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Alert!! the SOPA is at it again quickly go on google and type “stop sopa 2014” and sign a petition to help prevent it or all fanart, youtube clips and fanfiction will get deleted and if they win they might even get rid of webcomics!!!! please hurry!!

Grab the mouse by her tail and she wouldnt dare slice at you. Though i do have to say i love how you are not going to this katbox 5.0 everyone else is running on. I am a creature of habit and loyalty, the only reason i went back to check on Las Lindas was they had a B.A.T.B with Sunny in it, im sorry i have a weakness for adorable sweet puppies.

Well this will be my last post for a looooooooong time since everyone switched to the new catbox format (other than here in swashbuckled thankfully and yes I love the comic and its the only place I can direct link to other comics the way I have my settings for security), with Discus acting superbly laggy with the new 5.0 format it takes 5-10 minutes to load (if it really loads at all after a dozen page refeshes), I feel to disturbed to comment anymore despite how much i love the comics on catbox I will just sit and watch the g.e.hentai pages for the storyline updates done by fans. It’s sad to me to have to revert like that but when Las Lindas did the removal of the comment section and with the discus acting up the way it does no matter what pc or laptop im on or wifi or wired I use it takes ages to work with katbox 5.0 enabled pages and the 5.0 confuses me after 5+ years of the old style the new stuff too new to me to feel comfortable. I am a creature of habit, once i find a functioning thing, I keep it and love it and never let it go. Adios other comics I am parking my bushy wolf tail at Swashbuckled.

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