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Just a warning upfront folks, not gonna tolerate a flame war, or the usual ‘predictable’, ‘cop out’, or otherwise negative stuff. We appreciate and welcome constructive criticism, and again apologize for the recent delays.

Final Week of Kickstarter for Volume 3, and the final reward tier has been confirmed and posted, if you haven’t checked it out. Please do so! :3

I too want to apologize. I will admit, my behavior during the week of the No Thanks Needed update was deplorable, and I don’t think the “I was emotional” excuse will cut it this time.

I have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst. But its like you and Nekonny said (at least, I think one of you said it): If readers had emotional reactions to the story, you’ve done something right.

And you have. You’ve given us a heartwarming story about fun in the sun, destiny, duty and sacrifice. Unlike many, I don’t consider the final battle rushed at all, as I was satisfied by the immense asskicking the team gave Jormungar’s minions before Kimi finished him off.

Again, Mihari, Nekonny, I am deeply sorry for my behavior. Thank you for this amazing, surprisingly emotional comic. =)

So many happy ending feelings here! <3
And so glad Maya is thankful that Nekonny gave up his chance to be somewhat human for her to be happy. Good guy… er cat wins in the end after all.

and I am I the only one hoping Maya goes back with them??

Why would she? It’s not like she’s an unemployed homeless orphan with no one to look after her.

I’m excited that the spirits sacrificed themselves to give these two their well-deserved happy ending.

wasn’t much of a sacrifice since they were already dead

Honestly, this doesn’t feel like a copout ending to me. Sappy? Hella. Copout? Not really. Kimi practically ended the need for the Nekocats to ever sacrifice themselves ever again, so it is fitting that she be allowed a chance at happiness.

Well now the only thing left here is (A) Nekonny stays with Kimi on the Island or (B) they both leave the island back home with Kimi saying good bye to the twins

Kitten-alarm! =D

but what happened to the nokecat-spirits?
did they just disappear?

I think the used up all the energy of the weapon (sometimes hammer), thereby consuming it.

Since the nekocats merge with the weapon when they use it, it seems likely that it powers their continued visible presence on the island.

Once the weapon’s energy is consumed and it is no more, there is no longer either:

..a) energy to sustain them

..b) a container to hold their spirits within this world

In any case, no more weapon == no more manifestation of the neko guardians.

This is clear both from “Last Task’s” “We’ve hung around long enough, don’t ya think?” and “It’s Decided” seeming showing the weapon in its energy form being used in the second panel.

YAY!! she’s back and everyone got what was promised and or was trying to get back well except for neokonny, but i dont think he will mind now that he has kimi again, he may not get his human form back he is with the girl that he loves regardless of form..
i can see from maya that she happy that she got her form back due the tears that are streaming down her face, i wonder if she upset that she became evil or that fact she gave in to the creature’s temptation so easily

Yup. Predictable Happy Ending Deus Ex Machina BS. Still very, very, very happy though

Predictable? What ever do you mean? No one saw this one coming or anticipated it at all! Why, even though the page’s very title completely blows it off like it’s no big deal and we all knew it had a high chance of happening, I’d be more shocked if people weren’t surprised by this completely unpredictable and unique turn of events!

Can’t you be positive and/or happy for just one freaking minute?

Well it kinda kills the enthusiasm for me when we’re pretty much being instructed on what to say and how to feel about it. I’d probably be able to let this one slide and try to be positive about it were it not for that.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we all knew the only two possibilities were an unfitting downer ending or this. People were literally predicting it as soon as we found out Kimi was dead. And as soon as we saw the spirits deciding to do Nekonny one last favour, I’m pretty sure we all knew what it was. It’s certainly much better than the unfitting downer ending, but it wasn’t exactly a big mystery with an amazing, surprising outcome.

Not so predictable.

Nekonny could have been made a spirit instead of Kimi coming back to life.

One or both of them could have been into a neko form either as spirits or as living beings (a real bummer if only one of them was in neko form and the other was still a normal cat).

They could have given Nekonny and Kimi a way to happily interact across the spirit/living barrier.

So while in retrospect one can claim this was predictable, the range of my imagination saw many different happy endings possible (and was not certain that we were going to get one).

By the way, your comment would have been a nice one if you hadn’t added your “BS” insult to it. Instead, it comes across as if you are looking down your nose and sniping. I don’t know if that was your intention, but that certainly is how it comes across to me.

Given how much work has been put into bringing us this comic – which we aren’t paying for – a bit more civility would have been in order. Doubly so with the featured comment at the top.


Now that this great story is in the process of wrapping up, I would like to *beg* that an epilogue be included letting us see several years down the road how things work out for Nekonny and Kimi (are there any kittens?) and the rest of the cast (à la the conclusion of the Harry Potter series).

And to avoid the inevitable comments, if Nekonny and Kimi are going to be limited to real-world cat lifespans, obviously it can’t be too many years down the road. Then again, maybe the guardians gave them a parting gift of long life that they don’t yet realize that they’ve received?

If they do end up short-lived (or if interesting things happen over a span of years), maybe a few quick snapshots from different years in the future would best bring closure for all the poor addicts that you have created with this comic.

Given the late date, I don’t know if there is enough time to get the word out to help, but an epilogue could be made a Kickstarter only incentive (e.g., included only in the back of the print edition of volume 3). On the other hand, to avoid shooting myself in the foot, if G-d forbid you don’t make your goal, then please release the epilogue online!

I have fallen in love with the characters and this story and I am going to greatly miss them when it finishes. As I’m sure you can tell, if I shipped any harder for Nekonny and Kimi I could start offering luxury cruises to Caribbean Blue! While I am looking forward to the prequel story, without the romantic tension that we’ve had in this story it won’t be quite the same for me.

Many thanks to the creators and contributors who brought us this story. All your time and hard work has been greatly appreciated!

haha just not too far into the future. I’ve seen some epilogues where the main characters are old and then pass away :-(….always left a bad taste in my mouth.

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