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“Are you coming E?”

“No, I think we should split ways for now.”

“Hmph, so be it.” (leaves)

*me*(holds up all six pokeballs.)
“Everyone, return.” (the familiar red light zaps my Pokemon back into their pokeballs. I then walk over to Gaia’s head, pick it up, I look at it then hug it as tears flow from my eyes. I attempt to give Gaia a burial, but I receive a telepathic message to leave her corpse untouched so one of her fellow earth dragons can know what happened to her. I decide to obey the voice, I then get my magic compass from one of my magic pouches, and ask it to point to where Kilani is, it points toward the Dragon Capitol. I put my compass up and I start walking to my next destination.)

Stunts they have planned for us.

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