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2012 “Draconia Chronicles” Annual – MrAMP

2012 “Draconia Chronicles” Annual – MrAMP published on 14 Comments on 2012 “Draconia Chronicles” Annual – MrAMP

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

The 2012 Draconia Chronicles Annual is underway.  You saw WryterGirl‘s contribution last week, and we venture forth with an entry from another longtime fan, Mr. AMP.  In fact, here he is to tell you more about it:

Hello everybody.  Mr. AMP signing in for this week.  I’ve been here and there from time to time on forums and on my personal site that I had to disband due to inactivity and testing.  Well, with that, this is my submission for this year’s Draconia Chronicles Annual.  Truthfully, after refreshing myself with the comic and reviewing some of my notes from that improv class and my old comic sketches, I decided to do a parody of my favorite pages, or at least one of them XD, #258.  I know it’s somewhat odd and out of place to see a human in the strip, but I needed someone that would be somewhat obscene.  So let me introduce you to Mark, an old buddy of mine from my discontinued College Life webcomic.  You can obviously tell that he loves ruining the moment through sexual innuendos and being a complete and total idiot. XD  Don’t worry, Naisha.  Maybe one day you’ll get her. 😉

As for the soundtrack, I was listening to the radio and heard “Take Care” by Drake ft. Rihanna, “Sexy and I Know it” by LMFAO, “I Love College” by Asher Roth while working on this.  Hey, don’t blame me.  It’s the radio’s fault not mine.

Also, you can catch me on my two pages that I obviously need to update. ^^;

Thanks, Mr. AMP!  And the two pages he’s referring to are his FurAffinity page and his DeviantArt page, so be sure to give ’em a look-see.

Don’t forget that Otakon 2012 is on its way, where I’ll be making my first appearance in seven years.  Finally, the Fox has come back to Baltimore!  Hope to see you there.

Chapter Five of The Draconia Chronicles proper will be up the week of July 16.  In the meantime, the 2012 Draconia Chronicles Annual continues.  What’s in store for next week?  It’s a surprise, of course, so be back here next Monday for another fan-made comic from readers just like you.  Until then, take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



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