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Anyone notice the evil face on the cloak?

We’re almost there. The big one-zero-zero!

you know he could just have broke his head on the stone….

First kill’s always rough. Only people who don’t have qualms are sociopaths with damaged emotional responses. Still her training and trauma-suppression is pretty impressive. Sesame doesn’t afraid of anybody.

Odd knife that guy has, looks more like an Aztec sternum-breaker/sacrifice knife than a real weapon. Not that it wouldn’t still do the job, of course.

damn….that is one of the most brutal deaths i’ve ever seen in comics….right up there with the Reverse Flash in Flashpoint, Mallen in Iron Man Extremis, and the vast majority of the pages in Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

Wait, wait, wait… If the scarf was probably the reason that make her go berserk on page 27 ( why her father ask her to get that thing in the first place?

and it seemed to move on its own the hamper her attacker

so instead of a Lord of the Rings scenario, we have……Lord of the Scarfs?

10/10 would definitely watch.
Appearances can be deceiving. ‘Tis the nature of artifacts.
And I’m more interested in these “gods” that forged the artifacts. Claire, here weary being there and then, contradicts the existence of any deity the people of Evyr may believe in. So the real question is: if it wasn’t gods, who was it?

I’m betting it’s the same with the whole Sauron-Necromancer plot. Remember Valmont? Maybe he had a good part of this scarf-making and maybe so did that lady at the tavern. This is just a theory though, but it could be plausible that the scarf itself wasn’t meant to be worn by just a mere mortal, it had to be someone who had great fears and pretty much emotionally incapable enough to see death, thus picking Sesame.

I doubt Velmont made those. He’s only 30 years old. For an object of power to become known as something all powerfull, forged by gods themselves, it would take a lot of time (example: peaces of Eden form Assassin’s Creed) Unless we’re talking about some kind of reincarnation. And the theory where the artifact chooses his host is interesting. As for that lady in the tavern: the symbol on her sleeve is the same as the symbol on the letter Sesame got . Someone is setting Sesame on the same path as Kibbles. But that’s a whole other theory.

Why hasn’t anybody mentioned the cloak/scarf seemed to move on its own in her defense?

one scarf to rule them all, one scarf to find them. one scarf to cover them all in darkness and bind them.

and now…

Sesame and Sauron as gonna have a tea party. :3

I wonder if Sauruman, Azog the Defiler, and the Witch King of Angmar will be there as well?

What a way to die.

I realize they aren’t sophisticated enough to have DNA testing in this reality, although I’m sure there’s some form of voodoo or tracking spell that can be used against Sas… But, leaving evidence at a crime scene is a bad idea. While I’m sure whatever passes for rat like creatures (Fairies? Brownies? Workshop Elves?or Barlowe; the general wingnut) will use her hair as nesting material in short order, I can’t help but think she’s painted a rather large target on her back and set herself up for future drama or mind control.

What’s up with people cutting their hair whenever they have experienced a groundbreaking and lifechanging event?
I get why Mulan did it. But everyone else better explain themselves.

The characters that do cut of their top knot’s or ponytails are usually are of asian decent, so I’m sure it has some ancient cultural or historical reference I am unaware of. Maybe it’s some form of symbolism like the ritual for becoming a monk by cutting your hair into the form of a halo. Supposedly it is permissible for Nazirites (like samson) to cut their hair in times of grief, illness, or sorrow. And Indians from india believe it is permissible to cut your hair on thursdays without suffering from negative karma. I can also imagine killing someone would violate some sacred contract with God, so maybe it has to do with atoning for one’s sins.

oh yeah, and didn’t we see that a few times in Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra- of course we did and that further proves your point….although in the case of the characters in both series, it was done as a way of changing their appearances so as to be less recognizable.

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