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I wonder how she get those german helmets?

quick question how can she afford that thing

The Flak gun must have been surplus or loot, considering that there are quite a few guns in the museums. It looks too good to be a battlefield relic. Anyways, for those who don’t know about it, the gun in question fires two types of shells. The original anti-aircraft shells were high-explosive rounds having a mass of about 9.4 kg, with an effective ceiling of 8 km above firing point. The armor-piercing anti-tank shells were 9.5 kg each. The gun’s maximum effective range is 14,815 meters which means that any giant monster within 14 km can expect to get burned by the high-explosive. If the monster is within 1 km it can expect to get drilled (and perhaps disemboweled) by the armor-piercing shell. Since said monster cannot accelerate very quickly, I think this fight is going to be a curb-stomp battle! Nekonny, I hope you read this comment and take some physics into account.

So, despite the “it’s magic” aspect of the beast’s armor, you want a Judge scenario from Buffy?
Judge: No weapon forged can harm me!
Buffy: That was then.
Pulls out rocket launcher.
Buffy: This is now.
Everyone else dives out of the way.
Judge: What is that thing?
Rocket fires. Judge explodes.

Got to say it’s an impressive piece, but sadly i dont think it will have much effect on J├Ârmungandr (the monsters actual name) since that would kinda ruin the need for both heroes and the awesome magic weapon. Plus J├Ârmungandr has allready shown the power to atain a liquid form, so i dont really think it would work very well even taking the laws of physics in to consideration. By the way impressive info on the Flak. =D

Oh, I don’t know… I don’t think it is big enough to be the World Serpent. Besides, I’m expecting numerous things like the one pictured to emerge after it, so their plot armor must be somewhat lessened, by reason of the laws of mooks, conservation of ninjutsu, and the potential for a “WOO HOO!” after one falls, but just before the rest show up (unless they show up before it can be attacked; Idk; Different artists, different ways of doing things).

Oroboros is the World Serpent, not J├Ârmungandr.
Also, this is the spawn of J├Ârmungandr, not the beast itself.

After all, J├Ârmungandr was basically an eel-based monster, hence why its spawn were referred to as ‘J├Ârmungandr Elvers’ (elvers being the term for a young eel) and the Norse pretty much had no distinction between eels and water snakes.

Oroboros is a dragon/serpent that symbolizes eternal return. J├Ârmungandr is called the world serpent becaus he grew so large he surrounded the world and grasped. His own tail. When J├Ârmungandr should let go of his tail the world shall end.

Yes, in this case Karl, is correct. Ouroburos is not a deity or mythological beast, it is a mythological symbol used by many cultures to represent eternal cycle. It is also a symbol used often in ancient alchemic practices.

Jormungandr was thrown into the ocean surrounding Midgard in Norse mythology, by Odin. The Serpent then grew so largeit encircled the world and grasped its own tail in its mouth. Should Jormungandr release its tail, the world is said to come to an end.
The two are easy to confuse with each other though.

I would help with the gun, but I wouldn’t wanna be caught wearing those helmets.

Why? those helmets are some of the most effective helmets because they cover the back of the neck, unlike the other WWII helmets. Besides, most of the people the wore these helmets were Wehrmacht which is the standard army, not apart of the Nazis. So if you’re worried about looking like a Nazi, don’t put on a black hat, helmet, or gas mask (the stormtroopers, aka Nazi Storm Elite, wore the gas masks, besides the MG42 that they carry around.

Wearing a nazi helmet makes you look like a nazi.
The “Wehrmacht” was the German military. The “Heer” was the army.
The SS, the mass-murdering pigs that carried out the Holocaust, as well as most of the other 5 million murders committed by the nazis, also wore those helmets.

They are as much a symbol of nazism, as the swastika. (And just as offensive.)

Also, the “stormtroopers” were the SA. The brown shirts. The psychopaths, bullies and street thugs, recruited by the nazis in the early days to violently intimidate political opposition, staff the first concentration camps, and begin the persecution of the Jews.
Stop watching Jin Roh cartoons, and read a history book. Then you can avoid looking foolish.

This comic is starting to take an ugly turn.

I’m sorry, but:

-Stormtroopers were an elite force and were feared. They were a special, well-trained division made up of Nazi’s. They weren’t random people that were picked off the street.

-The Heer was a branch of the Wehrmacht.
-The Stahlhelme that the Germans wore was worn by the Wehrmacht which means that it isn’t a Nazi helmet.
-The Stormtroopers weren’t stationed in Concentration camps. I think you are mixed up with the S.S.
-I don’t see how a helmet is a symbol of fear. Now a Tiger tank on the other hand … let’s just say you don’t want to cross one. Besides, you have to admit, those helmets were the best during WWII.

Next time you try to insult a people, do some research first. On all accounts, you just got BURNED! Also I have read well over 100 history books JUST on WWII. If you did read books, PAY ATTENTION.

P.S. You’re the one who’s looking foolish.

You are indeed sorry.

I think you’d better read a history book someday, because the nonsense you wrote, clearly shows you have absolutely no idea what you’re babbling about.
One example: The helmet worn by nazi troops, (which you misspelled,) was the Stahlhelm M1935, later the M1940/42, cheaper wartime versions, which were adapted after the nazis came to power in 1933. So yes, it was most definitely a nazi helmet, and a symbol of nazism.
Enlighten yourself, and Google: “nazi sa”, “nazi stormtroopers”, “Dachau”, “Kristallnacht”, “nazi ss”, and “Wehrmacht”.
Your problem is that you’re so profoundly ignorant, you don’t even know what a fool you’re making of yourself. And there’re few things funnier than when an obvious ignoramus loudly insists he’s correct.

Do you know what? Heil Hitler. Heil Fuckin’ Hitler. Your pathetic comments have turned me into a Nazi (not really). All those Nazis have more sense than you. How is a helmet a symbol of fear? You must really shit your pants when you watch a horror movie. Oh, fuck you.

Obviously, you are a rather emotional child. Name-calling someone a nazi, for calling you on your blatant misstatements, certainly demonstrates your lack of maturity, as does the rest of your shrill little tantrum.

Also, you ask how a nazi helmet could be a symbol of fear? Really? You still want to stand by that?
Perhaps you should ask anyone (probably in a nursing home,) who remembers the nazis first hand, what emotions the sight of those helmets evoke?
You again prove your ignorance, by pathetically stating that every division of the Wehrmacht, and the SS issued a different helmet. Even the nazis, famous logistical idiots, weren’t that stupid. Never mind that even a quick look at the Wikipedia article would prove you wrong. (But I guess you didn’t think that through.)

To your credit, you at least admit, begrudgingly, that you’ve been spewing nonsense.
And now I’m done with you, and your whining. You’re not worth additional effort.

That’s the thinking that prevented the helmet from becoming more wide-spread and could have saved lives. Also, the Swastika was originally a Tibetan good-luck charm and still is, so long as you turn it 45 degrees and flip it. The helmet was German, and donned since WW1.

My family has a long line of Judaism and that helmet is NOT offensive. If you wish people to stop looking foolish then I would suggest think before you talk, text or type. saying “Jews” is more offensive than those helmets. those helmets aren’t a title “Jews” is putting a title on someone for what they believe in. I don’t call a person who practices religion by what they practice I call them by their god damn name. It wasn’t just Jewish people that were persecuted it was all religions and everyone who did not fall into the “perfect” human being. So please take your own advice and read a history book and please for the love of all humanity go back to school and actually show up this time.

Perhaps you can enlighten me, what do Jews prefer to be called? Most I know call themselves “Jewish”, referring to their religion, and “Jews”. or “a Jew”, when referring to their ethnic affiliation.
Further, while nazism is based on racist hatred, (And they hated a lot of people.) everyone who states that the Jews were not the primary target of nazi persecution, is either a fool or a liar.
Also, how is “labeling” people (Which is what I think you meant.) according to their beliefs, when said beliefs are the issue, in any way wrong? How else would you describe a group of like-minded persons?
In the future, I’d advise you to both get your facts straight, and at least, making an attempt at logical sense, before you criticize others.
(You’ll appear less foolish that way.)
You know what? Forget it. This isn’t worth my time.

As you say “This isn’t worth my time.” well it obviously is worth your time since you are continuing to reply to people. What would I call a group of people who think are like-minded, I would call them humans. My facts are straight,, here’s a link for you. Yes a good portion of the deaths are Jewish people but non the less, as it states in the link above and as you said as well, Nazism is based on racist hatred AND the belief of a perfect human being. They went after anyone who wasn’t in that slot of perfect human. Whether you open your eyes or not, facts are facts. It’s also a well known fact that the victors write history.

They don’t look like they’re enjoying themselves. Then again, who would be after being drafted like that XD

who the hell is talking in the last four panels????????????????????????

The narrator.

but whose narrating

wait what 80% complete, but we don’t know anything about yuki, tina or nekonny before the island???????

The 80% is in regard to the Kickstarter for Volume 2 which was linked in the rest of that post, altho the comic is more like 90% complete. It’s not really said before aside from the very beginning of the comic, but the trio (Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki) are just visiting the island. They originate from another comic (TinaOnline.) Which isn’t publically displayed anywhere currently.

what why not??????

Because it isn’t?

I mentioned the shell velocity in the last page for a Flak-88 Type 41 is about 1km/sec. If the monster is about 2km away (island isn’t that big) then it only takes about 2 sec for the shell to cover the distance. If Alice has practiced and the monster is slow she’s got a good chance of making head-shots and as the monster gets closer she could probably even target specific areas, like eyes, mouth.

In other words, she doesn’t needs Nekonny, as she’s got an ultra badass german flak gun with ultra badassly large bullets that have high chance of giving a crit hit.


or the mother land

All they need now is to speak with German accents, and the image is complete!

hm i am from germany, and a german accent.. i don┬┤t know what you mean.
an buddy of mine said i speak like an Australian, so you see i don┬┤t understant with the

Well, I haven’t run into many German people, so I’m mostly getting my idea of a German accent from the movies (which, now I think about it, is probably stereotyping). What meant was that, what with Alice and her “recruits” using a German weapon and wearing World War 2-era German helmets, if they also had German accents they could look like something out of a World War 2 movie.
No offense meant.

Found this comic an hour ago and already reached page 285… I think I’m addicted XD.

Dont know if you guys are realizing this, but were actually talking about J├Ârmungandr here, the giant snake which killed Thor himself and poisoned the entire sky. Really, it wouldnt wonder me if the cannon didnt do much ­čśŤ

Thor didn’t have a big ass canon to shoot it with, so it could just work

hello I found this comic by the filler in TwoKinds site in spanish and I wish to know how often is updated the comic and if there is some place were i could find this comic translated to spanish

It usually updates every Sunday, however with the ending of the kickstarter, it mucked up the sketch for the week. Expect it to resume this Sunday. As for your second inquiry. To my knowledge there is no place that has this translated into Spanish.

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