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(I start brawling with my psychic powers.)

War isn’t a game.

it is however, an opportunity to obtain slightly used boots and jewellery.

Do we have a looter in here?

wow, why am I not surprised with this?
I can’t say that they din’t see this coming.

where they will end up is very obvious

That they started the journey by accident wasn’t so obvious (I expected it to be during the first use at the convention).

The true surprise is the teleporter went with them. This means Clair will have the chance (or at least the desire) to reverse the situation.

She is futuriStic she is teleporting back to sesame and kibbles

wait a sec, why does the little bot call her sir?? Claire is obviously female

Its probably out of respect just like in the military they will call sir to a higher ranking female

Could be a Charlie Brown joke, copying Marcie’s catchfrase, calling Peppermint Pattie “Sir”

panel 3, she is stepping on the skid board with her right foot. Panel 4, it is her left foot she lost her balance with.

Small mistake.

No no! You can fall like that mabey her foot stayed on the skid board but she slipped lifting her left! Think of the possabilities before you point things out

I agree. Having broken my foot, I know that’s how it would happen. (Complimenting Darkfox) When she would step on the board, her foot would want to push her forward by pushing behind her, like a bull ready to charge. That would cause the wheels to go and the board to slip behind her with the foot attached. The opposing leg would then raise in order to try to balance the body. Which works if you aren’t on wheels.

anyone want to take bets where she will end up

its kinda obvious but ill take that bet anyway

well then where do you think she will end up

I like how everyone’s stating “it’s obvious where she’ll end up” without actually stating where she’ll end up, though it is obvious, she’s gonna get teleported INTO THE GAME

tanks: Sherman, Tiger, T-34/IS? last one is the hardest to tell.

it’s probably an IS-2

turret is a but small and the front looks a but flat for an IS-2. t34-85 maybe? just a Russian tank inspired drawing?

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