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Diego should be glad she isn’t making him wear a speedo

why did you give us that image to our heads now ill have to watch 25 music videos to get the image out the head

Gah! It’ll take more than that!

lucky for me i came up with a plan just watch a youtobe clip that has a song for 1-2 hours 3-5 times and then look at 5 deviant art pictures that (depending of the person) you like and itll not only blank it out but set a coping system in your brian to blank it out more in the future works like a charm

he has the whole “it’s a living” look on his face.

No offense, but this is kinda sexist…

A fictional character in a sexy Halloween costume is sexist? So this fun little bonus page of a webcomic is leading to the detriment and keeping women in society down? Pardon me if I say flat out…I don’t see it

She’s using the guy as a foot stool. I have no problem with the sexy costume, but honestly I think Godai’s pushing it a little bit too far with the whole “Master and Servant” theme of the pic. If she was walking him with a collar and lease, that wouldn’t be as bad. But here he’s being objectified and while the picture isn’t outright offensive by any means, this is still pushing it. Like I said, no offense to anybody who enjoys the pic.

Godai didn’t draw it

just to dispel this rumor now, godai did not have anything to do with this picture i did. Im sorry if you feel this picture is objectifying Diego but remember Aria is a dominating persona this picture is just a silly idea if she was an evil vampress and her dominating personality was taken to an extreme.

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