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WOW! Things just got deep and serious.

We need to go deeper.

To her parents divorce where her mother takes custody solely for more money and Claire’s first boyfriend who used her for her brain and cheated on her. Fueling her body for services ideals she used on Mason…

Seriously… this is just putting lemon juice on a knife cut… (try it yourself.)
Poor Claire must be very saddened by this…

On the other hand, as much I would want to agree with Claire’s mom/Helen, I won’t.
For varying reasons:

One, what’s done is already done.

Two, consider it at least, I mean be happy that you’re not one of those families that started way too early and went down hill.

Three, at least your husband, is ACTUALLY COMMITTED to you.

Four, be thankful that your daughter is proving herself to you and your husband.

And five, stop complaining, and take responsibility, you’re both parents and were at fault.

Overall, I’m proud of Claire’s dad/Gordon for being committed and hardworking.

Also Gordon? Gordon Freeman? Is he working for Black Mesa? Or the Combine?

I’m… really not sure the ‘my needs’ shpeel works when you spend most of your day on the couch in a nightgown sipping wine. Obviously we don’t have a lot of context yet, but Claire’s mother has certainly placed herself as lead contender for the ‘Problem Parent’ category.

See. This is what I hate about families. The child ALWAYS suffers when mommy and daddy can’t get along. And as for Claire’s parents:
Mom: So you’re complaining that the daughter you say is an accident that ruined your life won’t communicate with you. Either apologize to her or f*** off.
Dad: You REALLY should have been more responsible and wore a condom. She’s suffering cause you were careless.

Someone on the last comic page commented that while Gordon is a good father he’s probably a terrible husband. Helen probably feels left out of the family because Claire and Gordon have more in common and didn’t want to be a stay at home mother. She’s probably more depressed than resentful of the situation because she sees her husband and daughter being successful while she’s stuck at home because Gordon decided that it would be better.

Gordon is obviously the type of guy who, while intelligent and tries to do the right thing, messes up due to him thinking that he can solve the problems on his own. Claire suffers from her father’s inability to see that he can’t fix everything and Helen is depressed because she can’t connect with her daughter in anyway and feels that she can’t do anything with her life because Gordon designated her as a stay at home mother.

It’s obvious that Helen is depressed as the last comic shows her drinking and if she’s “spending [Gordon’s] paycheck” it may be a way of trying to cope with her depression by trying to make herself happy as Gordon obviously isn’t helping her feel wanted since she feels neglected. While it’s easy to demonize Helen, I actually feel bad for her since she feels like a third wheel in the family and Gordon doesn’t seem to do anything to make her not feel that way.

And poor Claire can hear it all. Smart enough too to understand what’s going on, and remember it for her lifetime (as we’re seeing now).

You’d think if Gordon was the intellectual type he’d realize the door isn’t soundproof.

I think it’s more of a “not much you can do about it” moment then thinking the door is soundproof.

He could’ve . . . taken it out of the house or something. Or just save it for another time when she ISN’T here?

Probably not… First of all he is rarely ever home because of his job. Taking it outside wouldn’t do anything but get the neighbors involved, in a shouting match like that Claire would still here. It looks like Helen isn’t about to wait either, she is out for justification.

So, they’re both pretty terribly irresponsible people, but at least the dad TRIES to give a crap about the kid they got themselves due to said irresponsible decisions. And is only complaining about the multitude of complaints from the mom instead of complaining about the situation itself.

Well at least that’s something I guess.

I really hope there will be no more hard life flashback in the future pages. This is sad. I feel sorry for Claire.

In a no-win situation, the kid always loses… but too true, the kid is 11… what happened to get them here is irrelevant, because they ARE here… how it plays out is going to be interesting, but feels pretty harsh now.
I’m guessing it shows under all, that Claire DOESN’T like the conflict she had with Ses, not AT ALL. She knows it couldn’t be helped, but the yelling took her right back here.

Hopefuly she’s smart enough to not take a visit to the Valley of I’m Better Off Alone. She’s on a bad world for that.

Let’s start a ‘A MILLION HUGS FOR CLAIRE’ Campagn!

Can we hug more then once? Or is it one of those “one hug per person” thing?

Well, the point would be to show a massive amount of support

She may be attractive, but she is also in need of comfort. I would hug her, but never for those reasons. Hell, I’d throw in a kiss on the cheek too (the one on the face, you pervert). But non the less, you have my vote.

And I would give er the support she needs. I have 2 bowls, a whole box of ice cream a laptop (cine of borrowed, but I still have it) with all of MARVEL’s latest movies and access to cross time-space internet. I’ve personally been through a similar hell, and I know that what she really needs is a friend.

I ve been thinking about something, why isn’t her mother with her in the future? I mean we know that Claire only lives with Proto…

not Claire fault. well the father was use on Claire too much and his job too but Mother need a heart of love, help and care because she feel left out. mother can’t think straight from her Migraine. mother try to talk to her but Claire act more like father like. mother think father sold Claire from her. I think that, feel like that.

I knew there had to be more to her bad attitude, which is why I refrained from commenting on the previous page. Sadly, I was right. Oh the sounds of marital discord, how bitter you are.
The mother rushed into marriage by the father because she was with child. The father makes all the money and the mother is forced to stay home. Claire takes after her father, and has truly bonded with him, leaving the mother behind. Meanwhile, the mother drowns her sorrows in alcohol and self-pity, and nurtures resentment against her husband.
It’s sad to see that Helen and Gordon were thrust into this relationship because of an accident during intimacy. They were not ready for this, their bond had not grown strong enough for it to survive a child. And now Claire is the one who has to suffer.

As soon as I saw Claire’s face in the first panel, I started to tear up.

I was thinking:
What if Claire never really traveled through time.
In all of the Stargate shows, a common theme was that Aliens (or a time paradox in SGU) brought humans to different worlds. As such, some societies progressed slower then others. What if all of the population of Evyr was brought there by Aliens a long time ago, and Claire accidentally stumbled upon it.

Fuck, kinda reminds me of my family. Father is a cool guy and I always get along with him. He was ecstatic I got accepted to NJIT, a rather hard school to get into. Mother’s reaction was she was disappointed I wasn’t going to be an environmental scientist like she wanted after I decided to change to IT with a network security spec, doing something I wanted rather than having her shove her aspirations onto me. Fuck, sometimes I’ve even prayed that she went first because I can’t even imagine how I would be able to deal with her without my father as a buffer.

Oye …where to begin, *polishes his marriage counselor certificate clearly written in crayon*.

Clearly there is more then enough blame to go around here let’s start with Gordon, I realize he has a company to run (assuming he is running it at that point in his life), he clearly makes time for his daughter and that’s fantastic, but oftentimes when a child is born a parent or parents starts to devote the majority of their attention to the child thereby neglecting their partner, while this can be tough to balance you must put forth the effort. Yes, he should have been more responsible and used protection. As for “doing the right thing” and marrying Helen once it was found out she was pregnant…that’s charming, old fashioned and seemingly honorable, however I wouldn’t call it the right thing to do.

Next up Helen, yes Gordon should have used protection but you are there too, you could have pushed him away insisting he use protection, or you could have used protection yourself, or both, two methods of protection is better then one. “You weren’t ready”, obviously, you still seem like you’re not ready 11 years and 9 months later! If you are truly that unhappy stop blaming everyone but yourself and make a change, wallowing in self pity is not helping anyone. Also you can’t bond with your own daughter because you don’t have anything in common with her? No that’s an excuse, an excuse of someone who never wanted a child to begin with. All a child really needs besides the obvious food, shelter, roof over their heads and education is love and support of a role model.

My advice for these two is divorce, which normally I loath the concept of except of abusive relationships but I’ll make an exception in this case, because it IS abusive, to Claire. She is the biggest casualty here and the parents need to wake up to this, continuing this farce of s relationship for even Claire’s sake is doing her no good. Gordon seems to be doing well enough, he would easily win custody (not that Helen would even fight it), he could hire a nanny, or hey just build a robot one, and continue as they seemingly always have and let Helen move on.

OK, I’ve been reading Uberquest for some time now and I need to comment. What a absolutely fantastic, wonderful comic this is, one of my top favs. The story is so gripping & terrific and learning about Claire’s family and hopefully the other characters backgrounds, makes Uberquest a highly desirable read. Thanks for all your work on this. Question: is Claire’s mom a cat? She doesn’t look like a fennec fox, wondering how a fennec fox (her dad) and a cat could have a child and come out looking like a fennec fox. Anyway, I love all the characters and story in Uberquest. Does Uberquest mean any special word or description of some place or person or thing? Anyway, always looking forward to Uberquest and have a happy holiday.

Who the tangerine bicycle is this?

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