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Time to pay up for what?

Yeah, didn’t really think they were that worried about her. Nor are they all that interested in how Maya can understand them. I bet if Kimi had remained dead they wouldn’t have tried to get their “payment”. Now we’ll actually get to see what they mean.

Soooo…they’re bisexual? *ducks*

Contrary to popular belief Bisexual and Pansexual characters are not a requirement for a webcomic.

Ah, but contrary to critical belief bisexual and pansexual characters should not be discluded merely because of the abundence of such characters in modern stories. Rather the strength of such characters is up to the author, but that is neither here nor now.

How do you do fine sir or madam?

Which is why I get irked at readers who get all huffy when such characters aren’t included.

Oh so? Then I most certainly hope that’s not how you chose to interpret the initial comment, as that was intended to be a light hearted rib at Mika and Muna’s collective one track mind to mating and the various ways one could humorously interpret the last panel.

At no point was there a suggestion that Nekonny “include or exclude anything,” nor would I have expect him to under any circumstance. It is his comic after all.

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