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Ugh. Yeah, now I’m completely against him. Sorry pal, no fish for you. That’s what I’m assuming he was going to say, a hitchhiker’s guide reference, “so long, and thanks for all the fish”. Geez, it was only by coincidence since she had no way of knowing what a slime he was deep down, but I guess Mora treated him correctly when she first drove him to the company of Taffy. At the time, she was even worse than he is now, but now she’s changed and is not nearly as bad I’d say.

so it’s true when they say that drinking takes you places

Lord of the Rings online does this too. You drink, pass out, and find yourself on top of the Misty Mountain peaks with no way up or down.

Please tell me he’s wearing pants…

He does.. This wasn’t intended to seem like he did THAT.

Thank god

It was more of a ‘How did I end up falling asleep in here’ sort of thing then anything else. It’s like to say Mason did something with those Staggles because he was hugging them or something. We wouldn’t have a protagonist do something like that, that’d just be gross,out of character and wrong.

It may not look it but Farron has some standards.

I just realized…

That tractor is self-propelled.

Seems this area a a bit more advanced (tech-wise) than where Farron was last time we saw him.

Wait… where is his giant bag ?!!

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