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I bet it was tough for Ghislain to-not again! (the monitor reads :sin found-lust)
I feel sorry for Gaia, but regrettably, she’s not blameless. |(

Your monitor is quite chatty isn’t it.

Sure is. (€;-_-)

Does the monitor know how dangerous dragons are?

Sure is. (€;-_-)

Does the monitor know how dangerous dragons are?

Well yes and no.

Well here one thing in needs to think about. The wires inside it are made out of purified earth when think about it, and it’s talking about an earth dragon. Does it see were I’m going with this?

The first panel is just like Jeremy’s little sister on Phineas and Ferb. Somebody wants to be her brother’s favorite girl. Of course, Art’s sister is afraid of losing her only companion, so she has more reason to be protective.
Side note (potential spoilers, but I’ll try to be vague): I really feel bad for what happens to her. She gets trapped in a lose-lose situation that ends in inevitable heartbreak. I hope we see more of her this time around. I’d like to see what she does after the tragedy; how she manages to move past it. I mean, maybe that’s supposed to be the end of her short story, and I get that, but it seems so cold just to never return to that storyline.
I don’t know. I could really empathize with her character, you know? Not that I’m saying that it’s a good thing, but it’s understandable given her backstory. I hope I wouldn’t leave her there crying, even with what she did. I’m sure it’s natural to feel betrayal, but I hope that I would relate to her, reason with her, console her…

the Chief seems to be making other plans. Plans that might not rely so heavily on Jasmine.

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