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i feel similarities to Dust:AET actually ^^

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this took place in the same world, but it’s probably not X3

I hope you’d give us enough faith to do an original story and not a exact plagiarism of another work of fiction. Still, it’s interesting to see the connections people are making.

That’s not what I meant, you’re story and world is totally an original thing. It’s actually an approach to a comic that I haven’t really seen before with the literal RPG implementations and how the world is actually ran around it. I only said that as a joke because the world in Dust is completely inhabited by anthropomorphic people and they use swords and such (though I don’t think magic is a common thing in that game but someone can correct me if I’m wrong. I haven’t finished it yet). As for the current situation in the comic, I only know as much as everyone else about this, so I can’t say which direction this is going in. It actually doesn’t sound all too similar to Dust. The imagery used may make some people think this, but again we know little to nothing about this so it can’t really be compared.

I’m very sorry if you felt offended.

Warning!!! it’s may contains some Spoilers!!!
Magic as in Magic, no. they have forgotten Technology/ knowledge of an ancient race. which use some kind of magic/Shamanic view of the World.[asfar as i had covered it up for my self it’s still a fantasy world^^] like the speaking sword which inhabit somekind of soul, additional to this they have technology roots like our society – Electricy and Physics, along with some mysteries from the previous “ones” ( light without fire and visible electrical circute here and there) along with these confusings crystal technology like the savepoint or some Doors. ^^

we have faith in you both, no worries, but sometimes you will see / feel a deja vue, because somuch was already done in a way or an other,

For example Avatar (James Cameron film). the first time when i had seen it , i though i’m watching a creative Spinoff of the Colonization of America in Space while my friend sayed that’s something creative and new which was never been there before ^_^’. Or like Assassins creeds is a creative rebrand of the later follow ups of the Colonial tme. 🙂

Similarities are good if they has developed on their own or not intended [hopefully i got the right words now], the feel of something Familiar gives a story sustain and sympathies when it is mixed something new or abstract ( just a personal view about stories overall etc. or other sayed my 2 cents). We could even breakdown every written story of our history to their cores and there will only the same be left then ^_^

im guessing its someone from her clan that did that and she couldn’t stop it

This reminds me a bit of Trace Legacy.

The last panel tells me two things. Sesame survived the encounter with the Dopplewrym and the group defeated the critter without her.
Now for a serious matter that detracts from my enjoyment of your story at the moment…

I read 38 webcomics each day. On one of them this past
weekend, an alert went out with a weblink to a serious threat of censorship of
webcomics. The webcomic is called “the Devil’s Panties” and those who read that
comic know Obby (the person raising this alert) does not tend to be an
alarmist, but he is very good with digital technology.

I am providing the alert and the link to every webcomic I
read and every online game I play. Since many of the webcomics and 4 of the
games I play say posting links could get the poster banned from that webcomic
or game, you can see how serious I consider the alert.

Below is the link to Obby’s alert and the link to the
company he’s alerting everyone about.

I truly hope I am wrong about the seriousness of this alert.

hmmm… the figure in the ‘dream’ is wearing the scarf/cape, yes. That figure is NOT wearing the correct weapon, though. Sesame wields a hand-and-a-half (also known as a bastard sword). The figure has a katana or maybe a scimitar.

That is also not Sesame’s posture. That figure is standing proud while surveying the devastation. Sesame has a more… humble… stance.

It has already been revealed that scarf has magical properties (flame resistant), so I suspect there is more to it. As another reader has pointed out, the holes in the scarf seem to form a rather unpleasant face. It is VERY possible this is NOT Sesame’s dream, but the scarf’s.

One problem, no scarf in the last panel.

That or it was her dream and it is possible she got a glimpse of the other figure before slashing and most likely killing the figure and removing the scarf from it…because if you look the figure is more masculine that feminen she is more feminin than she thinks… So it….dang! An knew thought that could be her father who handed her down the scarf after killing many of that people… But we won’t know until this actually comes more clear… Good thought though valkeiper2012

This sounds like a “we can’t have a puppy” speech in the making…

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