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(attempts to run to her aid but gets halted by Circuitae.)


*me* (realizing it’s hopeless to help Zurina.)
“Oh no, I’m just getting STARTED!”
*blasts Circuitae with an aura sphere attack at close range followed by a series of punches and kicks SMBZ style. Sending the lightning dragon crashing onto a rock.*

*Circuitae* (picking herself up.)

“Well I’m not sticking to beat you up all day!” (attempts to run, but gets rammed by Elektra, who then flies off toward Scyde.) “Ow… This is chaos… Wha-SCY-*blurk!* (Circuitae shoves me into the mud and flies off.)

Are you a tiger in this scenario?

No, I’m just me, Mister Eious, (E-yus) Human, fanboy, hero, and dimensional traveler!

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