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“Here’s mud in your eye Elektra!” (uses mud shot, but has no effect.)
“Oh yeah, a dragon and electric type.”


(uses thunderpunch but I block it and deliver a series of jabs and kicks to her body, unfortunately she counters with her tail and sends me sliding across the mud.)

“Maximum suckage.”

Huh… The main character’s kind of a jerk.

Hehe! I think I would be too, if I were mistaken for the opposite
gender, told that I wasn’t needed on a team after having my hopes built
up, fought a giant slime, had the kill stolen from me, had a broadsword
stolen from me, and then had a large metal door smashed into my face.

‘Hmph I’m having such a bad day I’m just going to destroy this stranger’s only way back home and her best friend!’
Yeah… Still kinda rings of sociopath.

Sesame was unconscious in the previous page and Claire hasn’t exactly introduced herself over a cup of tea either. Just give the comic sometime, there is a point to all of this.

I’m sure, and I’m glad claire’s here- but the way they did it, sesame seems like a jerk.
…Although dog girl just killed like three people a few pages ago and no one blinked, so maybe I’m in the wrong place.

LOL, your post reminded me of an old variety show called “Hee Haw” One recurring strip started “Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me…. ooohhh. Deep Dark depression, excessive misery…. ooohhh. If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”

Heh, it looks like a few folks need to work on their people skills! =^^=

I have to agree there. Sesame’s reaction is understandable, considering the cause. I got a kick out of it (not as much as Proto did, tho)

Clair did NOT handle it right at all.
First; she called Sesame a lady, and judging from Sesame’s earlier reactions concerning being a female warrior, “lady” could be an insult.
Second; Clair took on a condescending attitude, which is virtually guaranteed to anger anyone so addressed.
Third; Clair said her own problems were more important than Sesame’s problems (not a good idea in ANY social situation)
Last; She called Sesame’s problems stupid. No explanation needed for this mistake.

So now we have two clarifications of entries in the cast profiles:
Clair really does have little social grace (damn little)
Sesame really IS much stronger than she looks.

Looks like Proto may have its own little adventures for a while.
Sesame and Clair will need some of Kibbles’ peacemaking skills.

Well, this completes the size comparisons.

Page #12 showed (despite Dante being bent over) that dante and Kibbles seem about the same size.
Last page showed Clair is a bit larger than Kibbles, slightly.
But this page shows Sesame is definitely smaller than any of the other 3.

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