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Be glad she didn’t break your face, jerk face

Is Sasame a Nord? Because as a child she broke a man’s arm with one punch.

What’s a Nord?

Bullies….. I so despise bullies.

Bitch? You’re the one crying ya wuss!!

Oh, good. A new page to counteract yesterday’s trauma.

Honestly, the little brat had it coming. Kids can be so mean sometimes.
Who would dare hurt li’l Sesame. Even her older self looks cute as a tomboy.
Hidden power you say. Hmm, interesting… I must know moar!
*Scratches off the “Sesame was given strange powers by that artifact thingy the day her village got destroyed” theory off the UQ blackboard*

Skidd mentions in the about page or the cast page ( i don’t remember where) and also on one of the previous comic pages that every person in this comic has some innate special ability. Sesame’s is uncanny strength. This page is explaining when she first realized she had this ability.

I wish I could have done this to the bullies at my school.
It would have taken a while since it was practically every kid in the grade, but I think they’d get the idea after seeing a few others end up like this.

*Chinese accent* You need to fight your enemy, but take great care that you don’t become your enemy.

for some reason a scene from American Sniper is coming to mind….except Chris Kyle was punching a kid who was beating up his younger brother…and that later results in their father giving them an metaphoric analogy on human society, that there are three kinds of people in the world: Wolves, Sheep, and Sheepdogs. Wolves are people that harm or harass others, especially those who are weaker than them. those weaker people are the sheep, and the wolves love to take advantage of them or show superiority over them, sometimes with physical brutality. Lastly, there are the sheepdogs, the people who fight back against the wolves and/or stand up to defend the sheep. They are the ones who end the fights that the wolves start. There is however, a thin line between Sheepdogs and Wolves in which the former could end up becoming the latter.
With that in mind, Sesame is certainly no sheep……but what is she then? a sheepdog…or a wolf?

Don’t worry about it so much, it probably wasn’t totally your fault. He probably hadn’t been drinking his milk like a good little brat. (not trying to say that drinking milk makes you a brat. I happen to love milk and am only mildly jerkish 🙂 )

on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how douchey do you think that little fox jerk face is….not Claire, the guy above….Claire’s cool

High enough that the punch should’ve gone through his arm and into the ribcage instead and it would’ve been deserved?

Come on now, it’s a fantasy world. People like that are a dime a dozen, and there’s not enough population in a setting like this to keep Death on his payroll.

Some of these comments suprisingly disgust me. “He had it coming,” “Deserved it,”?

First of all, it was totally wrong of that kid to be rude to Sesame. Just gonna get that out there. However, as my first grade teacher said, “2 wrongs never make a right.” It was wrong of her to punch him back. Now his family (who are usually never involved, don’t give me the “bad parent” excuse. ) will have to pay medical bills for the fixing of his arm.

Now that would have never happened if Sesame walked away. Telling on that kid would have been much more probable. The parents would discuss the situation, properly sort it out, and have the kids make up.

So basically, my point is, it’s not his fault. 🙂

Pretty sure they wouldn’t just let her walk away. She already tried to walk away and he pushed her to the ground, if she tried to walk away again, he would simply just push her again or worse, he’d most likely throw rocks or hit her with another hard heavy object. Bullies are relentless.

and children are often very cruel and selfish, and that is because they are misguided. as they grow older, they may learn more thoroughly on the difference between right and wrong…and that’s what parents are there for: to teach their children to be better.

It looked as if he had no intention of getting physical until she responded. If she had kept walking or just avoided the two when she saw them, well… you know what I mean. If she had power walked to her house, if they kept following, somebody would eventually see the altercation and work it out.

While i agree that a broken arm is a little too intense a punishment for the bully, oftentimes the “go to authority figures” solution simply doesn’t work. Parents might underestimate the situation, teachers might be too concerned with their jobs, or might just not want to rock the boat, especially if the aggressor has influential parents.

Also, he already made the conflict physical with that shove, and if she doesn’t resolve the issue, he’ll just feel he’s able to do it again, if not step things up next time. A punch on the arm is not much more than a shove (if you aren’t super strong).

Mostly, what I’m saying is, often, there is no ideal way to solve these problems, and the best we can hope for is that everyone involved learns the right lessons. Though, again, people calling for worse to happen to that kid are going too far (if serious).

I’m pretty sure her family would take a lot of weight on the situation of her bullying. We don’t know the kids backround either, so we cannot judge on that.

Sesame saying “Leave me alone” triggered the shoving. If she had ran – she’s a cat, she’s agile – nothing physical would have occurred.

I can’t disagree there.

In math 2 minuses make a plus.

Sesame has cat power, even house cats can swipe their paws so quickly that you’ll never see it coming, just love this back story on Sesame and the more I see of her the more I fall in love with her, she is one cute kitten and good for that asshole bully, he’ll never try that again.

Sesame, I think it would’ve been better if you grabbed the kid and broke his spine :3

The cruelest type of death involves administering enough paralysis venom to paralyze and stiffen them while weakening the heartbeat somehow to be harder to detect, then convincing everyone else that they are dead and require cremation.

You can’t even scream.

Breaking spines is faster though. Can get more people that way.

THERE’S the flaw in your logic. You simply want to kill him. Now where’s the fun in that? Inflicting an astronomical amount of pain, giving him a trauma he’ll never recover from and letting him live- now THAT’S the way to do it.

Make him watch Fifty Shades =w=

or rip his spine out through his rectum

and beat him to death with it

……ok, now I’m starting to think I and everyone else on this comment thread is going to far with wanting to see the guy suffer…….meaning that we’re worse than or no better than him.

Call me cynical, but walking away or talking it out almost never works. The only way I know how to get a bully to stop hurting you is to hurt them back, and hurt them worse. Make them realize it’s not worth trying ever again. I don’t believe in the non-violent approach, although I wish I could. If I ever have children, I’m going to tell them to ignore what their teachers say about not fighting back. I’m going to tell them to beat the hell out of the other kid(s), and to let me deal with the school administration/indignant parents.
Sadly, I feel that many bullies are the way they are because they feel powerless elsewhere. Maybe they have bad home lives and/or abusive families. Maybe they themselves are being bullied. So they make someone else feel weak and small so they can feel strong and big. If these kids can find a better way to feel good about themselves, they won’t need to hurt others. That’s why it’s so important that parents and adults get involved. The only problem is that many authority figures worry far more about their jobs than about protecting the children in their care, and that those who do get involved often only make a token effort. Without real, lasting protection, the only recourse a victim has is to defend themselves.

but some bullies are just plain rotten to the core, not every bully has had a rough life, sometimes they can live completely normal lives and simply find joy in making others miserable

Sadly, I can’t disagree. There are some kids who are just mean-spirited. I had a few bullies like that in high school. I hate bullies, and I hate this kid, but I’m just saying that we don’t know if there are other factors contributing to this kid’s inclination to bully.
I think we agree, however, that this kid’s behavior is despicable and needs to stop. If he has to learn not to bully through the School of Hard Knocks, so be it. Considering Sesame’s strength, he’s lucky he gets to walk away with only a broken arm.

From Sesame’s current day musculature, I’d say she’s only gotten stronger since then. That actually means she’s made a lot of progress, unless Dante has some power that stops her face from getting caved in. She’s got a long way to go, as far as learning not to lash out so much, but at least she seems to (at least subconsciously) hold back when she lashes out at people specifically.

A part of me regrets that the kid broke his arm, but another appreciates that this event probably, ultimately, helped Sesame learn to control her strength.

You know what’s BS?
That I haven’t book-marked UberQuest yet. Because of that, I access it trough an already book-marked page which is, in this case, Two Kinds. And, because there was no update since the most heart-breaking cliffhanger ever, I have to go trough that over and over again to see if there is an update on each of the comics.
(also my profile pic ^^;)

I work at a place where patient confidentiality is a thing, so I can relate to saying the same thing over and over again and it getting old. How many times do I have to say “I can neither confirm nor deny that information” before people get it through their heads?

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