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Sly Cooper comes to mind for some reason

its cause he’s a racoon

I just realized something, there aren’t that many works of fiction that have raccoons as main protagonists

… i still cant view it….

I guess they are guys…?

You don’t see boobs on them do ya? =p

Also I haven’t heard of many women named Joel or Kylar.

So true. But I have known a woman named Jamie, apparently her father was hoping for a son, but like an old saying, “Life will sometimes throw a curve ball you were not expecting.”

and ironically they both look pretty girly, which, coming from a male with THIS picture, is probably pretty hypocritical

Joel is meant to be the more effeminate the two. Kylar can’t help he isn’t sporting awesome goatees like Farron and Mason. (Please dont ask me how facial hair works on furries.. it’s just something we must accept.)

I like how much emphasis he’s putting in his speech. And especially his use of “Brilliant”

Alright, onto his voice. Does he have an accent? Is it British? Hmm… famous movie archers with cool voices: Legolas or Robin Hood? Or something altogether different, certainly not as soft spoken as I imagine Mason to sound, and probably not low pitched, but I don’t get the nasally nerd vibe either. Anyone else? Voice suggestions?

Yes, Kylar speaks with a British accent :D! You will notice alot of slang with him.

I guess he’s… A non wise guy version of Rocket Raccoon?

*giggles* Definitely a lil bit of Death the Kid feel in there.

who’s Death the Kid??

… With you I can’t tell if you’re just joking or if you’re serious about that…

im being serious, ive been hiding under a rock, it took me almost two years to get a profile picture

Ah, well Death the Kid is one of the main characters on the hit anime series “Soul Eater” he is OBSESSED with perfect symmetry to the point that he can’t bring himself to harm anything that is symmetrical and to get sick at the sight of something that is asymmetrical then want to destroy it, he’s also the son of death

I need to give you a Stern reminder to keep your character naming original. This has been A. Thorne in my side for a while now, you know you can’t just throw your ideas around like a Doll Girl!

I figured you were either being mean.. or you meant something with your cryptic message.. with capitalized letters and abbreviations. But I found out what you meant. Nice job making me spend 2 hours of my life researching and de-coding/translating a simple comment on a web comic I do.

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