poor german….
“Nachladen und Feuer erwidern!!!” (Reload and return fire)

hey it actually hurt him, sorta
run alice run!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thats some cannon look at the damage a glancing shot did to it that this monster is the size of a skyscraper and it took a chunk out of it that would have split a aircraft carrier in half. it probably can seriously hamper that monster it shot in the right spot

It has become something I wonder about at times… the ancient powers of legendary beasts vs. the power of modern technology. In this case, I’m wondering how effective a platoon or two of M1A2 Abrams or Leopard 2 tanks would be with their 120mm cannons firing HEAT, APFSDS or even WP rounds. Plus, they have armor. In the last Godzilla movie, several AGM-65 Maverick missiles did the trick, after all….

I’m confused,It looks like the casing is still connected to the bullet. Did that cannon just launch the whole bullet, without actually firing it? o.o

I noticed that too but I wasn’t sure how a flak gun fired, I thought they usually had an explosive shell so I figured the casing still on it could be a charge, but again, never seen the actual ammo for the gun before, not my thing. I dunno enough about em to say so.

Chalk it up as an artist that wasn’t sure how to draw the fired round, and let it go at that. 😛

I’m reminded of a scene from Game of Thrones.
“Sorry. I shouldn’t make jokes. My mouther taught my not to throw stones at cripples.” *Pause for dramatic effect, then, gleeful grin* ‘But my father always said, ‘aim for their head’!”
I’m thinking that needs to happen here. Aiming for the head, I mean. Not the stones at cripples part. Christ, what kind of monster do you think I am?

Well… That didn’t work. Anyone else got an idea before we go with the “Sink the Island” plan?

Perhaps a stockpile of genuine panzerfausts? Or maybe the gun really hasn’t been destroyed? As I said, I can’t really expect monster snot to kill Alice.

Where’s the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine when you need them? Some 250kg bombs from stukas and a salvo of battle-cruiser shells could be useful right now!

Nekonny, please hurry up and get the magical weapon… before I request help from the Imperial Japanese Navy in the form of I-400 class submarines! Those subs can carry up to three attack planes each– I KID YOU NOT, THOSE ARE SUBMERSIBLE AIRCRAFT CARRIERS WITH PLENTY OF FLAK, TORPEDOES, AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE IN STORE!!!!!!!!

next up… alice finds a howitzer ….

or a army of a undead samarai!!

or.. a horde of rabid zombie squirrels!

(looks up at the sky) Oh, so that’s where that Horten Ho 229 went (WWII German Stealth bomber, less than ten were made).

It was the first stealth bomber. It was also featured at the end of Captain America (The new one) it’s the one where Red Face (or they to call him) tried to escape and bomb America. And I mean a Horton Ho 2-29. If they had mass produced it, it would be game over for Britain (but not the U.S. We had nukes).

hey NEKONNEY dont take this page down bro cuz i love your comic one of the best iv seen in a while and alot of other people like it too!! maybe even love it with me but yea if you do care about us keep the page like if you agree KEEP the PAGE KEEP the PAGE!!!

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