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And now the petty criminal drifter shows his soft side. It’s a trope.

Well, generally you have to have something about a character to root for. That’s why in horror movies the axe-wielding psycho is killing obnoxious annoying college kids instead of doctors saving children from a burning bus. Or for another example, Breaking Bad – Walter White was a horrible person but it at least made you *think* he was doing it for the benefit of his family and because life had been shitty for him. If there isn’t a human or relate-able element to a character you probably just end up hating the characters and want the other characters to ‘get them’.

Making villainous characters relate-able to give them depth? That’s understandable, nobody but sociopaths think of themselves as being the “bad guy”.

Am I the only one who thinks Farron should adopt her? I mean, he’d probably be a terrible parent, but at least he could understand her. And she might soften him up a bit.

My problem is… if he were to adopt her, wouldn’t she be in the cast profiles?

Does she need a protective parent? *puts on large metal diving suit with a drill*

Farron is not dumb, he knows she’s just playing with him so she can rob the guy.
This whole scene is too emotional… too suspicious.

she is either the most heart breaking character ever or the worlds greatest con artist. personally i hope its the former though it is possible from what we see of Milo’s begining. also its good to finally have a name for his species and not assume hes some form of demon

I think Brittney Karbowski’s voice would be perfect for this girl

She reminds me of an NPC in Skyrim: Hearthfire, living under similar circumstances. If she sells enough flowers, she can afford a meal that day, and if she’s luck she can buy lodging so as not sleep in the cold streets that night… I forget her name…

Oh, I know that one! She was my first adoption! 🙂

btw, her name is Lucia 🙂

No… Lucia is in Whitrun(I usually adopt her too)… This one’s is in Windhelm.

Huh. Whoops. I’m suddenly having everything coming back to me now… Lucia just begged for a gold coin, but who was the flower girl…
Well, when I first met Lucia, I went to adopt her immediately, Then it told me that I need a house. I said, ‘Lucia, I’m going to build you a good home, give you a warm bed, and find a bunny to keep you company for when I’m not there.’ I rushed about, (at level 15) grabbing wood, clay, iron, and every bit of gold I could trade for. She got everything 🙂

awwww…I’d adopt her in a heartbeat! life’s no fun when your sad like that all the time and I’d make it a point to make her happier!

can I make a request?? I know you do not have to oblige in this request, but I want to formally request that whether or not you have this planned, if it would be possible to have the dahaki girl become a permanent side character! I do not care HOW you do it, but I want to see more of this cute girl, whether or not farron adopts her, or she just joins the group of fellow party members, that I will leave to your guys’ imaginations, all I know is I want to see more of this cute girl, and I do so hope that it involves farron adopting her or her becoming a member of the group… I just know that I for sure want to see things improve for her and would greatly like to see more of her. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! who all agrees with me on this? I want to know how many people think this too!

If you want an argument, you are going down the wrong damn path. Being alone in an insecure life gives one ‘iron’ in one’s soul. I am sure this little one has already built some and will be a wonderful asset to any team.

I think this little girl would be a wonderful addition to Sesame’s bunch even without Farron. Hell, this could start a “Farron’s bunch” as a sort of ‘team bravo’ side story.

The only request I have is this girl kills off Dante

Well, here’s *your* argument, Val.
That ‘iron’ bull**** you spout is pure idiocy. Unless you’ve lived that life, and understand it, then I can’t fault you for that line of thinking.
If you haven’t, then really *think*. Living alone, with no one to really care, leads to nothing but not caring back. At all. This is especially true in children living alone, who have no one to care or support for them. They grow into still beings, who don’t grow any more, beyond shutting out everyone trying to help.

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