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I like the design of this new Dragon.  Is she a Water Dragon?

I guess I can tell without spoiling anything.  Briella’s a Light Dragon.  You’ll see just how she’s been helping Lady Red soon.  ~__^

I guess the blue color threw them off.

Well, there’s a little bit of color overlap between Light and Water Dragons.  Once we get some more Water Dragons in there, we’ll start to see a few patterns emerge.

Excellent observation, Silent.Kiai!  With Dragon types, it’s more than just skin color.  While there’s no set “formula,” once you get used to seeing them, you can pick out Dragons based on their design “flavor.”  Light Dragons have a “cooler” color scheme, whereas the Water Dragons have a “warmer” one.

Heh…a heterochromatic dragon. And she’s a light dragon. The two naturally go hand in hand. Then again I like just about any thing like that. Hell of a hard time trying to find a natural picture of them though.  ANYWAYS, on topic. I spy with my little eye a scythe wielding tigress! Are scythes common weapons for the tigers? I just wondered cause before Fuega…it is Fuega right?…Anyways, before she got mauled, which you should still feel awful about, I saw that they stuck her with a replica scythe…though I think that one could be classified as a sickle, not a scythe…

The scythe/sickle is not necessarily the Tigers’ favorite weapon–though it could very well be–but it is a personal favorite of mine.  I like the way they serve a number of secondary functions, both in and out of battle.

Oh, and the name’s “Fuegana.”  ^__^

So, if this is CSI:Draconia, does this make Lady Red Horatio or Gibbs?

Ah, a fellow scyther then!…Heh, pokemon reference and I didn’t even mean it. Anyways…Yeah, I had a feeling that I got the name wrong. I really am no good at names….This got me wondering…what IS your favorite pokemon? o.o? Random question, I know, but…it happens. Heh ^_^;

My favorite Pokémon are Eevee’s various evolved forms.  In particular, I always thought Vaporeon looks so awesome.  Back in the days when Eevee only had three evolved forms, I would play the game and kick considerable amounts of ass with each of Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon.

Heh, my favorite out of the Eeveelutions has to be Flareon. It’s so fluffy~…*ahem*…yeah…Top three favorite is Ninetails, Arcanine, and Flareon…which all happen to be fire types…hm…Never noticed that before.

and razor fox and the first time I write but my question as well: the two dragons at the scene of a red smoke one is talking in another scene as the other was about killing the little fuegana now, ared should not be asking for this dragon tambeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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