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First, I’ll turn him into a Jormungandr. A harmless little Jormungandr.

Then, I’ll put that Jormungandr inside a box, then put that box inside of another box, and then mail it to myself! And when it arrives… AH HA HA HA!


It’s brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT!

Or to save money on special effects, we could just poison him with THIS!

That is what you get for giving Zoey nightmares and beating up poor Nekonny!

I sure am gonna miss this WebComic, cause Kimi is about to deliver the final blow, will you be doing a new WebComic inside or outside the Caribbean Blue universe Nekonny? is there gonna be some sort of a sequel, prequel, spin off, a reboot of Caribbean Blue or will there be something new? will we ever see the Caribbean Blue cast again?…

Nekonny said he would go back to doing Tina OnLine which was the prequel of CB where it showed Nekonny ending up as a cat and Tina tormenting him constantly. (lol) He also said he’d work on short story comics like iMew.

Haha epilogue comic!!! Tina’s wish must be fulfilled. Will Nekonny’s future children (yes probably a litter….if he is still alive…cough) grow up to be cats, humans, or hybrids?


Space space wana go to space… DAD DAD I’m in space *drops 5 octaves* I’m proud of you son…

Batter up!
” hammer time kimi… she a hero, she going to take that evil bunny down to zero with power of the hammer she fighting on the light’s side” haha.. i blame my daughter for this she watching captain planet, and the song stuck in my head

okay now for something serious, is the bunny growing back to his normal size be cause it looks as the hammer hit him squarely in the chest and he looks to be trying to absorb the energy from the hit by expanding his body while the hammer knock him up

Tell me if I’m wrong, but Jormungandr is supposed to have experienced this fight several times when he faced Kimi’s predecessors. Then how can he not expect such a twist in the situation?

Anyway, nice panels! But if I may give a modest suggestion, I think the last one would look more impressive with a superimposition effect with the same picture slightly displaced from the original one. Just to provide an idea of shock and vibration, a feeling of full smashing power 🙂

I suppose I can explain since I don’t think this will be covered anywhere. There has never been a fight like this before. Usually all that cats were tasked with doing were resealing him. However, because it’s been skipped over a generation it was all he needed to get free and attack.

But Kya says: “Grab the light […] and beat the baddy with it”.
And that’s what Kimi just did. In an appropriate way, really! 😀

“baddy” I would have assumed that she was referring to Jormungandr AND
his minions, and that was the way she used to vainquish them. I’m not
going to ask you what the complete “resealing process” consists in (^^)
since you and Nekonny may not have it in mind; but if I understand well
your answer, the monster had never been directly attacked before? And by
“beat the baddy”, I presume Kya wasn’t either expecting Kimi to “smash
the source of the problem”, right? 😀

By ‘resealing’, I imagine she means making sure the lock keeping Jormungandr prisoner never came undone in the first place. Like strengthening the bars on a cell before a prison break can happen.

The prison break has happened here already. Kimi is beating the baddy back into his cell.

Oh. He just got hit by the Ban Hammer.

Another way of looking at it: “And she swings. The object goes flying high, across the left field plate! It doesn’t show any sign of stopping. It keeps going, higher. It’s over the stands!!! I can’t see it anymore!!!” You then hear from the object: “Team Rocket’s blasting off again!!! Meowth. :3”.

HIS BODY!?!?!?

But just think of all the ribs she broke!

Breaking the head and nuts is MUCH more painful.
Ribs are nothing compared to that.

Have you tried breathing with broken ribs? It hurts like hell! Also, considering that Nekonny is dead for all Kimi knows, I doubt if she’s thinking straight enough to consider a bit shot.

Stop!!! We shall take a moment of silence for this whale lizard creature going on a suicide mission to take over the world… Gees hits like trying to get out of the friend zone… Your close… Then you get hammered back away from your goal… GO KIMI!!!

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