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Comic 333

Comic 333 published on 102 Comments on Comic 333

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So, try as she might, it looks like Kess just can’t avoid crossing paths with her sister Kilani.  Can the so-called traitor hold her breath long enough for the group to pass?  Stay tuned…

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Undertow” by R.E.M.

This week, I’m set to make my triumphant re-return to Baltimore as I hit Otakon 2013, my tenth overall Otakon appearance!  Look for me in the Artist Alley at table BB03, at the far back wall of the Artist Alley if you’re coming in from the Otterbein lobby, or by hanging a hard left as soon as you come in the doors from the Pratt Street lobby.  Either way, just look for the Draconia Chronicles banner featuring Kess and the “Blue Ram” Lady Chiara.  Commission drawings, prints, and posters will be available, though I’m just happy to say hi to my fellow Draconiacs!  So if you’re a fan attending Otakon this coming weekend, you’re always welcome at my table!

On a related note, due to the convention, there will be no comic next week.  The comic will return on Monday, August 19.

And speaking of updates, like I reported last week, my real-life “day” job has me on a new schedule.  Whereas I used to work weekdays, I now work nights, Tuesday through Saturday, thus throwing the comic’s production schedule for a loop.  Those of you who followed the comic closely–like REALLY closely–know that, while I advertise the update as happening on Monday, it actually happens late Sunday night here in the Eastern United States where I am.  Well, I’m happy to say that the update day will continue to be Monday, at least in the Western Hemisphere, but now it’ll just happen on Monday nights.  Still Monday, mind you, but much later in the day.

So, if you’re a weekly follower, and your routine has you checking either Sunday nights or Monday mornings, I’m sorry you won’t get your new-comic fix at that time, but if you check back later in the day and I’m not attending a convention, then you’ll find a new comic Monday night.  Bank on it!

Anyway, it’s time to get ready for Otakon.  I hope to see at least a few of you this weekend in Baltimore, and for the rest of you, hang in there and I’ll be back in two weeks.  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



UPDATE:  Due to various factors, the new page has been postponed.  Watch my Twitter feed or the Draconia Chronicles Facebook page for info on updates.  Thanks for your patience.


Nice dodge on Kilani’s part. She’s trying to get away from the others but it seem the others are making that harder said than done, especially if her body now has limits because of Sombrana’s attack. Hope they, especially Kilani (she need it), do well in the future.

Wow she leave in the opposite direction and they still end up near her. Are the tiger bad luck or is Kilani a natural tiger attract-er?

just out of curiosity, how would dragons and tigers react to humans?

Both being mammals, Tigers would probably react with a bit of curiosity at this hairless ape. As long as you don’t come across as being dangerous or delicious, then they might just ignore you. Dragons might see a sapient mammal as being a Tiger sympathizer, so they might not go as easy on humans.

But relax, there’s no threat of humans ever showing up in the Draconiaverse. ^__^

I think that there SHOULD be humans, but only referred to as myths. A parody of our mentality on dragons.

Fate is a funny thing isnt it. Kilanni tried to get away but instead she ended up closer than ever before to the group. I hope Kilanni revel her self. And maybe stand up to kess about a certain subject if it comes up.

By goodness gracious! Is it just me or do the tigers and dragons really have some messed up perception of their opposite races? Seriously, Briella looks like some kind of dragoon/lizard hybrid now XD

wow, so much tension right now, the current troop of tigress’ marching by, hoping to find some allies to help in their plight. meanwhile, not even 5 feet away, the castaway tigress hides in the river, hoping not to run into her old troop and cause even more arguments. me, personally, i hope they just walk by her and move on, but knowing how this story has gone on before, i’m betting she’ll be found out by the twins.

I can quite understand the scheduling problems, seeing recently how some KatBox and non-KatBox comics have their schedules thrown out of whack. Perhaps the consolation here is that I might find some time writing some fan fiction in the two weeks’ interval and post it on the KB forums. The only hint I can give about the story is that it will NOT feature torn jugular veins. >.>;

I just hope Kilani won´t hold her breath long enough and stop Kess before she goes on another killing spree only to be captured by the dragons again. Besides if i was Kilani i would rather be a “traitor” from her sister point of view than an insane killing machine like Kess. There is no excuse to kill an unborn child in cold blood and that is not an attitude of a warrior but an attitude of a monster. And although Kess said that one must respect the living people in other to avenge the death ones, i won´t belive in any word of what she said unless she puts action to those words.

I believe that this may best summarize her hopes upon this: “To be at center is to be at best, hold that breath and it will be the least of your worries.” granted I doubt Kess will once again be happy to see her sister. Granted she’s so bull headed, not to mention things just got heftier for Kilani~, she’s been recognized by scent! Likely the twins may find her.

Oh com on now. Holding you’re breath underwater to try and avoid her? Isn’t this a bit childish?

Razorfox, are you all right? I noticed the comic hadn’t updated, and you hadn’t posted in the comments or updated the description in a few days. Is everything okay?

He did said he was going to Otakon this past weeked (actually is in the description of this comic) so this pages wasnt going to be a comic page, plus they change his hours of works so he did have to change a bit this strategy while doing pages.

Thanks for your concern, but Hiorou’s right. Sorry I didn’t put out any other reminders, but the blog beneath the comic does clearly state that I’d be taking the week off. I’m already working on the next page. Since I was away from a real computer, I didn’t really have a chance to add any other comments. But I’ll be back next Monday. ^__^

€: (in a diving suit) “(Geeez, does she EVER shut up? With the way things are going, this war will only get worse and worse! I just hope that something better show her the error of her ways… ( gets a mischevious look on his face while the whites of €’s eyes glow a firey orange and his irises glow green) Or else… (giggly) SOME-body better STOP me!!!)”

I thought Tina’s Kitten-Sense would be kicking in about now. 🙁

well i guess the “payment” wasn’t so bad (even if it meant one extra kiss from both of them XD) hopefully that’s over n done with i thought there would be more to it but this is cool, heh heh tho Kimi is still kinda jealous type girl not to be messed with,
btw does Kimi still possess the Nekocat power within her? cause those glowing eyes were the ones she had when she went ultimate form

Nope – look at the twins eyes in the previous comic.

I was afraid people would be confused by that, why I told him not to use the softer glow on the twins one… ah well.

OK, now I’m confused.

Are you saying that Kimi’s eyes were showing leftover effect from her having been a guardian, or are you saying that everyone’s eyes were glowing just as a sfx to show emotion?

I will leave it that the twins eye effects were done to show gleaming earnest desire or something silly. Like a anime eye twinkle, the effect isn’t as nice unanimated, but nothing we could do about that. Kimi… well I’ll leave that open to interpretation. ;3

Wait how come he was saying “thanks” a third time?


Are you saying that someone is about to be given the third degree?

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