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Is that a German Flak 88 mm? would make sense with a German U-boat sunken off-shore.

Flak-88 is about the best medium-caliber gun of WWII, can use it for everything and the velocity of the shell was so high it had little drop-over-distance making it nearly laser-beam accurate for its time.

Indeed it is!

Nicely done! And I agree with you, pinhead. It seem that when Alice found a U-boat with Flak 88 gun onboard, she take that gun off of the U-boat and work on a project to resort back to working order. I bet it cost alot money to get some parts to replace since it hard to find or hand-made parts to replace the rusted parts.

I know it’s rude, but I have to say, you certainly pay attention to weapon quality.
*Wait for it to sink in*

The Type VII U-boats (The most common type.) did not carry the FLAK 88mm gun. They mounted the 8.8 cm (88mm) SK C/35 naval gun. (A very different weapon, similar only in bore size.)
The gun above, is a towed, 8.8 cm FLAK 18/36, duel use anti-aircraft/anti-tank gun, (Missing it’s road wheels.) fitted with an late model armored shield, and mounted on a standard cruciform 360° AAA mount.
All in all, a rather odd piece of ordnance to find on a Caribbean island, though not out of keeping with Alice’s fondness for German hardware.

Remember there was about four or five different “88’s”, the U-Boat variant was actually the least powerful and used the ‘weakest’ ammunition type.

Somehow she got a hold of the model that I have mostly sees as Anti-Air or Anti-tank, since the U-boat ones were smaller sized and short barrel compared to the ones on land.

Yep, looks like the long-barrel variant model 41 variant with 1000 m/s shells but hard to tell with the gun-shield. To put that 1000 m/s in perspective for a WWII era gun that’s as fast as specialized modern riffle-ammo and the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger on the A-10 fighter is about 1,020 m/s. Fun 🙂

Nekonny, what model were you aiming for? Just curious.

Rate of fire is going to be pretty slow with just one person but this is Alice were talking about so I’m sure she’ll manage.

Wai’ a mi’ite she ain’t waren er eye pach!

Isn’t it kinda dangerous to wear a mini skirt when your that much taller than everyone else

Fourth panel, the one with her pointing. Second guy from the left in the front row. Where’s he looking at?

Oh, frak, that’s an anti-tank rifle…

ANNNND, now i think its about time that Alice gets a little gun crazy…..oh wait she already did..

Actually the 88’s needs a crew of 8 to operate efficiently.

i thought it it could be crew of three at min due to what i remember but your right its 8, 2 to turn the gun from side to side , 1 to fire and 1 to make sure the spent “HOT” shells are placed away from the crew and ammunition and 3 to run the live shells to the loaders

here comes nekonny and kimi to save the day. till then, here’s a surface-to-air mobile missle turret to keep the creep at bay. I wouldn’t want to face a creature that can survive a barrage against that, but nekonny and kimi don’t have a choice in the matter.

..Well that was rather anti-climactic and rushed.. think there should have been another frame for Alice to proclaim : “And in the mean time-“, go to another page : “I have some prep work of my own to do!” with the whole page being the unveiling of the piece of artillery.

That is a FLAK 36 based on the shield design (I have a book on 20th century artillery). That thing can penetrate 105 mm of WW2 tank armor at a range of 1 km and that calculation was done at a 60 degree deflection with respect to the armor’s surface (with the crew of the victim tank probably turned to jelly once penetrated). Given this, if the monster gets within 1 kilometer of Alice, it may as well have tried attacking her with a plush toy.

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