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Alternative suggestion: Coup-de-grace on the unconscious dragons.

Isn’t this the more obvious answer? Save yourself the time and the hurry, as well as potential future trouble, by going over to the unconscious dragons and finishing them off one by one.
Wouldn’t take very long, and would save so much hassle.

There would be no honor in that plus they are low on strength from that battle, and they may need all they strength they can get to make it back.

All the more reason they need to finish these bastards off now while it is still easy, and save the effort they would otherwise spend running… to say nothing of the effort later on when the dragons come back for them. Honour means nothing to the dead.

They were already mourning their lost comrades, and Scythe had even said that she had enough death for one day. Also take into consideration that the more dragons than tiger on the battle field if some of the other were to wake while the tigers were trying to kill the others then they could get them from behind. There is a lot to consider here.

Their choice might have made emotional sense, but it was tactically unsound from a greater perspective. A direct opportunity to rebalance the numbers in their favour with far greater ease than usual was provided… and discarded.

That said, it proves somewhat inconsequential considering where the story eventually went from here… though at this early stage, that was hardly guaranteed.

what part of “I’ve seen enough death for today” escapes you?

The part where that makes even a mote of difference.
The part where that is taken like some freakin unbreakable law.
Take your pick.

Finishing them off makes SO much more sense than leaving them. Surely emotional whimsy does not justify doing something so utterly stupid as dropping this opportunity.

Great he speaks in third person narrative.

Farron, selling useless junk, wait, maybe that pendent that he’s tring to sell to Kibbles might be good.

I doubt very much it’s even close to what he says it is, but it just so happens Kibbles may be able to identify it.

That piece of junk he doesn’t know what it is sure has Clare happy. It’s quite possibly something which fell from her pod during its latest ‘flight’.

You might want to read the cast bios. You’ll see that Kibbles is just begining to learn magic. So she most likely see that pendent as a nice piece of ‘bling’.

I have to admit, she does have the mental attitude for that.

I suspect Sesame may be the cool head right now and will ask Kibbles why she would want that piece of jewelry, then ask her to detect any magic on it.

I have no idea how she’s gonna deal with Clare’s obvious enthusiasm for what looks like junk even to us readers.

Sesame, you have my respect now. even if you completely foul up in the next 10 minutes (which is quite possible with your record), being able to let Fallon survive has earned my respect.

Your resolve is gonna be tested real soon, too… in many respects. Clare is just too happy to see that piece of junk. It will be VERY important to her.

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