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wow, things are starting to get deep here. let’s hope nekonny has nothing to worry about here, any more pressure on this part and his brain might explode.

i would say if the weapon keeps a cat as a human and makes them join with it once this is over with, the same thing most be true for the bell, so either kimi and nekonny will be together as humans and live a happy life or they be together as ghost tell the end of time.

so looks like the one thing he doesn’t have to worry about is how he and kimi will be together

At this point there is no other option….evacuate the island and let the darkness have it, cant let some mystical light thing nom Kimis soul.

sounds like the weapon keeps them human for a life time then when she dies she becomes the new ghost to help the new cat so the same most go for the bell so looks like kimi and nekonny do get to stay human after all

The weapon chooses who it interacts with, it totally ignored Nekonny when he tried to take it. It seems as if it only wants the chosen one, which in this case appears to be Kimi. So yea, Nekonny and Kimi will be able to have a nice life together but when Kimi dies her soul goes to the weapon and she has to spend all eternity with a bunch of strangers. Then factor in the perception of time and its effect on memories multiplied by the sheer amount of time that her soul will sit there and its quite a tragic end.

I’ll have to talk to Nekonny if we should spell this out further later in the comic itself, or just flat out say here in the comics. I will say this now tho- your theory for the bell is false.

Can you also tell Nekonny to make sure that both Nekonny and Kimi will be together? I dont want to see them both to get seprate because of the fate for Kimi to stay as guardian forever.

i think the comic will end one of 3 ways one they leave kimi and nekonny’s fate unknown

or sense they now have two nekocats kimi and nekonny kill the demons once and for all so they can live happily ever after

or lastly some how one of them ends up a cat and the other one ends up human sending nekonny on a new quest to either find away to be human or turn back into a cat to be with kimi

so mihari so can you give us some clues to if the comic ends one of the ways i list or i’m I way off?

how about you tell us how the bell works to help us guess what’s going on?

sofar, nobody mentioned the ‘gold voice’.
i am sure there is a part to it that not even nekocats know, and it have something to do with it. But it might as well turn to be something completely minor, or something for completely another story. Only thing i am sure off, is that there is going to be a twist, and for some reason i think about the creator of the bell, if there was one.

yes I think the twist to the end is as the islands protector kimi may not be able to leave to island

or may be kimi and nekonny’s love is so strong may be it holds the key to destroying the monsters once and for all at the coast of the weapon and bell

Poor kimi in a way

How many think this is going to end with “They can never be together, but she’ll always be there ‘in spirit'”?

not any because the artist himself is a fan of the couple and she said once she lives out her life so kimi has a life time before becoming a spirit and also keep in mind in all stories where a hero has to do like others did behimd him/her and seal a monster they end up killing it instead

so kimi and nekonny might but an end to the monsters so kimi will never be come a spirit

There is that, yes, but the words “Status quo” also come to mind. And just because the artist is a fan doesn’t mean the writing is an absolute guarantee. ;P

Hey look, they’re both cat hybrids now. Wonder if they will try the romantic parts again. You know, after dealing with whatever horrible monster is outside.

sounds like it and also i think this is the first time the monsters have seen two nekocat guardians and they both want to live throw it to be together so those monsters are all going to die

I hope theres a sort of follow-up side story would be of Kimi & Nekonny as: Humans, Nekomimi or felines having and trying to raise kids of the appropriate species.. while living out they’re lives in retirment from fighting monster(s).

the rumor is after this tina online witch takes place before this is going to return, but i’m with you we know kimi and nekonny will be together in the end and i hope for a fallow up story

I marathoned the whole comic and I must say that is great, All the girls are pretty cute (specially Kimi ^w^) and the story is fun and interesting. I’m really looking for the next page. By the way, Can you tell me where I can read “Tina online”? I want to know what happened to Nekonny before his tropical adventure.

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