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Good ending! really!
and congrats on it.
I look forward to futur works of you, Nekonny. =)

Tina, Yuki, Nekonny, Kimi, …

Maya should have gone with them

No. Maya has to stay on the island with her grandmother. The island is her home. Beside, she got things to do in the hotel with her grandmother.

*blink blink*
I may not have been a long time reader… Hell, I only learned about Katbox as a whole a few months ago, as well as RSS feeds that allowed me to follow this as closely as I did. However, after catching up within a week of nonstop reading and loving every bit of it up until that point, I was instantly a fan. In fact, now that I think of it, this is probably the first Webcomic I’ve ever read. Needless to say, the ride from then on was a blast! Thank you both for creating such amazing content for all to see.
However, I understand all good things must come to an end. That said, I sure hope that mention of a Prequel wasn’t just Mihari going off on a tangent, as the one thing I had issues with early on was how suddenly the characters are thrown into the reader’s face. I would LOVE a prequel to more properly be acquainted with the main cast, as well as answering a few questions such as how they all met and what they did before this in more detail. (would also give a nice excuse to reread this once that ends. XD)
All that said, brilliant way to bring Carribean Blue to a close, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store next! Again, thank you for this wonderful experience~! <3

Although I came in late in the piece, I enjoyed myself reading the series (also watching my rss feed for an update 😉 ).

I wish to say thank you to Nekonny (and Mihari) for the adventure and good luck in any new ventures that you start out in.

I think the better job for Kimi is….
Conquer the world with her cuteness.

Wow didn’t take long for Tina to go back to demanding kittens, haha.
I hate to see this end, but I am glad it has reached a point that it could be ended. When I found this comic I immediately fell in love with the characters, especially the girls, and the storyline kept me interested enough to keep checking back every week for a new page.
So many ideas have popped into my head of fanart I’d like to see Ron draw and now might be a good time to see if they might come to light.

well there’s nothing more to say, we’ve all said our goodbyes so now the only thing left is getting to see them around in cameos and the like
just some little details escapes us
#1 where did Alice get to?
#2 when did the seaplane come back to pick them up
#3 lastly where did they live at that started all this in the 1st place
other than that I simply enjoyed the evolution of the art style and the story as time went by (10 glorious years that is some milestone)
(so is there an animation short in the works like a 1 shot or not?)

1) Helping rebuild…
2) It’s been a couple days, but umm… presumably arrived that day.
3) You’ll find out.

Any chance of us getting a glimpse of the future to see how how things work out for Nekonny and Kimi? (I’d pay good money for this!) (Is there such a thing a bad money?)

The prequel will eventually catch up to where CB started, then skip it, and resume with them returning home.

I don’t want to have to wait so long! (OK, I’m spoiled.)

Any chance of just one or two pages giving us a brief glimpse into the future?

Or how about including a sneak peak into the future in the Anthology as an incentive for those who have all three volumes to get it?

Tina isn’t the only one wanting kittens!

A great ending to a fantastic story. I greatly enjoyed this whole comic, and while I am slightly saddened by the fact that the end has come, I am looking forward to seeing what sorts of stuff you turn out next. Until then, I bid thee ciao! (and I wish you luck in your future endeavours)

Whaaaaat?! It’s over already?! They just killed a monster, got someone back from the dead, and then, it’s just that?! Still, GREAT job on the comic. I have discovered while it was in the mid-stage, and I always checked in on it when I can. Tremendous job.

wow what a ride man lol i honestly can not wait, and hey guys dont feel sad its ending, be happy that new beginnings can happen. who knows maybe a sequel will happen maybe the cat girls and maya and her grandmother can visit the others for once keep optimistic who know maybe Nekonny will reward us for it 🙂

A great end to a great comic! Here’s hoping for a second CB comic! I’d love to see Nekonny teach Kimi about city life!

I see one thing has yet to be done, a toast to Nekonny (the artist).
*hands out Mimosas to those of legal drinking age in their countries, and sparkling apple cider to those who are not, or just don’t drink alcohol*
Nekonny, congrats on a wonderful ending to a wonderful comic!

Seriously man, great job, not many webcomics that start ever actually find an ending, they either stop and never start up again (Looking at you Roomies and Growing Up Violet) or they go on and on and on (Can’t think of any examples of a webcomic that does that in a bad way)

Just began reading today, to find out that the series ended just recently D:

Came here from Twokinds, this is the secound web comic I read.

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