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Danny buddy, thanks for writing a story I can argue with people about. 😀 Go tigers!

I agree with Allester, not only in this cowardly plan, but also the crude tactic of cutting off the head of a chained prisoner and using it as a crude weapon, these animals clearley don’t know of any honer.(Mind you I’m no fan of the queen.)Besides when you bread it down the Tigers have there: speed, strength, agility, and magic cancelling weapons. The dragons have: Flight, strength, agility, and magic. Both sides seem evenly matched to me.

Fight to survive, and you would forget about honor too. The dragons are willing to kill, the tigers need to be as well and if that means they need to be extra ruthless in order to win then thats what happens when they are forced to choose between their-selves and their enemy. Scyde wants to live, she doesn’t have time to worry about the honorable solution.

I find it interesting that Princess Kiriad is a white tiger that dresses herself in orange. I think it was mentioned earlier that all the royal tigers are white, therefore is this common attire for the tiger royalty? Are there more white tigers, or white males? Why are the males in this comic more like their animalistic forms and the females are more anthropodic? Sorry for the random questions. These are all little traits that I love about the comic, but still would like to know more about. I just had to ask.~Paiva

White Tigers are regarded as royalty by default, regardless of who they’re born to or family connections.  Princesses (and queens, for that matter) have traditionally worn purple as the color of their wraps, but Kiriad has broken from tradition and decided to go with orange.  She’s got her reasons for doing so.

Most white Tigers are female in this world, but white males are not unheard of.

As to why the males are feral and the women anthro, tha’s just the way things turned out in the “Draconiaverse.”

I don’t mind the questions in the slightest.  Thanks for the kind words and for reading!  ^__^

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