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What guy wouldn’t appreciate a nice booby shimmy from his girl every now and then.  I know I do! ^_^On more serious note, very deep stuff there on the last two panels Danny!

…hm, my brain doesn’t want to register that as “Shimmy!”. All I can see is “Shiny!”, complete with a little lens flare. X3Also, ouch, that is one painful scene change! I like what you did with  the timing there! O_O

Course not to say the comic isn’t good, it really is.

*adjusts his glasses* Indeed a wise thing to have the fight averted, it
is good to see that Aika and Roh have such a lovely relationship.
However my heart goes to Mabel and Raz, I can understand reluctance to
speak on such a sad situation. After all loss of family does not leave
one in the right mood or mindset; so the sadness they must be feeling is
unbearable I bet.Well, none the less at least both sides are okay, that much counts for me; another great update good Sir RazorFox!

Thanks so much!  Yeah, I figured that I’d leave the full Aika/Raz fight for sometime down the road.  Judging by the reaction last week’s little teaser got, it looks like people would really want to see that.  Your thoughts?

Be leave me I’d love to see that cat fight happen for real. Though I gotta say trying to understand male tigers speak is allot harder than trying to understanding male dragon speak. What is this some sort of rough Scooby Doo type language?

We, as humans, not meant to understand the male Tigers, so any resemblance to actual words is purely coincidental.  Their female counterparts, however, have no trouble understanding them.  Maybe I should run a little contest titled “What’s Roh saying?” and see what people come up with.  ^__^

As for Roh and Aika’s relationship, I’m really glad you like it.  I felt these two were another woefully neglected duo and they needed some screen time together.  If my plans stick, then you can look for more of these two down the road.

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