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Holiday Special 2021 Page 1

Holiday Special 2021 Page 1 published on 17 Comments on Holiday Special 2021 Page 1

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

It’s that magical time of the year where we visit the residents of Draconia Lane! Welcome to the 2021 Draconia Chronicles Holiday Special!

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!

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Interesting. Though you did say that Gaia is still alive in the Holidays timeline.

These holiday chapters are always fun, showing everything the dragons and tigers could have accomplished by now, or rather, SHOULD HAVE accomplished by now.

Dragons sure are stubborn. Winters night and they still don’t cover themselves.

I think the reason behind the clothing is how would they get the clothing over those giant wings. Also there could be the case of the clothing has a nasty side-effect on dragons like making them shed their scales more often.

Dame, you always have the best timing pairing your specials with the most anxious of cliff hangers XD.

and I know this will never happen but… imagine if the Draconia universe caught a glimpse of the Drconia lane universe. Considering some of the parings you got going on in lane, I can only imagine the level of dreed some in the main universe would feel, realizing what could have been…

Funny you should mention a cliffhanger because I assure you that was just a happy coincidence this year. I wrote the scene with Kilani and Her Majesty’s confrontation in one sitting. I’ll usually approach a new scene with a specific number of pages in mind, but for that scene, I just wrote free-form and allowed the scene to take as many pages as it needed, and when I reached a good stopping point and I proceeded to figure out the scheduling for the resulting pages, I realized that it coincided neatly with the end of November and it created the perfect jumping-off point for the holiday special. ^__^

Ohhh a big cliffhanger, DUN DUN DUN! It’s nice to see the kids from both sides sitting together after the last few pages. Out of curiosity, if the dragon kids grow up around tiger kids, will they not get sick as often from close contact?

Sandy claws is just sitting at home casually watching the draconia chronicles show from the her Multiverse TV or something .

Also what do you mean by “arc’s hypothesis”? How does that make Gaia not exist within draconia lane? Could you clarify?

Well, in accordance with Arc’s hypothesis, if someone ceases to exist in one realm (i.e. they die), then they’ll cease to exist in the other, too. If Arc’s right, there was a Gaia in the Draconia Lane realm but she too will have perished. Make sense?

I would’ve just assumed that the behind the scenes world was just like a day job kind of thing the residents of draconia lane did when not on holidays. After all they gotta pay the bills somehow. So a “game of thrones” type of show in the making made sense to me. I just assumed that they all were part of the same universe. As in draconia lane lumina exists but oscura doesn’t?

A wild idea by Arc, realizing that the other plotline exists. And while we can guess around the time frame this is happening, since Cree did lose a tooth in main story, not everything is 1:1 perhaps.
In theory, what happens to one, happens to the other, but does that count only for permanent things, like losing minor things like teeth, major injuries (presumably Riah might have a proper patch here), or death?
Don’t recall Tyree burning her mouth on anything, a temporary injury, in the other timeline, reason for the hypothesis.

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