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Ooooooo, now we see why he’s regarded so highly.

I knew he must have been ‘special’ in some manner. He just proved that not only can he take control of a bad situation, but he has a ‘extra boost’ like Sesame does.

Two differences tho.

First, his ‘extra’ is apparently agility and speed, while Sesame’s is strength.
Second he has MUCH more conscious control of his ‘extra’.

Something tells me Kylar is NOT someone to mess with in battle.

Kylar probably practiced using it, Sesame of course was never encouraged to because her’s was dangerous to others and she would’ve been tempted to misuse it while she was younger.(and her father died before her training could start…)

I don’t want to e that guy but technically there’s only one arrow to be knocked, crossbows fire bolts, not arrows. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know why, but for some reason the fight music from Star trek keeps popping up in my head with this one….and it makes absolutely no sense because that music doesn’t fit in here at all.

Back in Comic 83, it was implied that Francis and Ainsley had worked with Kylar before, and yet Francis seems genuinely surprised at the demonstration of Kylar’s speed. Which sort of implies that either A) he has never had to use it before in his presence or B) he has never used it because he was keeping it a secret or C) he has never used it because it comes with some sort of price or disadvantage. I find C highly unlikely and A is possible but again I doubt it.

Which leaves us with B, he was keeping it a secret for some reason. Could it be that Fera with such powers are looked down upon? That may also explain the reaction Eiran had when he learned Sesame had such an ability, at the time I had assumed it was because he had feared it might corrupt her or she might not be able to ever control it, but what if it was because of how he knew she would be treated if the word got out?

If this is true then that makes two big secrets Kylar has been keeping, I wonder which one is considered to be more frowned upon Evyr, his sexual preference or the special power. To think he has accomplished so much, without ever needing to use that kind of ability, he should be very proud (assuming I am not spouting nonsense of course).

I repeated nock your bolt in my head and for some reason it sounded dirty

anyone else notice that the site has a new background?

Alright, back to our intrepid explorers, is Wuuh part cheetah? I’d run as fast as I can too with a beast like that after me. By the way the facial expressions on the characters are absolutely terrific. They certainly convey the story almost without words.

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