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I’m at least happy that something good happened for Maya.

Despite everything that happend with her temporary switching sides to help the monster out of jealousy, plus she not being nowhere in sight to help,
then yeah I guess something did happen to her.

Review the comic, dude. She wasn’t the center attraction, but she was there fighting

That’s it? The sea monster is truly gone for good and the bell’s gone? …Huh.

I have a feeling that the bell will return, but it will be a LONG time. I’m going to guess at least 50 years or more. Why? Well if Kia (ghostguarding) flirted with Nekonny asking him where was he 245 years ago. I think she would have liked it if he was alive and a male nekocat so they could have had kittens (kids) together.

wait…he wished Maya back to normal and thats great news gives her wish to be normal fulfilled and im happy, but now what will happen? ooooh idea just popped up, what if since he unselfishly helped Maya’s life, his actions get another reward and its Kimi 😀 i think i figured it out maybe XD

I’m getting the ominous feeling that with the bell gone, the spirits will also disappear. Now that they have no more reason to protect the island they are no longer needed.
As for Nekonny, It was a nice gesture to give his one chance at being sorta human again to Maya.

Oh and you’re missing the second L in shall.

I have to admit, I actually like this. Nekonny could have used his gift for anything. He could have wished for his human form back, he could have wished Kimi back to life, but instead he chose to use his wish to help the one person who suffered the worst from Jormungar’s actions.

I approve of this selflessness. Kudos. =)

A positive comment coming from SFF o_o ?!?!?? HAS THE WORLD COME TO AN END?? :-p

Haha just joking around:-). You’re completely right!! I never really thought about it, but yes Maya has suffered the most and she deserves a happy ending.

sense the bell is gone that means the monster it was made to fight is gone too. so all the past nekocats can now crossover to the afterlife. Witch means so can kimi. So when nekonny dies as a cat witch will be soon, he’ll be back with kimi.

A bit of a bitter sweet ending but it’s better then full out tragic.

How do you know Nekonny will die soon? Did you take out a hit on him or something? o_O

no cats just don’t live that long.

cats live 20 years bro

I find it VERY ironic that a guy named Gravedigger is arguing for Nekonny living a lot longer haha.

The fact that Nekonny’s organs are considerably smaller (that of a cat) pretty much means that his life is going to be cut very short when comparing it to his human life.

I have a feeling this is not the last we’ll ever see of Kimi, there’s always reincarnation. or When Nekonny passes on, his last wish would be for him and Kimi to reincarnate so they can be together again.

I like Kimi, so I would have to figure out what to do with her… At the very least we will see her in drawings now and then.

and there is a possibility for a sequel.

Wait, if this isn’t how the beast is killed every time, then how did they used to beat it?

Beating it up into submission and then sealing it back up is a lot different than what Kimi did:-)… Nobody else killed it

Then it beggs the question why no one did it before.

They were probably only told to seal it back up each time because that was their duty. Kimi only killed it because she was VERY angry and wanted revenge.

I don’t think it was so much a matter they the previous Guardians were told to just seal up the monster.

Rather, I don’t think that they had sufficient power to do so.

To berserker rage the Kimi went into thinking that Nekonny was dead not only gave her additional emotional energy to draw on, but her willingness to give her entire life force to defeat the “killer” of her love gave Kimi the additional power that past Guardians had lacked to be able to kill the monster instead of just fighting it to a standstill and locking it up for the next cycle.

It probably also helped that she dragged power out of everyone else in the fight first. Plus the bell was packing 4 extras. Might be that the original endgame required them to do this cycle “n” number of times to build up enough spirits to kill Jorgy permanently, and the tactics used this time around jumpstarted the whole thing ahead of schedule.

Actually … I don’t feel well for he just wished. I don’t mean it’s bad that Nek wanted sth good for some1 else, even her… But if the Bell is gone, I kinda fear the spirits will disappear soon enough or they will be unable to leave their ‘cave’, or the poor kitty won’t be able to see them without the Bell around …

Besides, I think that if he accepted this so called gift, he would start his own quest for the spirits, thus fulfill his destiny, finally fiish his life as Nekocat & be eternally with Kimi. The end of the story is kinda very sad thing for me, unexpected after what way their date went.

oh man, did not see this coming at all D: but at least Maya is getting what she wants…

but uh, grammar nazi sense tingling, between the first and second “explanation of what happened to the bell” speech bubbles, shouldn’t it be a comma? just saying >.>

otherwise, I approve wholeheartedly with Nekonny’s decision, I would probably do the same 🙂 (then again, I think I would rather like being a cat XD)

i really wish after the prequel gets done that a sequel will happen, cause fans will be wanting it and plus infinite ideas will be coming to life with it and honestly alot of us would wanna know, if kimi doesnt come back to life in this comic, would she in the sequel? or who knows infinite possibilities

I don’t think we need to worry about the spirits of Guardians past going away because of the bell dissolving.

Even though they first showed up with the bell when it was still in the church, as clearly explained in , when a Guardian dies, they merge with the “weapon”.

So as long as the weapon (formerly war hammer) is still around, the Guardian spirits should be safe.

As for Nekonny, perhaps the easiest way for him to join Kimi now would be to have the spirits allow him to also join with the weapon and then enable him to ascend immediately.

However, I think there may be one more twist left.

As you have surely noticed, while all of the other previous Guardians are in their nekocat form, Kimi is still showing up as a cat. And I don’t believe that this is a difference that makes no difference.

Does this mean that she hasn’t finished her ascent to being a spirit Guardian and that the process can be reversed? Or does it mean that since Nekonny has passed up becoming a nekocat, his joining them on the spirit plane would have to be as a cat, and this way Kimi’s “physical” form would be optimally compatible with Nekonny’s?

I’m biting my nails waiting for each update and would gladly pay to see the entire remaining strips right now.

What makes you think that the light weapon from the cave is going to stick around?

There is no longer any need for a Nekocat Guardian, so there is no reason for the spirits to hang around regardless of whether they are tied to any particular object or not.

One sad additional thought: with Kimi dead, short of her being brought back to life, it seems that any chance of her having kittens with Nekonny (even non-nekocat kittens) have gone up in smoke. 🙁

Then again, maybe she can demonically possess one of the twins? While any kittens wouldn’t genetically be her’s, at least spiritually they would be.

And it seems that Nekonny still has a debt to the twins that he wasn’t consulted about…

I’d love it if we could see Kimi and Nekonny together in the prequel!

Of course, something would have to happen to explain how they didn’t recognize each other at the start of Caribbean Blue.

Needless to say, I’m desperately shipping for the two of them!

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