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Found your comic again after the reboot. The art is even better than last time, with facial expressions revealing more emotion of the characters. You’ve most likely received comments about this before, but
I wanted to ask; was Jill’s bosom enlarged for the reboot? I don’t remember her being drawn that large the first time.

Panel four peaks my curiosity that Jill uses the words ‘relate to’ in the context of sharing a residence with a member of the opposite sex with no familial relation. And the intensity of her emotion is intriguing when asking Art to become a roommate, because previous pages insinuate Jill is acutely emotionally reserved to the point of her ability to socialize with others is severely limited.

And, I must applaud your choice of musical instrument that Art plays music. As a former Trumpet and Tuba player, I am acquainted with the difficulties that Bassoonists face on a daily basis. Any Bassoonists worth their salt carve and twine their own double-reed mouthpieces. Will there be a display of that within the comic?

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