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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

And thus, with Amperie‘s arrival, the gang is back together. And who is this mysterious “old friend” that Amperie is referring to? You’ll see soon enough. In fact, based on what I’m seeing in the Shoutbox, at least one of you have already figured it out. My lips, however, are sealed. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Those of you looking for a theme song to this page can continue to use “Back in Black” by the Lightning Dragons’ unofficially official house band, AC/DC.

This past Friday (April 22) was Earth Day, a day to remind us to take care of Mother Earth by encouraging recycling, reducing our consumption of nonrenewable resources, focusing on developing and utilizing renewable energy solutions, and curbing pollution.

And, as part of what appears to be a blossoming tradition here at The Draconia Chronicles, it’s also a time to whip out some fresh new artwork featuring Earth Dragons. Some of you who followed back at our old site last year might remember my Earth Day 2010 picture, which starred the lovely Earth Dragon Eone. It got such an unexpectedly great response that I decided to do a follow-up for Earth Day 2011, and to include it as the latest drawing in the series of 14 pieces promised as part of the recent “Katbox Kares” donation drive to help out victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Thus, I proudly present to you the Draconia Chronicles Earth Day 2011 piece, starring Eone and a special guest appearance from a fully-intact Gaia. Preferably for mature audiences. ~__^

And while it wasn’t exactly a direct suggestion, the idea for this pic was actually inspired by suggestions from YOU, my fellow Draconiacs. Yes, YOU! It’s all-caps, so it MUST be true. You, too, can chime in with your ideas for my 11 remaining “Katbox Kares” donation pieces by clicking here. I’ve got a couple more pieces in the pipeline, some of which borrow ideas from the suggestions, but more are always welcome. Throw in your two cents today!

And with that, it’s back to work on next week’s page. Will it feature a big return? You’ll have to check in again next Monday to find out. Till then, take care, fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!

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