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He’s probably going to try and smoke them. 😛

But is the little girl one of the dragon race and if so a half breed or just another species like Farron that people don’t like?

As far as racism goes in Evyr. Fera are the same species — wither they look like a dog or a cat.Think of it more like races for humans — some are more desired then others. So typical regal ‘pretty’ animals like Lions,Wolves,Tigers,Elk are preferred while typical ‘vermin’ animals like rats,mice,bats ect are looked down upon. ‘Hybrids’ are common – but typically favor one parent or other — if they do look mixed it gets bred out after a couple generations and defaults to the dominant gene.Again hybrids are judged by their parents or what they look like.

Dahaki (like Raziel) begrudgingly deal with Fera and vice versa. They usually don’t trust each other and there are vast cultural differences.

he could give the flowers to Sesame

as long as it doesn’t end up in a twilight-esque love triangle, i think we’ll be fine…Twilight…eeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuugh…friggin Kristen Stewart… I’m gonna go watch Bram Stoker’s Dracula and 30 Days of Night to get the images of sparkly vampires and fake looking CG wolves out of my head….actaully I’ll need more…BRING FORTH CHRISTOPHER LEE, BRAD PITT, BELA LUGOSI, AND AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON…..and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans!!!!

I believe Bauhaus did a song about Lugosi back in the seventies… *sigh*
It figures that of all the iconic vampires named “Bella” who could have died, it had to be him. =(

Farron could never be Edward and Sesame is not girly enough to be whats her name

I’m bashing twilight, not praising it. who would ever praise Twilight? it’t awful.

And the nominees* for the best “he seemed like a douche when we first saw him, but then committed a selfless act that made us say “Huh? He’s cine of cool.”” (takes in deep breath) are
Dart Vader from Star Wars
Joshua Nolan from Defiance
Natani from TwoKinds
Farron from Uberquest
(cast your votes now)

*All nominees (except Farron) were randomly picked.

Hmm. I really love Natani….but Farron just gave his money (and we can tell he is the type to hang onto every clipped copper) to a starving orphan with no intention of receiving anything in return…Darth Vader was saving his son, which is a different sort of sacrifice than saving a stranger…and I don’t know Josh from Adam. So…Farron gets my vote.

I can’t be the only one waiting to see if she pickpocketed him during that hug, can I?

Both hands were constricting the shoulder blade areas while she was hugging, so unless she has another set of arms somewhere, I doubt your theory.

*smokes a pipe like Sherlock Holmes*

I say, good show, Killer, you’ve gone and cracked the case!

shall I shoot you now?????

I knew he was gonna do the whole “give gold and advice for a better life” routine.
About the flower though…

Just give them to Dante.

your right, they would make a great couple

You guys are going to love what’s coming up in the comic then.

Dante would want his bag though. Not his flowers. Unless they’re valuable flowers.

Bring forth the adoption papers, i will take care of her before she has need of a dagger. Children should never need daggers :<

But they should always be prepared to use them. Better to have and not need than need and not have. I mean what is she going to do when the Nazi vampires attack?

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