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I’m reminded of Shogun 2 with this

are you thinking of Total War: Shogun 2???

name another game with Shogun 2 in it

im sure theres a few out there, but Im really starting to like you man

The last panel is Power Rangers hamminess level. I like

Those where good times, when all you need is just a bunch of poeple in funny costumes figthing against weird monsters, and sometimes, WITH GIANT ROBOTS!!!!!!

Bwahahahahahahahaha I Knew it I friggin knew it I can almost bet that behind that wall of “bunnies” Kimi and Nekonny are probably back to back smacking enemies left n right (with Nekonny saying “geez kimi aren’t we the lucky ones getting all this attention” with Kimi replying guess they know how to make us feel welcome)

I find it fascinating that all of the monsters are female.

I don’t even think there’s a real reason for it, you just like to draw boobs, don’t you Nekonny? 😉

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