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oh my…could it be Mason never learned how to read

That would be my guess also.

Not that that makes him dumb or anything, I would guess his Aunt would have certainly tried to teach given her kind nature, however there must be some other factor in why he didn’t

readin is for suckers

I grant you, friend, if you should fright the ladies out of their wits, they would have no more discretion but to hang us. But I will aggravate my voice so that I will roar you as gently as any sucking dove. I will roar you an ’twere any nightingale.

Well, from what I could tell so far, the society is based on the Middle Ages. If I remember correctly, school was optional during that time. So it is plausible that Mason is illiterate.

Or Mason never had opportunity to learn to read, for being something of a concern only of the highest levels in the social extract ( a blacksmith must read to use a forge? ) or may have Dyslexia, which in medieval times, it would be considered something worthy of people with some mental limitation and would explain the why of his uncle the treat so scornful.

The education system in Evyr works thusly. In rich Kingdoms such as Sarawyn or Alder tend to have basic education for children til around age 12. This is the most basic of writing/reading, mathematics and history. Around 13 most are expected to go off and gain an apprenticeship for a certain job (baking,smithing, farming — ect) or join the military (which takes recruits around age 16) . Universities do exist but are for the wealthy/exceptionally intelligent children.You can be accepted in various guilds which can act like private specialized school — such as the Mages Guild or Warriors Guild.. ect. However Guild requirements tend to be stringently supervised and much is expected of students that do get accepted.

In poorer regions like Hazerath schools are harder to come by and only given to those who are able to pay. Taequis ran by Dahaki probably have the best education systems – but Dahaki in general are more intelligent then Fera. The only thing Dahaki value above money is knowledge, education goes on longer – until around the age of 16 or so – then Dahaki can continue their studies or apprenticeship as-well.

Hurray for convenient costume changes ^_^
Mason, what’s wrong?
It’s okay if you tell them you can’t read a map or that you haven’t really been doing so good in travelling around the whole continent since this IS ONLY YOUR FIRST TIME

And yes, go Sesame, go make peace with Claire, none of you know what you’ve gone through and that should be enough of a reason to always understand each other equally.

Lastly, d’aww Kibbles on the first panel >w<

Well everything seems to going well now. No fights, no drama, no huge events of any kind. Just a few *angry voice* f***ing annoying low EXP delivery sidequests. *ahem* Nothing wrong with that.
Hopefully Sesame will continue to lvl up her barehanded skills. She seems to be a high lvl already.
Hope things between her and Claire will be OK. I had enough drama from Claire’s back story as it is.

WHOOOOOOOOA!!!!! Sesame is wearing the most badass outfit I’ve ever seen in my life.

it looks nothing like roman armor

if these guys could have voice actors…

Sesame: Olivia Olson

Kibbles: Tara Strong

Mason: Elijah Wood

I know this is not of my business, but, what happened with the Milo’s Mark bonus comic?
Did Skidd give up the idea?
P.S: I really like the new clothes design, way better than the old ones.

Did you guys base Kibbles outfit off of Refia’s version of the Red Mage job class? cause I did a comparison and the resemblance seems to be more than coincidental.

Indeed her outfit is based off of red-mages 🙂

Anyone out there speak cephalopod?

Actually, he’s speaking Japanese, although I’m having a hard time deciphering his words. Not translating, mind you, just reading. LOL.

”私は以下だ。友達に成ろう!” ー I’m following. Let’s be friends!
“wooh! すごい!かわいいです!”-Whoa! Amazing! Cute!
“横わからない。取り合えずhugしていい?”-I don’t really understand. Would you like a hug?

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