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(looks at Ashaki’s beefy rack ((wait, did I really type this?)) and blushes profusely.)
“But first get your top back on!”

(Ashaki looks at her chest, turns beet red, and covers herself while the SMB3 miss theme plays.)

* Whistles, and walks away with detailed sketch I drew that looks like a picture*

OHH NO YOU DON’T! ONLY ME AND RAZORFOX CAN DO THAT! YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR PERMISSION! *shoots an ember attack at the sketch which burns it up* NEXT TIME SLASH, ASK! GEEZZ!

(looks at Ashaki’s beefy rack ((wait, did I really type this?)) and blushes profusely.)
“But first get your top back on!”

(Ashaki looks at her chest, turns beet red, and covers herself while the SMB3 miss theme plays.)

* Whistles, and walks away with detailed sketch I drew that looks like a picture*

OHH NO YOU DON’T! ONLY ME AND RAZORFOX CAN DO THAT! YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR PERMISSION! *shoots an ember attack at the sketch which burns it up* NEXT TIME SLASH, ASK! GEEZZ!

Dr.Freeman: I can make that. I’m gonna need a running start, though. This right here is why you should eat Wheaties in the morning. I guess any breakfast is better for you than the 2 shots of vodka I had. Whatever, let’s do this! Hoo-geh-sakka Hoo-geh-sakka Hoo- OSHITOSHITOSHIT!

Suit: HEV activated; Automatic medical system engaged. Major fracture detected. Internal bleeding detected. Emergency; User Death imminent.

–> Freeman’s Mind episode 10.5

Odd, slimes normally don’t have physical resistance in RPG’s.

O_o? The classic RPG says otherwise considering slimes were usually only effectively damaged by magic. Even in pathfinder a decent number of Jelly monsters have DR against normal weapons. The classic JRPG often had gels and slimes only ever taking 1 point from physical damage and weak to all magic.

Of course it’s gona go through it you need fire! Mage please!

Doesn’t that make the first scene an obvious foreshadowing?

Most people here say fire will kill slimes, but I must disagree… I know in the RPG world, Slimes are seen as jelly water, that evaporates into nothingness if overheated. However, due to my… strange mind, I thought of the matter scientifically:

Since a slime doesn’t comprise of a brain, proven by the fact that wherever you slash it, it passes right through without damage, it must be surmised that it’s existence and ability to, not only, stay in shape, but also coordinate it’s motion is formed within the central processing units of each cell composing it’s body, called the nucleus. The group of nuclei must also connect to each other though the either, since communication through physical contact would slow the process, sever when physically hit and it would then become a solid mass, like our own bodies. However, their connection through the either must also be weak since, as shown on this comic in panel 3, the molecules can only connect with the ones in its vicinity.
The slime molecules themselves must be surrounded by a very dense membrane. Given that the characteristics of Slimes are like jelly when hit but like a ton of bricks when they hit you, the membranes must then be pretty hard since, even if they can move to avoid your attack, they still slam against your body which hurts you, not them.
Lastly, focusing on heat itself, I’d like to use water as a good example. When heated, water doesn’t disappear, the molecule’s energy levels are just increased until it reaches one where it’s density is less than that of air, causing it to float and separate. This would also affect the slime much the same as it’s in a liquid state naturally. However, since it still is based in molecules, It does have one weakness, physically: Freezing.

Since it’s a molecule based centient, the membranes would be frozen, destroying it’s density and rendering it unable to move in the process. Then it will be vulnerable to physical attacks, shattering it’s last hope of rebuilding and reconnecting itself…. healing itself.

In conclusion: Freeze the sucker and then bash it!

Also, I believe a sonic whistle, or dog whistle, might be able to temporarily destroy it’s “telepathy”

Too much for an RPG comic?

It educates the people…who read it… It’s exactly what people need to actually under stand the slime sooo.. Perfect amount!

while educational, way too much information, we don’t need to know everything about the creature that’s about to die and never be mentioned again

you’d die with that philosophy. “Know thine Enemy” is a tried and true method. “Keep your friends close and enemies closer” is another way to word that, but I am not suggesting having a slime as a pet. However, knowing that freezing would kill it and why, one melee fighter, like our inexperianced hero, could, in fact, use a sword with ice enchantments, or a few vials of liquid nitro. I haven’t even scratched the surface of a documentary, however I did discover it’s weakness and been able to explain why “Throw a burning rock at it” doesn’t work.

Nah, Really it’s my code. We are talking about things on the comments of an artist’s comic page. To me, mentioning things outside of the subject posted by the author (in other words, other than a topic relating to the comic page or some of it’s content) can be done, but shouldn’t be elaborated on due to respect. To me, elaborating on your brother, for example, would be like going to your nana’s house and spending the time at her place talking to your friend about the cute waitress that’s been flirting with you of late.

If that makes sense.

Ok …shoot never thought of that… Evaluation is needed befor battle… Ok I should start with that… A splash potion of freezing would help and or still the Mage and heck man I completely see what your saying heating it up will only send it into the air meaning if the molucules are close enough the could refor back into the slime like it was before so if you just freez it as you said then bashing it would just render it as prices and the prices already been frozen could not reconnect…BUT! What exactly happend when the freez wears off? It will slush up and be able to just reform again… How exactly do you just fully exterminate a smile because freez will hurt it severely but I don’t think it will kill it…exactly… But mabey iff you freez it mabey if you do have (conveniently near by) a lava pit after you freez it swiftly push it into the lava I think the water will affect it… Hindering it’s reform ability because the water milo unless would be interfering with the smile molocules…good point I must say too!

WAIT! Acids! That would been right through it!

You are right, if it’s molecular membrane of the beast isn’t a base, an acid would work.

As for freezing and bashing, remember that we can’t save cryogenically frozen people because the freezing process destroys molecular membranes meaning that Disney’s head would become a pile of goo if thawed out right now. Without a membrane, molecules aren’t able to move at all and are rendered defenceless, so they are now “The liquefied remains of what was once a great foe” and, if you believe in ancient spirituality, you could drink it (if not poisonous) and absorb it’s spirit within you… But basically it’d be dead when it thaws.

Odd, I wrote out a comment but must have forgotten to hit send last night.

You make a strong argument, but also a fair amount of assumptions that counteract your claim. From reading, re-reading, and re-re-reading your original point I am to take away that you wish to define the slime with the following characteristics:

A) A Slime does not comprise of a brain and is physically a collection of “thinking cells”.

B) The multiple “thinking” cells connect to each-other through the either (I’m going to assume that you meant to say ether and were thinking of Aether (as either by definition of the word does not actually fit here, but that is alright we know what you meant). A hive-mind like connection controlling each individual cell.

C) This connection is weak and offers limited control, only being able to connect molecules in close proximity (although this is a rather large assumption, as there are other reasons why it could have kept itself on to her blade, giving up part of itself in order to nullify an aggressor makes sense as a natural defense mechanism, especially if in normal conditions it is able to re-connect itself later) although we can consider this claim to be accurate, as whether or not it is accurate is of little consequence.

D) The slime molecules must be surrounded by a dense membrane, as they can be like jelly or like a ton of bricks This /must/ be surrounded by a dense membrane is another huge assumption, when it is just as easy to arrive to the conclusion that through the non-physical control that the slime has to make his molecules reform it may be just as capable of changing the density of the membrane or the hardness by changing the strength of the intermolecular bonds, in fact I would say that this is more likely as the creature has already been proven to have some control over its cells.

So let us look at the slime not as a monster, but as a creature that may have evolved naturally within an rpg world. What are the natural advantages that would cause a creature to non-physically be able to control and reshape its cells, and in what types of beings is that most present? I may be making an assumption here, but with its ability to exist without a physical brain and its ability to control objects (in this case itself) through non-physical means I believe we are looking at what would in the supernatural world (for in the realm of rpgs science and the supernatural must be mixed to make sense of it all) as a spirit. The spirit contains similar qualities, thinking without a physical basis and being able to non-physically control objects. Whether this spirit be ghost, wraith, shade, or any other form of spirit is of little consequence, it can be reasonably hypothesized (though of course I could be wrong) to be a spirit.

Why then, if I am correct (and I think that I am) a physical body at all. The answer could easily be seen in a point that you made about it not being very powerful with its ability to control physical matter (though the degree of this is still up to some interpretation). If the spirit of the slime is not in fact very powerful, then as many spirits (supposedly) do we can assume that it may in fact need a physical binding to stay within this world (at least to be able to interact with it). It makes sense that this binding, this casing, would be of the qualities of the slime. The slime is simple (allowing for it to be regenerative) and lacking in complex (or any) internal organs (allowing for it to be resistant to damage, and have nothing of need of protecting aka a weak spot). Furthermore while we do not know what the molecules of the slime are made of you yourself likened it to water, and perhaps it is, or an alternated liquid similar to water, either way something of which I am sure could be acquired very easily and in a pre-modernized world is in no short supply.

My hypothesis then is that the slime is a half spirit/ half physical creature, using the physical body for a dual purpose of interaction and manifestation/anchoring to the physical world.

The question is would fire be effective.

My own personal answer, under my hypothesis, is maybe (I know not very good but I don’t exactly have a lot of slimes to test my theories on). Assuming two things: 1) That the water like substance could be evaporated, and 2) that the spirit part of the slime must be anchored to a non-gaseous state/ can only go without being anchored to a non-gaseous state for a short-ish duration of time then yes, fire would be very effective, as even after the matter again became a liquid it would not have a spirit to control it, and would assume the form of a puddle.

Of course none of us have any means of proving this, slimes and magic for experimentation purposes are sadly within short supply, I simply hope(d) to provide an interesting counter-argument (don’t blame me I’m a philosophy/poli-sci major, arguing is basically all I do ^_^).

You made a few misassumptions on my part. I did not say that it has a few hive cells acting as it’s brain else it would have a brain. However, each cell in his body is a hive brain… it is nothing but a multitude of cells co-existing and co-ordinating to attain one particular goal. I believe that goal to be survival.

The reasoning why I say the link is weak is that it’s able to stay together on her sword, but not able to move that part, just exist. Which tells me that, when removed from the group, it’s natural reaction is to stay put and wait to regroup.

I am quite impressed with your hypothesis that the cells can change density, however I must disagree, since the only reason it would need to is to create one solid mass, which would mean smacking it’s fist as it tried to smack you would end up hurting it. However the problem with slimes is that if you try that, it would be able to hurt you, but not you it. This leads me to believe that it’s like a microscopic scatter shot. Little hits at high velocity multiplied by an innumerable amount of cells.

I am also impressed, yet confused, at your spirit analogy. You see, spirits, although frightening, are actually unable to harm us in reality. They can possess objects, however when in contact with said objects, in this case- the slime’s cells, are still subject to that item’s life span. In other words, a spirit is unable to kill it’s host without feeling pain due to it’s connection. And without this connection, it would be unable to hurt us. Also spirits aren’t primitive beings yet slimes act as one. So it’s safe to assume that it’s not a supernatural specter as it doesn’t show signs of pain and it is a primitive being.
Furthermore, Spirits are unable to be killed as they do not live. And Slimes are known to engulf their prey and digest it without organs, suggesting my cell theory.

I compared it to water since water itself is a complex liquid. The colder a liquid gets, the smaller it gets, the hotter it gets, the more it expands. Yet water expands in the cold since it’s molecular compound rearranges itself. It also has adaptive qualities that I won’t get into at this time. However, it was a good basis of comparison for comprehension purposes. Nothing else.

As for your non-gasious state theseus, it would have to be quite short-lived since evaporated substances float up and cool down… Which would be cool if a fire mage would burn it up only to be killed by a rain of slime.

But I digress. Both theories are valid until proof can be done. And given that these RPGs date back to older technology and carried out as facts today, Fire still wins.

I quite enjoyed reading your rebuttal. I too love sharing ideas and counterpoints… and unfortunately for light conversation, tend to elaborate to a near obsessive point on facts like “how to kill a slime” when the real danger here is “Sesame is gonna die”

I’d say she needs to coat her blade with Clorox! =^^=

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