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Oh god I can tell. Feels are coming.

*tilts head* Whaaa?

here it comes the monster is gone for ever. five bucks says they want to give him a reward of his choice.

*takes your five bucks* You lose.

great just what the world needs another tragic love story. the great was sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.

Oh, don’t you know? Tragic endings are “in” these days. NO ONE wants an actual happy ending where the heroes actually accomplish something. No, its all about tragedy, loss and how the heroes actions are pointless and change NOTHING.

I did a thesis paper on it questioning whether sad movies with sad endings make people sadder. Looking through 15 published articles, I found that most people watch sad movies because it makes them feel better about their own lives.

Some people actually find pleasure in watching other people fail..whether or not they would admit it is an entirely different matter.

Oh god…. Why would you do this…? *tears well* *screams internally* *soon screams externally* Why, kimi!! Why all these feels!? My heart cant take it…! *falls over into fetal position* You were the chosen one. you were supposed to avenge/lay-to-rest the past nekocats, not join them… *continues unintelligible rambling*

um whats happening, im a little confused

ok listen up its like this Now that Nekonny has the bell by himself all the nekomimi guardians came out to thank him for his help defeating the evil, but he stopped them from saying so because it was Kimi who did the deed, and If you noticed Kimi was the one who gave pause to the leader and she went and transformed into her cat form to “console” Nekonny while next time she may explain what happend and perhaps say good bye to Nekonny (or more if you see her rubbing onto him there XD)

As much as Nekonny wants a final kiss and …um….more…*cough*….. can he even feel her since she is a ghost?

If it is like it was with the guardian who CAN touch things… Who would believe that he lost his virginity to a ghost XD?

But in all seriousness, I can empathize with Nekonny. We have all felt that we could have done more in a situation. This is sooo sad!

Wait…. what?!

Wow, poor guy!!! What could possibly happen off of the pier? I’m thinkin a sentimental final goodbye:-(

not gonna lie, tears were formed. Amazing plot twist!

My theory of what happens…

I believe that Kimi is leading Nekonny off from the pier to give him the chance/ choice to become human again- courtesy from the ghosts who served the hammer before Kimi. In their eyes, it is the best thing they can give him. (because you know… they can’t bring Kimi back to life so they can continue their beautiful relationship.)

After that, i am guessing that he may, (or may not depending his answer) take Kimi up on the deal, i think then she tells him to continue living on, and find happiness.

if he does accept.
Then after turning human he finds some happiness with the gang. Tina and Yuki.

if he Doesn’t accept, I am guessing that he is gonna confess his feelings to her, causing another extremely emotional and sad scene.

i think that things are gonna go back to the way they were.

sorry friend but they already confessed their feelings to one another and Kimi kissed Nekonny for it too and when he got turned into a nekocat warrior she kissed him again after saying i love you and they both went off to battle, so there are no secrets between them except the fact they sadly never had a decent chance to express it in a more intimate way o_o

why is she asking to continue this off the pier kimi does remember she a spirit now right unless she worried about nekonny thinking he may kill himself?

she was still skittish of being close to water if you remember their beach date

i do but that was only because she was flesh and blood,fur. i thought she would be beyond that mixture of fear with her dying and all

Maybe so but she does not feel “dead” so it’s still her natural instinct of still being afraid of water, and as for being able to “feel” Nekonny might be her feelings reaching out to him of sorts (love binding them in a sense) if you remember how close they were when Nekonny became the nekocat and Kimi reverted to her cat form and she stood by him all the time

I think that if he stays he can keep the bell and so they can be with each other, even if she is still just a spirit.
And/or (something probably I thought of, because I recently read “Elfenlied”)
Once, in a few years, when Nekonny may have children/kittens, she ca, with the help of the other guardians, put a part of her spirit inside one of ’em.
But there probably is no chance for Nekonny and Kimi of having children/kittens together…

I’m so down right now… =(

maybe so but this tale has not ended yet so we still don’t know how it will end after the evil has been destroyed and his beloved would be mate came back briefly to see him

why is it in every supernatural battle the hero/heroine looses her true love?!? it’s a cliche!! no offense.

What other examples are there? O_o

Bloodrayne, Dragon Wars D-War, Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith, The Punisher, The Evil Dead, Conan The Barbarian (Orginial), Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Rambo First Blood Part 2.

Not criticizing the story, I rather enjoy it! Just giving examples as asked =o

Like fucking hell they’re sorry. They’re the ones who forced Kimi to kill herself instead of letting her actually have a fucking CHOICE in her destiny.

Its not fair. Why can’t a story just have a happy ending for once nowadays? Why does everything always have to end in tragedy?!

Yeah… this actually ruined the whole story for me, especially when it started out as a lighthearted comedy about a human who got turned into a cat… in the words of my people, fuck you for toying with our feelings. You’re a terrible person author and should feel bad for it.

He has got to have something up his sleeve:-). While I may be ctiticized for saying this, I actually like how there is more conflict and real emotions. You have got to admit that this comic has been getting more comments as of recent due to readers like us feeling for the characters.

Nekonny has been increasing in talent and storytelling with every comic he creates. I just hope that CB has a happy ending… one with everyone alive and Tina’s wishful fulfilled

The worst part of all is knowing that it was for nothing. That thing was like Sin, we already know this, it’ll just come back someday, and Nekonny wasn’t dead, which makes Kimi’s sacrifice doubly pointless. Arguably the best and most popular character next to Tina got killed off for the sake of cheap, cliche drama.

Actually, Mihari confirmed on the forum that Jormungar’s dead for good, so at least Kimi’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

Still not really happy with this, like at all, but I’ve calmed down since this update first went live.

No, I still consider it a sacrifice made in vain, because even if the thing’s gone for good, there’s still the fact that she gave up her life only because she thought Nekonny was dead. She didn’t have to die for it to be defeated, we knew this. And that’s before getting into the whole underlying message of not being able to choose one’s own fate. This ending honestly deserves all the anger towards it.

Even worse is that she, multiple times, stated that she wanted to choose her own destiny. So the lesson of this is basically “Fuck you, predetermined fate rules all, bitches.”

Between this and iMew’s ending lesson of “If you’re a female, it doesn’t matter what credentials your rival has, having the bigger tits makes you the winner”, I’m starting to think Nekonny or whoever’s actually writing this stuff sucks at crafting morals. I mean, it’s still better than the shit Las Lindas teaches its target audience, but good goddamn.

I always thought the ending “moral” of iMew, if it even HAD one, was “don’t be a dick, or you’ll turn into a cat like the beleaguered girl you bullied was.”

I think I should point out not every story has, nor needs a moral.

Doesn’t change that this one clearly has one, whether intentional or not, that being essentially what I said before.

Ah, okay, I didn’t realize I invented it. I was unaware that I was only imagining the fact that Kimi literally just had the predetermined fate she aimed to avoid forced onto her anyway.

Oh wait, no, I didn’t just imagine it.

a million dollars being offered in hopes of anyone bringing Kimi back to life and no mirhari you must get your money some where else ^_^ ha ha . . . harm meant though T_T . . . . just missing my friend Kimi.

It’s amazing how these characters grow on people so much we think of them almost like real People

yeah it is and that also means the writers and creators of comics that know how to tell a story that we become hook on with each character progression of the story and their life that we tend forget that the story will always end bad, or good depending on the role and we forget that we have no control over the story

The era of the happy ending must have died or something, For i am sure this was suppose to have a HAPPY ENDING….. main hero’s GF dieing, not happy ending blokes, in case you cant tell im sure we want a happy ending me and my mates do *”brought to you by.. The Australian News Update. The only Update of reality in my country*

It’s Maya’s fault that the monster was released in the first place. She’s been nothing but envious and selfish. I’m hoping she switches places with Kimi so she and Nekonny can be together.

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