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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So, um, yeah.  That just happened.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can pull up “Orange Crush” by R.E.M.

I’m hard at work on the 2015 Draconia Chronicles Calendar, which will go on sale real soon right here on Katbox.  It’s running a touch behind due to chunks of my time being occupied throughout the month of November by the untimely passing of a dear friend–which also curbed the number of comic pages I was able to produce in November, too–but I’m back and hauling as much ass as I can.  A good portion of the calendar is already penciled, and you can see exclusive previews on my Patreon page for a pledge of just $3 per comic page!

2015 will mark the comic’s tenth anniversary, and will revisit a dozen of the comic’s most memorable moments, storylines, and characters!  I’m looking to have them go on sale upon the release of the next comic page for the low price of just US $17.00 each, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling worldwide.

Will Saph go 2-and-0?  Will Ennek avenge her fallen comrade?  You’ll find out…

…in January!  Because it’s December now, and that means it’s time to pay a visit to the residents of Draconia Lane with the 2014 Holiday Special!  Last year, a certain starry-eyed young Dragon appeared to get a raw deal from Sandy Claws.  Will Arc return the favor?  Stay tuned as we wash down this bitter pill with a big frothy mug full of fun!

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



I keep getting here right after its posted, I’ve got a draconia sixth sense it seems.

*sigh* was going so well, see, if it was a reactionary kill, I’d understand, ennek would be upset, sure, but as one whos seen combat, she’d at least understand self defence, and the overkill of crushing would be testament to that.

Buuuuuuut then little miss fangirl had to go get creepy on us, I think it might be a bit of the bloodlust talking but still.

Also, dont think I didnt notice the pun with the song, a little too soon but good job.

The title is just a quirky coincidence, and I felt the tone of the song was good to convey the feelings of both Ennek and Saph here. And Saph does look like she’s got an ace up her sleeve. Will she cash it in? Stay tuned…

Hmmm, shame things had to go so badly, I can only imagine how distraught the rest of the tigers will be.

Time for the Sable prediction of the…week? Strip? Whatever. Going by all of this, I’m thinking Saph is going to try and continue with the bloodlust, however either from calming down a bit or seeing enneks grieving over the loss of a close friend, will snap out of it, ennek will use the chance to escape and things will be very VERY tense.

Oh, and everyones gonna blame ennek for the loss of kenzi. But thats a given.

my god. dammit. well, ennek is gonna rip saph’s head off. thats for sure. not to mention, i don’t kenzi might be dead. i mean, were not seeing any blood or anything, although i do think that would be a bit too brutal/graphic.

however make no mistake. ennek’s not gonna look for piece after this. not to mention that saph just singlehandedly tarnished the peaceful autonomy of the earth dragons. so now tigers will definitely consider them an enemy.

dammit saph, why did you have to screw up so badly. shit. well once again, kilani is the only one who wants peace. however, i can’t help but think that saphs death might be considered a good thing. ennek would be off the hook, and eone can scold the living shit out of red for forcing her dragons to battle in the war. either way, this is not good. shit.

to be honest, I’d beleive she’d survive if not for the fact thats a) solid rock and b) theres like, no gap between those two stones. Not to mention the fact she was at an angle mid-flight at the time, meaning theres crossed limbs that will get crushed.

Sherman’s, m12’s, and pretty much every other American armored vehicle of WWII were meat on the table for Tigers, Panthers, and their many variants. The Sherman tank was a deathtrap, and was referred to as the one shot lighter by troops on both sides, as it went up in flames every time it was hit. It was a piss poor design, that did nothing but get it’s crews killed. At ranges of up to 3,000 meters, a shell from the Tiger, or Panther tank’s high velocity 88mm, or 75mm guns could easily pen the Sherman’s thin frontal armor, the five inch steel drive shaft behind it, the unlucky driver behind that, take half the commander out the ass end, and bury itself so deep into the ground that it could not be found, whereas a low velocity shell from the Sherman’s short barreled anti-infantry guns couldn’t even pen the side or rear armor of a Tiger, even at point blank ranges of under 300 meters. This video should give an excellent idea of just how badly outclassed American AFV’s were during the Second World War.

Getting way off topic, but panthers and tigers were not common on the western front, most were sent into Russia, and the ones that weren’t had a very bad time due to Allied air superiority. We faced a lot of STuGIIIs, IVs, Panzer IV’s and the like, which were another matter entirely. Also the later Sherman 76’s were more than capable of killing a Tiger from the front or side.

Yeah, you definitely didn’t watch the video. Pretty sure the opinion of veterans who were actually there to face them in combat trumps yours armchair general theories. 76mm Sherman’s could indeed pen a Tigers front armor, well within range of the Tigers gun that is. Allied “air superiority” was a myth, as both the Germans and Japanese had plentiful amounts of aircraft to cover their ground troops. Not just old BF-109’s, and Zero’s either, but Planes that were in every way the equal of the best Allied fighters, like the Corsair, Tempest, and LA-7. These included (but were not limited to) the German FW-190, DO-335, ME-262, and Japanese KI-84, N1K-J, and KI-100. You can’t have true “air superiority” unless you’ve completely eliminated the presence of enemy aircraft. We may have had lower quantities of experienced pilots than the ALL LIES, but even towards the end of the shooting, we had a sizable number of aces Like Adolf Galland, Erich Hartmann, Hans Rudel, Saburo Sakai, Minorou Genda, and Yohei Hinoki. That said, I would go jumping up and down about “air superiority” during WWII, as air to ground rockets used by fighters were extremely inaccurate, and prone to flying off target. Despite the ridiculous notion that German tanks were somehow more “visible” to roving fighters, the fact of the matter is that overall, the Tiger, Panther, Sherman, and T-34 were more or less similar in size. For a fast moving fighter, it’s not as easy as it sounds to tell the difference between them. This was a problem encountered by both Axis, and ALL LIED forces, and was so problematic, that identifying smoke had to be used to distinguish friend from foe. Even then however, there were plenty of incidents where fighters attacked their own AFV’s. The heavy bomber raids over Germany and Japan, contrary to popular myth, actually INCREASED Axis war production, as we had more and more motivation to produce war material. Not to mention the fact that while above ground factories were destroyed, it didn’t matter, as production facilities simply moved underground, where they were impervious to All Lied air attacks. Despite being at a manpower shortage, to the bitter end we still had plenty of war machines to fight off the ALL LIES. Problem was finding crews to man them. Also, I wasn’t the first one to go off topic. That honor goes to bostonianful, so don’t lecture me. 😉 If after reading this you still think I’m trying to blow smoke up your ass, these links should put those accusations to rest.,%20N1K1.htm Sorry for the heavy post, (not really) but schooling the endless horde of ALL LIED powers fanboy’s, is like a fucking siren call to me. Off topic or not, you invited this. If you choose to respond to this post, beware that this isn’t even the tip of the ice burg. I have MUCH more ammo where this came from. Oh, and if you happen to chance across this razor, that face. Just that face. THAT. FUCKING. FACE. XD, deserves to be it’s own meme. I implore you lord Razor, MAKE IT SO. :3

well, I also have read plenty of reports as a study of WW2. My studies support what panzer88 says for the most part.

bostonainful seems to have gotten HIS information from World of Tanks… not exactly the most reliable or most unbiased of sources (unless you prefer the soviet version of ‘unbiased’).

im sorry, i didn’t know this was the ”world of tanks” website. i thought this was draconia chronicles, where people could make a comments, humorous remarks without some tank obsessed jerk overreacting to a simple comment. ill go take my leave now..

oh i have more than enough room to criticize. if you want to keep trolling go right ahead. just know that you’ll be dealing with 10 or more people like me. either that or razorfox will eventually tell you stop, sense you have such a fondness of taking your knowledge of tanks, way too seriously and literally.

and who the heck are you to say that its an obsession? is it an obsession to like the comic and actually care about what characters are lost in it. if so, then im not the only thats ”obsessed.”

Projective psychology at it’s finest. Falsely accuse me of trolling, to shift attention away from your own trolling comments. Nice try “buddy.” Won’t work on me though. You certainly don’t have “room to criticize.” Also, I haven’t said anything about tanks for at least a dozen responses now. Yet in EVERY response you make to me, your the one to bring them up. Now look who’s obsessed with them. :3 Oh irony. XD Again, for, well Shit, I don’t even know how many times I’ve already told you at this point, but I’ll say it once more. I. WASN’T. THE. FIRST. ONE. TO. TAKE. YOUR. JOKE. LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That honor is yours alone, for questioning (in broad detail) my simple “ping bounced off” response, to your simple “go get blown up by a Sherman” joke. “who the heck are you to say that it’s an obsession?” I could easily ask you the same thing about my interest in tanks. Ok, fine. We’re both a little “obsessed.” Happy now?

Air superiority =/= air dominance, and by the time of the push through France and into Germany, Allied S&D flights were able to operate mostly with impunity, except during poor weather (of which there was a lot)
And I wasn’t speaking of the 17pdr Sherman Firefly, which was a tremendously effectively gun, mind, but the American Sherman 76 which could still be quite effective vs heavy armor with HVAP which could penetrate a Tiger’s front hull at 1000m and was easily more accurate than the 17pdr. There’s no discounting the tremendous power and range of the German 88, and if it hit a Sherman, it would probably be put out of action immediately, but with better mobility, (And their tremendous height for their tonnage, generally a disadvantage, but a boon for seeing the enemy before he sees you) they were able to dictate the engagement and generally negate the range advantage, once it was understood how to fight (or avoid) them. Nothing too valid on a strategic standpoint though, most Tigers taken out were from the air or mechanical failure or abandoned when they ran out of fuel, not tank duels. Shermans weren’t even meant to fight other tanks. That’s what the Wolverines and Hellcats were for.
Germany expended the majority of its might and best armor against the Russians, PzIVs and STuGs were perfectly adequate for fighting the less-scary Allied tanks.

You just went full retard. -_- NEVER GO FULL RETARD. “Air dominance” = NO ENEMY AIRCRAFT PRESENT. FACT. “American 76mm more accurate than 17 pounder” LOL WUT. XD Maybe if the Brits were firing the notoriously inaccurate Sabot rounds, but otherwise not hardly. The American 76 of the Sherman was woefully inferior in power to both the 17 pounder, and the Russian 122mm of the Stalin tank. “American Sherman with HVAP could penetrate a Tiger’s front hull at 1000m” Now I’ve heard it all. *snickers* German testing proved that the far more powerful 122mm couldn’t even penetrate the Panther medium tank’s lower front armor at ranges over 500 meters. Claiming that the Merican 76 could do it at 1000m, is highly optimistic at best, and an outright lie at worst. Sherman’s off road mobility was horrendous. Sure it was much lighter than the Tiger, but it’s narrow tracks gave it piss poor ground pressure compared to the Tigers wide tracks, meaning that on roads it may have had decent mobility, but off road it was crap. Weight isn’t what determines a tanks mobility, ground pressure is. There was one instance during the Battle Of The Buldge, where Sherman’s were all but immobilized in mud and slush, while advancing King Tigers simply rolled over it as if it wasn’t even there. The road speed of the Tiger and Panther was equal to the Sherman and T-34. All were between 20, and 30mph. As I’ve already said before (which apparently you’ve ignored) the dimensions of a Tiger, Sherman, and T-34 were all roughly EQUAL. Tiger was at no “height disadvantage” as you claim. Allied “air superiority” had little effect on Tiger, and Panther battalions. Sorry, but the Tank destroyer doctrine has proven to be utterly disastrous in practice. There was no guarantee that they would always be by the Sherman’s side, leaving Sherman’s meat on the table for anything actually designed to fight wars. Even when they were, the best guns they had were no better than the underpowered American 76mm which has you jumping up an down, despite it’s mediocre performance. As was stated in the documentary made by people who actually had to fight with, and clean out the tattered flesh spattered all over the Sherman’s insides after an encounter with a real tank, they were the right tanks, for the wrong war. Ever wonder why modern main battle tanks are all modern day Tigers and Panthers, and tank “destroyers” are all but non existent? Simple. The tank destroyer doctrine was an extremely flawed concept, that rarely (if ever) worked in practice. Much like the theory of Mitchell camp, that “the bomber will always get through” even without escort. Enemy fighters say otherwise. 😉 As for Allied numerical superiority offsetting German quality, no, just no. The Tiger 1 carried 92 main gun rounds, the Tiger 2 carried 86, and the Panther 79. That’s how many Sherman’s and T-34’s German tanks could potentially destroy in a battle. Not possible you say? well, if Israhelli claims are to be taken as truth, (a term I use very loosely in their case) they managed to destroy over 100 Syrian tanks in a single battle with just two Centurions. If a third rate army like the IDF, who can’t do anything without American and British aid, even against Palestinian Children armed with nothing but rocks can accomplish such a feat, there is no reason why a top tier fighting force like the Wehrmacht, and Waffen SS can’t do the same, or better. You clearly haven’t watched the documentary, nor have you read the links which all prove you wrong, as you have done nothing but parrot the same argument that you started with. Either come back with impartial evidence (that isn’t obtained from playing WOT or COD) to back up your claims, or don’t waste any more of my time. ^_^

buddy, its my idea of humor. some people find it funny, others don’t. you however have taken it out of proportion and used it as an excuse to splatter your knowledge of tanks all over the draconia chronicles page. again, it ain’t my fault you taken this so literally,

Obviously it was your “idea of humor.” If not, then what was the point? Might as well have been spam. I don’t use “excuses” either. Only immature cretins who refuse to accept reality make “excuses.” I didn’t take this anymore “literally” than you did a few pages back, when you made the same stupid joke, and I simply responded “bounced off.” You were the first one to question the details of my response, and I simply obliged you with an explanation. Now you are hypocritically accusing me of “taking things literally” not so long after doing the same thing yourself. Nice attempt at projective psychology on your part. Even if it ultimately backfired. XD

well im sorry. i wasn’t aware it failed. heck i thought it worked. you didn’t seem so serious the last time. but like i said, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. in your case it didn’t. but still, it doesn’t mean you need to take it so seriously. next time, just reply saying ”dude, its not funny, you can stop now”. is that really so hard?

and yeah, you are taking it literally, sense you believe that you need to prove everyone wrong. seriously, you debate with all these people, just because their ideals and knowledge of tanks is flawed. you could’ve just said ”you know what, i don’t want to flood this comment box with off topic stuff. lets just enjoy the comic”. you could’ve just said that, but oh no, you just have to prove everyone wrong right, and flood the whole comment box with needless facts and videos about tanks.

me and many others take this comic literally, because it has an interesting story and interesting characters. no one would be here otherwise. so its understandable when ever most of us take this literally or seriously. you however have taken your ideals of ”tanks” way out of proportion and splattered it all over the comment section. just to prove your right.

to this, i say, shame on you sir!

(and yes, this is a another witty attempt at humor) lol.

Keep in mind that YOU were the first one to “take things literally” when you questioned (in much detail) my “ping bounced off” response to the first time you made that joke. Your just as bad. Actually you might be worse, as when I get worked up it’s over things that ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and not FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. You’ve just admitted your “obsession” by stating that “I take this comic literally.” Tanks (see, I can make lame jokes too) for proving me right yet again. ^_^

Panzer88 has been banned. Looking over all this, he seems to be the source of the trouble. His account is blocked and his comments should disappear, effective retroactively. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your patience.

Next time this happens, don’t go egging on a troll. It’s not worth it. Just leave it. Thanks. ^__^

yeah razorfox. if anything i should apologize for this. none of this would’ve ever happened if i didn’t post that joke in the first place. i just didn’t know he would take it so seriously, ya know. i can’t help but feel blame for what has happened. i didn’t know he was being a troll for the most part. its hard to tell sometimes. but next time ill be more careful. when im positive that someone is just being a troll, i won’t respond to them and ill leave it up to you to make sure he/she doesn’t cause much trouble. again, razorfox i am really sorry for all of this.

and as i said in my previous apology comment, i would no longer respond to anymore of his comments for your sake, and i didn’t.

but that last comment he posted. that was just beyond trolling. not only was he putting pride before everything else. he was literally taunting you and asking you to block him. i don’t know what kind of human being does that.

but again, if anyone should apologize its me, so im sorry once again and ill be more careful next time. thanks for understanding. im looking forward to the next page and the new calendar that’s coming.

I don’t know what to say if you can’t understand the difference between air superiority and air dominance, and how it applied to the movement of troops, supplies, and armor for the Wehrmacht. Also you need to take History Channel documentaries with the required several metric units of salt.

The accuracy advantage (and slight power disadvantage) of the 76mm gun vs the 17pdr is also well documented, and nice bait-and-switch there, throwing in the Panther (with its superior sloped front armor) when I was talking about the Tiger. Frontal Hull armor: 100mm. 76mm M1 Penetration at 1000m (30 degree angle) with HVAP: 127mm
Yes I agree that the tank destroyer tactics did not work well in practice, and the Sherman’s high ground pressure was a liability (until they installed ducksbill track extensions) but it was also extremely economical, easy to repair, easy to keep running, and fielded in very large numbers. Germany’s over-investment in super-weapons of the sort you seem to worship were devastating on the local scene, but a waste of time and resources strategically, as there were never enough of them to make a difference, especially since most were already squandered playing with the Russians. Should have stuck with PzIVs and really quite excellent Panthers and the extremely easy to produce STuGIII’s and IV’s, but at that point you were running out of good tank crews and were totally out of Tungsten for good AP shells..

I understand the difference just fine. Air superiority= no enemy aircraft over the immediate battlefield, Air dominance = no enemy aircraft period. Whether you understand the difference or not, is another story entirely. I don’t subscribe to the “history” channel in the first place. However, I know honesty when I see it. The old vet in the video was there. You weren’t. Simple as that. This is the first time I’ve heard ANYONE make the ridiculous claim that the American 76mm, was “more accurate and power” than the 17 pounder. Sorry, but that’s blatantly false. “Panther had superior frontal armor” FAIL. The armor on the Tiger 1 was thicker. and of FAR higher quality, which more than offset the fact that it wasn’t sloped. In fact, the electro welded interlocking nickel steel plate use on the Tiger 1 was BY FAR the highest quality steel armor fitted to ANY AFV during the war. Those duckbill extensions were great, when they worked. They had a tendency to break off in practice. They were only ever intended as a stopgap solution, to fix the lemon that was the Sherman. As for reliability, the Tiger and Panther may have a rough start, but these were simple teething problems, that are encountered in ANY new design, tank or otherwise. The King Tiger, despite being (falsely) stereotyped as “unreliable” was just as reliable as any allied tank by the end of the fighting, and was actually MORE reliable by the end of the conflict than the American Pershing, who’s reliability problems were so bad, that they still persisted into the Korean conflict, to the point where it was simply decided to replace it with a completely new design, which was the M-46. I wouldn’t exactly agree with the claim that it was “economical” to sacrifice 100 men to kill five, (both the Tiger 1 and Sherman had five man crews) as the kill to loss ratio was 20/1 on average. German tanks were better if for no other reason, that they protected their crews. A tank can easily be replaced. A good tank crew tanks months, if not years, to train and gain combat experience. For this reason, even by the end of the fighting, German tank crews, despite being fewer in number were FAR superior to their American counterparts, as a result of having machines that kept them ALIVE enabling them to gain valuable combat experience. American patriotards such as yourself, don’t seem to realize that relatively small nations like Germany and Japan, simply don’t have the manpower or resources to compete in a numbers game with large countries like Russia and America. Quality over quantity (making the best of available resources) is not only the better option, but the ONLY option for successfully competing with larger opponents. Also, we weren’t out of Tungsten shells. We were running low, but we still had plenty available to work with. All you’ve been able to do so far, is keep repeating commonly accepted WWII “knowledge” and popular myth, which has been written by the victors, in order to make it seem like they were “holy crusaders who could do no wrong, fighting a righteous war against those evil Nazis, and warmongering Japs” and were the only competent ones when it came to warfare, and weapons design. These incredibly egoistic theories been thoroughly debunked many times over, by people who were actually there, and know what they are talking about.

There were two main mechanical reasons for the initial unreliability of the Tiger II: leaking seals and gaskets, and the overburdened drivetrain, which was originally intended for a lighter vehicle. The double radius steering gear was initially particularly prone to failure. Lack of crew training could amplify this problem; drivers originally given only limited training on other tanks were often sent directly to operational units already on their way to the front.

The Schwere Heeres Panzer Abteilung 501 (s.H.Pz.Abt. 501) arrived on the Eastern Front with only eight out of 45 tanks operational, these faults were mostly due to drivetrain failures. The first five Tiger IIs delivered to the Panzer Lehr Division broke down before they could be used in combat, and were destroyed to prevent capture.

These reliability issues were largely solved over time with the continuous introduction of modified seals, gaskets and drive train components, as well as improved driver training and sufficient maintenance. Statistics from 15 December 1944 show improved reliability: 72 percent of Panzer IVs, 80 percent of Tiger IIs and 61 percent of Panthers were operational by this period. Any remaining reliability issues were mostly due to the lack of lubricants and spare parts suffered by German forces at this point.

Overall, the Tiger II was a formidable tank in spite of its problems. Its 8.8 cm armament could destroy any of the Allied armored fighting vehicles in service during the war far outside the effective ranges of their guns. Also, notwithstanding its initial reliability problems, the Tiger II was remarkably agile for such a heavy vehicle. Contemporary German records and testing results indicate that its tactical mobility was as good as or better than most German or Allied tanks. The heavy armor and powerful long-range gun gave the Tiger II an advantage against all opposing Western Allied and Soviet tanks attempting to engage it from head on. This was especially true on the Western Front, where, until the arrival of the few M26 Pershings in 1945, neither the British nor US forces had brought heavy tanks into service. A Wa Pruef 1 report of October 1944, estimated that – when angled at 30 degrees – the Tiger Ausf B frontal aspect was impervious to even the 122 mm D-25T, the heaviest although not the best penetrating tank gun on the Allied side. On the other hand a R.A.C 3.d. document of February 1945 estimated that the British QF 17-pounder (76.2 mm) gun using armor-piercing discarding sabot shot was theoretically capable of penetrating the front of the Tiger II’s turret and nose (lower front hull) at 1,100 and 1,200 yd (1,000 and 1,100 m) respectively although given the lack of a stated angle this is presumably at the ideal 0 degrees.[49] The American 90 mm M3 L/52, mounted on the Pershing and the M36 GMC, with HVAP should be capable of penetrating the Tiger II’s turret from over 1000 yards even at 30 degrees.[50] As a result of its thick frontal armor, flanking maneuvers were most often used against the Tiger II to attempt a shot at the thinner side and rear armor, giving a tactical advantage to the Tiger II in most engagements.[51] Moreover, the main armament of the Tiger II was capable of knocking out any Allied tank frontally at ranges exceeding 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi), beyond the effective range of Allied tank guns.[35]

Someone on FA already has! As for the other stuff, you and your friends are getting way off-topic here. Unless you can directly relate this to “Draconia Chronicles,” then I ask you to take this off-site and carry on your discussion about military superiority elsewhere. Learning about Sherman tanks is fun, I’m sure, but as they don’t exist in the Draconiaverse, it’s largely irrelevant here.

Don’t make me blow the dust off the banhammer. I pride myself on using it very sparingly, as my fellow Draconiacs have awesome conversations here. But if they get mean and off-topic, I won’t hesitate to sic Saph on you. Thanks! ^__^

FA? Sorry about our flame war Razor, but I have no idea how to “take it somewhere else” with Disqus. They aren’t my friends either. Well, except maybe Valkeiper2012. I would GLADLY take this elsewhere, but whenever I respond to comment, the damn thing keeps popping up on your page. If I could get the comments to show up on my page only, I would’ve done it LONG before it got to this point. Off topic, I wish you really could sic Saph on me. Dat face is such a turn on. :3

I consider all of us friends here, as I hope we’re all here to enjoy the comic and talk about it. By taking it elsewhere, I mean that you continue your off-topic and heated discussion anywhere else other than here. I don’t particularly care where that may be, but consider this a final warning for you and for anyone else who’s stoking the flames.

Thanks again! ^__^;

I don’t back up my claims with video games. They aren’t in any way an accurate representation of real life. That said, this is kind of a dead issue now. Me and bostonianful are slugging it out over the comic now. I wouldn’t have gone into so much detail, if it weren’t for the fact that the first time he made that joke, he questioned the specifics of my response. I provided him with a detailed explanation at the time out of courtesy. I went into detail this time as well, based off my previous experience. Haven’t played world of tanks, world of warships, or war thunder. My knowledge comes from extensive personal study, as it’s a field of interest to me. It also comes from WWII veterans (both Axis and Allied) personal statements. I have played Birds of steel though. Pretty sure war thunder was based on that game. It’s fun, but I wouldn’t consider it to be the most realistic, considering that even the most heavily armored planes fly apart like tissue paper at even the slightest damage from light machine guns. I like Ace combat also, but I have to laugh at the fact that even BATTLESHIPS can be sunk by light auto cannon fire. XD For the most part though, I’m a mecha gamer, with the Armored Core series being my fave. :3 What about you? what are your favorite gaming genres?

I’m a fan of vehicular combat games as well as fps’s. RPG’s are also fun, but I haven’t played any in a while. Pokemon also has a little niche in my heart and I’m playing my Sapphire version again. I wouldn’t knock out War Thunder outright if I was you. they have their own database full of information on the vehicles that they’re constantly updating and its fairly intimate on the details about each variant.

Don’t get me wrong, War Thunder is a great game from what I have seen, and I know they have a lot of good historical info on many different types of aircraft and their variants. That said, the gameplay itself is what I wouldn’t base their historical performance on. Just because an aircraft performs good or bad in a game, doesn’t mean it will do so in real life as well. Same goes for World of Warships, and World of Tanks. When I was a kid all I had was a Gameboy Color, so all I really had to play was the 19XX series games, R-Type, Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M., Star Wars, Pokemon, and Mario. Armorines was definitely my fave back then. Does bug hunts. :3

not the point. i don’t see how everyone is just joking around about this when one of draconia’s most lovable and cherished characters was just…..well…… saw what happened. its sick to see so many people treat this as a joke. and you, sherman, m12, anti tank mine, vickers-based T-62, T-34, whatever. just go get blown up by something. or try to invade russia again and get your but frozed off.

Actually, Stalin was planning to invade us first. Hitler just beat him to the punch. 😉 Here’s a documentary describing the details. Who the fuck is joking around? Not me. Yeah it sucks that she went out that way, but after just ruining a potential peace treaty to end a war that’s been going on for centuries, I can’t say that I feel sorry for her. Also, Lovable? Seriously!?! I thought she was annoying as fuck. It’s nothing short of a miracle that Ennek wasn’t the one to bring an end to her mortal coil after being hazed like that. That’s Karma for you. It’s always the assholes who die miserably. Compared to this though, She went out peacefully.

Panzer, you really need to stop picking fights on the internet. As a native of the country responsible for one of the most horrific atrocities ever perpetrated in the modern world, you are asking to get smacked down very hard.

Let’s put aside the strife and focus on making this comment section a constructive and fun place once more, shall we? I suppose you’ll be the one to try and “smack me down” NIGGA PLEASE. XD I’ll knock you down a peg, and peg you down a notch. The “Holocaust”, (Holohoax) “Rape of Nanking”, and Bataan “Death march” are all complete fabrications, that simply don’t hold up under any kind of serious scrutiny. Don’t believe me? Here’s more than enough proof to put those obnoxious, hateful, anti-German, and anti-Japanese conspiracy theories to rest. On the other hand, the American, British, and Russian ALL LIES, committed PLENTY of war crimes against our people as evidenced by these.

What makes Dresden one of the most awful war crimes in the history of mankind is this…


“The bombing of Dresden is a strange case, mlitary unexplained. It happened when the Allies had already won the war, two and a half months before the signing of the unconditional surrender. And yet it totally lacked Dresden military targets…The case becomes more inexplicable because Dresden had 600,000 inhabitants, and then was crowded by thousands of women and children who were fleeing from the atrocities of the Soviet army invaded eastern Germany…

…Women, with their children, were turned into human torches, some were thrown into the river Elbe, but still continued to burn because the water does not extinguish the fire of liquid phosphorus…

…Was it a ritual bombardment?, taken from the Old Testament? According to Exodus 29, Jews say Yahavé asked burn animal (1) meat because he was very pleased the smell of burning flesh. In Dresden the meat smell ‘burnt rose thousands of feet high.”

— Alemania pudo vencer (Germany Could Win), Salvador Borrego Escalante, pag. 27

(1) Remember that the Talmud is the one that actually tells the Jews how to interpret the Torah

“All gentile children are animals.” (Yebamoth 98)

“Consider the Goyim (non-Jews) as an animal, bestial and ferocious, and treat it as such. Put your zeal and your wits destroy him.” (Volume 3, Book 2, chap. 4, Art. 5)

“Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew is not served by beasts. Therefore the non-Jew is AN ANIMAL in human form, condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” (Midrasch Talpioth, 255 l, Warsaw 1855)

When Jehovah ask the jews to burn animals, -or to use the term used in the Torah, which is curiously Holocaust- He is in fact asking them the holocaust non-jews, NOT sheep or cattle as the jews have led us to believe. The US Army killed over 90 million native Americans (the only true Americans BTW) during their attempted extermination of their people, to the point where their entire race was nearly wiped out. Americans killed over 50 million Africans during the slave trades, because God forbid the lazy bastards should lower themselves to performing an honest days worth of hard labor, and shed a single bead of sweat. -_- It’s taken the lives of over 40 million people (of all races) since the end of WWII, by trying to force democracy (quite democratically *sarcasm*) on others, by the barrel of a gun. It’s entire EXISTENCE is a war crime in and of itself, for being illegitimately founded on the blood and bones of a people who had already been living there for THOUSANDS of years before Brits, French, and Spanish came and fucked everything up for them. Germany on the other hand had no native population before our Scandinavian ancestors made it their home. Next time do your research before shooting your mouth off, instead of proving your ignorance, bigotry, and gullibility in accepting anything the “history” channel, and mainstream “news” networks tell you. Fact of the matter, is that the victors always write history to favor their side, and make the losers seem like the ultimate incarnation of evil. It’s called Projective Psychology. It’s a tactic where one projects their own wrongdoings onto others, thereby making them seem like the bad guys, and eliminating the threat of questioning. The ALL LIES used this strategy to great effect after the war, to forever associate Germans and Japanese, with war, bloodlust, and genocide, despite the fact that neither of our countries wanted a world war to begin with. Germany was pressured into war by the Polish, French, and British, with America fanning the flames the entire time. Russia was well aware of this, and their plan was to invade Europe to spread the “fires of liberation” after the Germans, British, and French had all been exhausted from the fighting. If you actually bothered to watch the documentary I provided to bostonianful, you would know that Hitler launched a preemptive strike against Russia for this reason. Intelligence proved to be spot on, as when the Wehrmacht entered Russian territory, they encountered the largest land invasion force EVER assembled up to that point. Japan was forced into war, as a result of America sticking it’s nose into affairs that didn’t concern it, by interfering with Japan’s war in China. This was done out of jealously, and enviousness, for what the Japanese Empire had in the Pacific, and war was forced on them to take what they had by force. If America didn’t want to be bombed at Pearl Harbor, then it’s leaders shouldn’t have incited Japan’s leaders to attack by cutting off their oil supply. They had every right to lash out, as their very survival was at stake. Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “Some people don’t want to hear the truth, because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” Bottom line is that the further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. 😉

I agree with Chromoid about keeping the comments section constructive and fun. I had to delete a couple comments within this thread because I found them personally offensive, and it takes a LOT to offend me. So let’s try to rein it in, shall we? And if off-topic discussions must take place, please take them elsewhere. Thanks! ^__^

razorfox, if i may say. i seriously apologies for this uproar. i made a smirky, humorous remark at panzer88 and well……he didn’t find it funny, which started this entire debate of tanks to spark off. in short, this is all because of me. again, i am really, really, sorry and if you wish. i will remove my comments concerning myself in this argument.

oh yeah, so i take all the blame myself right? no blame for you? no ”hey razorfox, im also sorry to taking this out of proportion, i should’ve just stopped and let everyone go despite their lack of knowledge of tanks” or ”i should’ve just let it go and allowed everyone to enjoy the comic”. none of that!?

okay. fine.
selfish prick.

I love reading people’s analyses of the characters, their behaviors, and the situations they create for themselves. It gives me an outsider’s perspective that I might not always notice myself as I write the series. I appreciate your insight, and the insight of everyone here.

But name-calling? Seriously? *sigh* That’s a warning for you, bostonianful. Just let it go, please. Stop fueling the fire.

Now look who’s “name calling” and “being mean.” :3 In case you hadn’t read my responses to Razor, I’ll have you know that I already HAVE apologized to him. I specifically said “Sorry about our flame war Razor.” I guess you either just pick and choose which part of my comments to actually read, or you just have a selective memory.

She was not in ANY way lovable. -_- She was an obnoxious bitch, guilty of hazing, and sexual harassment, on a MASSIVE scale, and the fact that she just fucked up a potential peace treaty out of prejudice, and jealousy, and ignorance, doesn’t help her case to put it mildly. >_< She fucked up BIG TIME, and got turned into a pancake because of it. 😉

plz, she was loved by rula and the others. the only person that was pissed her was ennek. and she’s really not that different from kess or the others. ”she fucked up a potential peact treaty out of prejudice”, well yeah, any of the other characters except for kilani would’ve done the same. that doesn’t really make her stand out. i don’t think she necessarily fucked up, she along with other tigers didn’t know the full power of the earth dragons, despite moving that rock. kenzi might’ve assumed that earth dragons can cause earth quakes or levitate rocks. but she didn’t know that they could pull earth right out of the ground. so yeah, she made a mistake, however it doesn’t single her out as a bad person and she didn’t deserve, sense anyone else except for kilani would’ve done the same. and stop talking about so humorously. its never funny to see someone die in a story, especially a character you know alot about and who hasn’t really done anything wrong, and who died in such a horrendous way.

except for elektra. razorfox can kill her anyway he pleases. same for the fox.

“Any of the other characters beside Killani would have done the same.” I suppose Ennek doesn’t count then? Hell, I would be willing to bet that even Princess Kirad would be willing to take a crack at it, if she thought it would really work. Yeah Pancake definitely fucked up. If she didn’t know “the full power of the Earth Dragons” then why was she quivering like jello when she realized what they were up against? She assumed (NEVER “assume” You ALWAYS make an ass out of yourself) that they could cause Earthquakes, and levitate rocks, but couldn’t figure out that EVERY PIECE OF LAND WAS A POTENTIAL WEAPON!?! What part of “EARTH DRAGON” was not registering? I’ll talk about it as “humorously” as I see fit. Many others, including Razor himself, have made some rather “humorous” comments about her death. I don’t see you complaining at them though. “Hasn’t done anything wrong.” Now your just playing favorites. I’ve already pointed out that she just ruined a potential peace treaty, to a war that’s been going on for centuries. If that’s not worthy of death, I don’t know what is. We’re not talking about “what other Tigers would do in her place” we’re talking about HER specifically. She obviously died instantly, so stop whining. Indeed, Razor can kill her “in any way he pleases” and he did. DEAL WITH IT. If you have a problem with that, take it up with him. It’s his comic not mine. 😉

I very much doubt Kenzi felt more than an instant of of pain, but she is dead.

making a hollow in that rock would have needed actual purpose by Saph and she didn’t do that.

The ONLY way Kensi could have survived is if Saph’s sub-conscience avoidance of killing (yeah right) formed said hollow without her knowledge

I don’t think we can call this a screw-up on Saph’s part. More like on Kenzi’s part. After all, she was the one attacking. Saph just reacted instinctively.

my friend, through out this entire comic, i can’t recall one time when either race is scared of the other. if anything, they are always angry and always fight. she doesn’t care about what she saw, she is pissed and she’s gonna get revenge or at least try to. no one in this comic is smart enough to make smart decisions.

YOU sir have not been in a situation where your fight or flight has kicked in.

She’s fucking CRYING! Did you miss that!? ARE YOU BLIND!? Her expression shows FEAR AND SADNESS! NOT RAGE!

They don’t always show anger- and if you presume that about Ennek, then you haven’t seen her little chit-chat with Kess. She doesn’t want to fight anymore than Kilani does.

i don’t have to be, these are razorfox’s characters. they don’t think like we humans do, otherwise they wouldn’t wasting their time with a pointless war. ive seen more then enough people express sadness then rage. take kess for instance when she saw riah’s missing eye. believe me, she’s most likley pissed. if she doesn’t get saph now, she will try to later on. she’s angry because she not only lost a friend, but she tried to come in peace with a dragon and in return, that dragon killed one of her friends.


Pissed off people don’t look terrified my ‘friend’. Believe me. They don’t.
She’s SCARED to fuck and back.

You’d be knocked for a loop as well if you JUST lost someone close to you right before your eyes. First thing that registers is disbelief, fear, sorrow, and grieving. Anger follows after you regain your senses.

tell you what buddy, ill let razorfox decide on weather my comments are offensive or not. if they are, i will remove them. if not then they are staying their. your just overreacting.

frankly, it really depends on what you may see as terrified. your expression of being terrified and mine are not the same. period. from what im seeing, she’s just sad that she just lost a friend, thats why their are tears running down her face. after a couple more seconds of mourning, well see if she is angry or not.

well gee, someone just died and i can’t recall a single time when someone in this comic actually used their head and did something smart. from what i have seen in the comic, anger overrates sadness and fear every time. thats what makes think ennek has more anger than she does fear right now. im just basing it on from what ive seen in the comic.

You must be new here. :3 It’s painfully obvious that they think exactly like we Humans do. “Wouldn’t be wasting their time with a pointless war.” You’ve never heard of the “Holy” Crusades, or the Hundred Years war have you? XD

I’m not your “buddy.” Who said anything about being in their right mind? Humans have indeed fought wars like similar to this throughout the history of our species. That doesn’t mean they were in their “right mind” when doing so. I’ve already explained this to you. You simply chose to refuse to listen out of the arrogance in thinking that your somehow a gem of moral perfection, and anyone who disagrees is a fool. You have NEVER been in a situation like these characters are in, and wouldn’t have the faintest clue as to how you would react if your were in their position. Now be gone foul pest.

and you have? have you ever been in a life or death situation? do know how they would act? if not, then zip it. you may have higher knowledge of ”tanks” for whatever thats worth. and you may have a great knowledge of history. but that in no way gives right to try to bully me off this comic. so stop trying, cause its not going to happen. and don’t try to present me as some jerk who’s so beligerent he believes he’s never wrong and anyone who disagrees is a fool. if that where true, i would be sending out more insults then i would comments. oh but just because i may lack the knowledge of what human being might think, (even though none of these characters are human) just because i lack that, i don’t have the right to comment or predict outcomes? wrong. i do have the right, and will exercise that right as much as i please until razorfox says otherwise. if you want say im wrong then just say it and we may debate on the matter. but don’t try to call me to be jerk when you know im not. just because my lack of knowledge on certain things makes your head hurt, doesn’t mean you have to be an ass about it.

I may not have either, but unlike you, I’m not the on trying to lecture the actions of FICTIONAL characters whom I didn’t create in the first place. 😉 “Trying to bully me off this site.” Oh LAWD. XD I have do desire to “bully you off this site.” I simply have a zero tolerance level when it comes to Trolls. ^_^ “Just because I lack knowledge of what a Human might think.” So how would you know that Razor’s characters “don’t think like humans” then? If you “lack knowledge of what a human might think?” :3 “Don’t call me a jerk when you know I’m not.” HO HOOOO BOY. XD First off, I never called you a “Jerk” specifically. Second, “You know I’m not.” Now your crossing a line. How DARE you try and tell me what I know and don’t know!?! I have NO idea whatsoever what thoughts are swirling around in your head, aside from the statements you’ve made thus far, which if they are any indication, more than prove your arrogance.

Actually, yes you do have to have been in a similar position in order to claim moral superiority to Saph. 😉 They are indeed Razor’s characters, so stop acting like you know more about them than he does. Ennek may be angry, but she’s likely sad first, and scared shitless above all. I’ve already explained to you that it was KENZEI, I mean PANCAKE, who ruined this potential peace treaty, and that Saph was just DEFENDING herself, as was her right. I swear, it’s like arguing evolution with a Christian creationist. All evidence proves that it happened, and yet the fundies STILL refuse to acknowledge their illogical fallacy, by insisting on claiming otherwise, with ever weaker arguments. -_-

tell you what, you go ahead and pretend in your little fantasy that im taking over razorfox’s characters. you go ahead and think that if it makes you feel better. last im i checked, no body died and made you king of the comment section. so ill make them as i please and think what i think. period.

No, because Gaia wasn’t at all scared of Scyde, right before her (extremely fucked up) death. Not to mention her begging Elektra, and her crew to let here go, as opposed to being butchered by the Tigers. Or have you already forgotten that? I remember that incident, and others, all too well to say that either side doesn’t feel fear for the other. Hell, in one of the most recent pages, your beloved Kenzi (I’m just gonna call her pancake from here on out) was quaking with fear when she realized what they were up against, when she figured out that there were Earth Dragons mixed in with the others.

You don’t need all caps, I can read. I only assumed since the sarcasm was after the period, it was for the following sentence. Furthermore, leave the guests and fellow fans alone. If they wish to have a counter argument about the characters or story, let them. It’s not your place to criticize anyone for their views, comments, theories, predictions, or any thoughts or beliefs that oppose your own.

Oh, and I suppose it’s your right to criticize me? As if. XD I simply responded to their thoughts with my own. If they didn’t want others to criticize their thoughts, then they should have kept them to themselves (I’m looking at you bostonianful). “leave the guests and fellow fans alone” applies just as much to you as it does to me. I’m allowed to have a “counter argument” as well, and it’s not your place to criticize my views, comments, theories, predictions, or any of my thoughts or beliefs that oppose your own. Double edge sword baby. I can use it too. 😉

Saph may have a few screws loose, but Kenzi tried to kill her first. She had every right to defend herself accordingly. Especially considering that the two species are at war, and they’re on the battlefield to boot. I get that your pissed because one of your pet favorite characters got flattened, but you don’t seem to be able to grasp the situation at hand. If a sniper kills one of your squad mates on the battlefield, you have no right to be angry at them for it. Their just doing their job to serve their nation. Sure it’s fucked up that she’s laughing about it, but until you’ve taken some ones life for yourself, you have no right to judge her reactions white knight. 😉

okay, first off. saph is an earth dragon. her own autonomy tells her not to kill. oh but she did so just because to wants to impress red. that right their is cause enough to be angry at her. but the way she attacked kenzi. thats just one of things that pissed me off. even if kenzi attacked her, you’d think she had enough sense to know that at least one tiger wanted to make peace and their by, maybe she should think twice before killing, their by using some non lethal tactics or defensive ones, like when she pulled up that wall in the last page.

and buddy, don’t tell me that their fighting for their nation. when ever they go out to the battlefield and they lose a friend. they are then fighting, not for their nation. but for 2 things, vengeance and pride. thats it. both species forgot the reason why this war started. so their by they’re only fighting for pride and in some cases vengeance.

saph and her fellow earth dragons were dragged in this war by lady red. they were pacifists, they were not born nor trained to fight. yet saph just accepted this because she was eager and she killed because she wanted to impress red. frankly, im guessing one of two things is going to happen next. either ennek is going to attack and possibly kill saph out of vengeance. or eone is going to chew the living shit out of saph or red for the earth dragons taking part in this war. either one can happen.

Ok white knight, let me break this down in simple terms that even you can understand. Saph was attacked. She was faced with death. She should have just stood there? Spare me. Self defense if a basic right of all sentient beings. Your making a TREMENDOUS fool of yourself by claiming otherwise. Your upset about the way she died? I’ll go ahead and call the wambulance. She died instantly. I doubt she had much (if any) time to feel pain. It’s not Saph’s fault for ruining the peace treaty, but your beloved KENZI who fucked it up. “She should’ve used non-lethal tactics?” WOW. Just. WOW. If you should ever join your nations military, and find yourself being shot at on the battlefield, you should ALWAYS use “non-lethal” tactics instead of killing to defend yourself. *sarcasm* Because OF COURSE an enemy trying to kill you will be just as obliging…………..right? *rolls eyes* “Not fighting for their nation?” You’re a special breed of stupid aren’t you? It’s a war for the SURVIVAL OF THEIR PEOPLE. Or in simple layman’s terms, THEIR NATION. Don’t even try to pretend that soldiers from the various human countries don’t fight for pride, or haven’t “taken revenge” for their families, and fallen comrades, who were killed in violation of international law. There is an OCEAN of examples I can think of that prove you otherwise, if you really want to keep this meta pissing contest going. Although it probably won’t be going on for much longer, since Razor is likely to ban both of us if it keeps up. Thanks bostonianful. You’ve likely fucked us both over. -_-

Well, you’re half right, Panzer88. The discussion itself is a lively one, and I’m enjoying that part of it. If you could do it without resorting to insults, whether overt or sarcastic, then it won’t get in the way of the good points you’re both making.

In other words, final warning. Play nice! Not kidding, Panzer88. Thanks! ^__^

I’ll be happy to play nice if he does, but with all due respect Razor, I didn’t start this. You can’t seriously expect me to “stop arguing” when he refuses to do so as well. You might want to tell him to “play nice” also, as he was the one to start making smart ass remarks to me, in addition to claiming to know more about YOUR COMIC and YOUR CHARACTERS than you do, by lecturing everyone else on the “morality” of a hypothetical life or death situation that he’s never been in. I don’t insult anyone without provocation, and wouldn’t have done so, if not for his trolling comment’s being the sparks of a forest fire. If your going to give me a “final warning”, then it’s only fair that you do the same for him as well. ^_^

your right. you didn’t start this. i did. because i didn’t think it would taken so seriously. or that you frown upon those that are not as smart as you. believe me, if i known that i wouldve never had said a word. he’s not telling me to play nice, because out of all of our arguing, i have tried my best not be mean. yet you seem insulted with my low level of intelligence. sorry panzer, but no matter how ”stupid” or ”unintelligent” i may be. i still have the right to comment.

now for razorfox’s sake, i won’t respond to massive comment you wrote above concerning human’s history of war. nor will i respond to anymore of your comments on this page. instead i will remove the majority of the comments i have posted.

but seriously, you need to be more understandable. just because someone might be dumb in your opinion or might be not intelligent as you, does not give you the right to mean to them. i apologies if my comments made me look as if i was demanding things to come to the comic. i was only making what i thought were predictions and i didn’t know they were causing so much mischief. for razorfox’s sake i will try to comment better.

razorfox. danny. listen, i am very sorry for all of this. no matter how mean panzer may be, he is right when he said i started this. i made a non funny joke and panzer didn’t like it which sparked off this entire thing. i am really sorry. i deeply apologies for this.

for your sake i won’t respond to anymore of panzers comments and i will instead remove the majority of my comments.

i will wait for the next page to be uploaded before i comment again. but razorfox if i may make a suggestion. so that no one can see the big debacle that has happened here, i recommend disable or turning off the comment section of this page, when the next page is uploaded. just a recommendation.

again, i am very sorry to have done this to your website, i will do my very best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. and again, im sorry.

“No matter how mean Panzer may be” Actually bostonianful, I’m a really nice guy for the most part. Until you start pressing my buttons that is. Stop pretending to be a victim. You started a fight, and you got burned for it. This wouldn’t have happened in the first place, if you had kept your mouth shut, and not crossed me. Razor, you can go ahead and ban me for this response if you see fit, but I’m not going to stop responding to him when he keeps popping off to me. ESPECIALLY if it’s behind my back. Go ahead and do what you feel like you’ve got to do. I await the blow from your rusty banhammer with the utmost glee my fuzzy friend. Zero fucks given. ^_^

You’re getting ahead of yourself, yet AGAIN.

No offense, but really..

‘ennek is gonna rip saph’s head off’ is presuming a bit too much- she JUST lost her teammate, not to mention little miss fangirl is starting to look hella scary. That is when I’d say ‘flight’ kicks in, instead of fight.

She just saw what happened if she tried to fight, not to mention it happened in mere SECONDS.
Do the math.

yeah, i am. im basing this on history and reputation. their is not one single character here that ”thinks ahead”. every character here lets their emotions get the better of them. and if i were ennek, i would be pretty pissed. besides, i doubt saph can focus as much when she’s crazy. not to mention, as i said many times, anything can happen. i hope ennek puts this bitch down.

……I just fucking CAN’T with you. It’s like you don’t want to see what’s actually going on, and then projecting your views as if they were canon.

Characters in a story need a range of emotion or they become bland.

YOU are not Ennek- YOU are not in a situation where you are WEAPONLESS and faced by a powerful and now POWER hungry enemy! You are not feeling the adrenaline or the fear and immediate sense of loss that are swirling in your head.

You may be pissed, but Ennek- I see she is terrified. If she fights right now while that dragon is fully focused on her- she’ll meet the same fate as Kenzi or worse with what Saph seems to envision.

That’s your problem- you ‘predict’ TOO much and you predict it in a pretentious way that gets annoying as fuck. Believe me, I’m not the ONLY person annoyed with your predictions.

No. I’m not ‘dealing’ with it. I don’t DEAL with people getting away with such bullshit.

well then thats your problem.

no one can ”predict too much” sense many people do it on draconia chronicles, multiple times, without anyone raising an arm against them.

so yeah, you are the only one. sense no one has gotten as angry as you and people who have responded to me have debated on weather my predictions are correct rather than just getting angry. even if my predictions are weak and unreasonable, no one here is ”annoyed” by them except for you.

I wasn’t “trolling” lol. XD I simply responded to your dull joke which quite unlike my response, WAS an example of trolling. You do realize that Razor asked ALL OF US to stop fighting right? Unless you want to be smited by the ban hammer, I would back off if I were you. 😉

hey razorfox. i just saw the draconia chronicles calender on your facebook. it looks amazing man. absolutely awesome. wish i could see all of it though. but alas, i have very little money to spare, let alone that i don’t know how to spend it over the internet. but none the less, great work.

im just wondering. because you were busy working on this calender. will their not be a new page this week? just wondering out of curiosity. thanks, and once again, great wok! 🙂

uh ouch. Yea that happened indeed and now Ennek has a problem now with a crazy earth dragon after her first kill.

Well, she did say that she wanted to impress Lady Red with two fresh Tiger pelts, so one down, one to go. ^__^;;

That’s true and for a slightly added bonus they’re flatten and stretch! Hope she would take the time to take out all of the bones and blood…

That’ll buff out. 😉

“It’s just a flesh wound!”

Hah! I did say she was a volatile character. This chapter just went from hot potato to live grenade. Keep it up, Mr. Fox!


why does seem like “Your turn” is the same words in both dragon and tiger

Well, a real life example would be how certain German and English words sound very similar. This is no surprise, as the first British Royal Family was originally from Germany. English is a variant of the German language, but I believe that both have some Latin roots as well, so it may be a little bit of both. Thus, even though your speaking English, in a way, your speaking German as well. 😉 As a matter of fact, from what native English speakers have told me, of all the second languages they learned, German was the easiest for them. It’s possible, that maybe for a time Tigers and Dragons, and even Foxes, lived together in peace, as one multicultural nation, and spoke the same language before everything went to shit. I suspect the Foxes had something to do with that, but only time will tell, as it’s Razor’s comic, and ultimately up to him to decide.

It seems whatever god exists there hates peace and love and tolerance…

Or the gods just aren’t directly involved in the affairs of these mere mortals.

Actually I think there was a few influences or manipulation of thought process, namely the dragon’s reasoning that she was defending herself and directed that thought over to saying that her buddies wouldn’t get mad and be impressed by her, leading through with that, she might be deciding to kill another tiger.
As such, manipulation in the most subtle of ways.

Saph has gone psycho… and now Kenzi… oh dear Kenzi… *Sniffles*

I demand fair trade in Dragon flesh: pound for pound!

The fight’s not necessarily over yet.

If there’s no light taken then I do hope that Saph ends up with her wings clipped. She’s an EARTH Dragon, what need does SHE have for wings…

Right? They would look better over my fireplace.

I’m……shocked for words… seems the tigers are falling fast then the dragons…..Fox…do u favor the dragons :o…but yeah…I figured she would die…but didn’t imagine her getting flattened….what a way to go.

let’s see…

the dragons can fly. the tigers can not, so the dragons usually can choose the range

most of the dragons have range weapons/powers. other than throwing away their melee weapons, the tigers do not

I ask again, how the heck are the tigers even surviving?

Well…..the tigers have that special metal in where weapons that weakens of takes away the dragons magikca :D…and I don’t recall ever seeing some Dragon with a weapon…only there powers :o…does that make the tigers more badass!?!

I have noted that tigers are tool users and dragons aren’t, but it’s mostly because dragons use their powers in place of tools. A good example is it has been stated a couple times earth dragons made the dragon city and surrounding structures.

But, do tigers make their tools? Sure, we have seen them searching for the metal that makes their tools, but we haven’t seen even a forge to make them. From what I’ve seen, the tigers are nomadic and so, they have to carry everything… including whatever they make their tools.

I suspect the foxes who are pitting the two species against each other make the tigers’ tools. That would explain why the tigers have NOT come up with an idea of disposable range weapons (slings and arrows). The tigers are pretty dang smart. If they WERE designing and making their tools, they would already have range weapons in their arsenal.

They are physically stronger, and likely more proficient at close combat, and using their weapons, since they don’t have the luxury of magical powers from which they can draw strength. 😉 On the other hand, most dragons we’ve seen tend to fall back on their magic, as opposed to honing their weaponry, and melee skills. Sure they train in those fields, but I doubt that the majority of dragons bothers to remember much of that training, as they almost always depend on their magic to retain the advantage. When it get’s up close and personal, it’s usually game over for the Scailies. Keep in mind that one of the ancient German tribes (the Visigoths to be specific) sacked Rome, despite having less advanced technology. I believe Razor has stated that the idea for the Dragons was “civilized conquerors”, and the Tigers were supposed to be “honorable barbarians.” Each nation has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. From what we’ve seen so far, they have balanced each other out, to a degree that the war has ground to a stalemate for hundreds of years now.

I favor both sides, but in this scenario, we’ve got Tigers who have never dealt with Earth Dragons before, and are now discovering the hard way that they’ve fatally underestimated their new opponents.

Clearly SOMEONE faced some long ago, because one of them was remembering a cautionary poem about dragon colors earlier… But definitely long enough ago to be dangerously scarce information. When you think about it, they really could easily seize power, with the right motivation. After all… no fortress could protect you from them. Your BEST hope might be a steel fortification. At least until they just split the earth or rupture a volcanic fault beneath you. So they have either been duped into believing their inferiority, or they’re fortunate enough to have developed a social tendency toward constructive behavior (at least when not experiencing a battle high).

On the other claw, as BRUTAL as Kenzi’s stage exit was… I like to think that she was likely fortunate in that it was also an extremely -swift- one (considering heavy stone was involved). I don’t know that she even had time to register it was over. We should all be so lucky. If you must die violently, then hope it be swift, and at least brave… And we can’t fault her on the latter, even if it was a failed intelligence roll that lead her to her choice of action.

Hmm. Lesson of the day: Dont mess with earth dragon. After all, there is ground everywhere. I wonder what she will do now. Like always, you always surprise me :).

Man… can’t believe she is dead. One false move and your toast. You know it’s always good not to think a head and just go for the kill. But wow! can’t believe Kenzi just got herself killed. Looks like were not going to see her in the next couple chapters. I have a feeling this is not going to end well in the next page.

Is wrong that I’m kind of disappointed? I mean, reaction stuff happens I know… but I was kind of hoping for some kind of fight scene. Ennek doesn’t exactly have weapons on hand… so she’s pretty well boned now that Saph seems to have snapped in her desire to bed Red. I dunno… Maybe the kid will snap out of it when she realizes just what kind of damage she’s done… Doubt it though.

Might have to wait for the adrenaline to die down first.

Reading later posts, I’m inclined to think Ennek is a fair bit traumatized by what she just saw. Heck I would be too. She was caught completely off-guard by this, as a bait & trap(what Saph might think they were trying) was never on her mind. She was trying to make some measure of peace…

Speaking as someone who’s had something along those lines happen(though no where near -this-), it would be far more understandable(and realistic) if she -did- just collapse into a sobbing mess. After that, we get to see if Saph is really capable of a cold kill…

Oh how far south that went, cause when I saw them singing together it thought’hm perhaps there is a little hope for the races, but now this happens, a dragon that is obsessed with someone so bad that she has gotten the taste of blood lust in the process of defending herself. Idk if I will ever recover from that insane look on her face!

Neither will Kenzi, apparently.

Stupid obsessive dragon’*shakes head* wait until her fantasies meet reality. Unless there is a part I missed

problem is… THEIR reality is dragons and tigers kill each other on a daily basis. While anyone’s ‘first kill’ is traumatic, I believe it will take a bit of time before the after-effect hits Saph (due to the needs of the moment and her ‘touch of craze’)

at the moment, Ennek is at severe disadvantage.

One, Saph is on a adrenaline high after her first ‘kill’ and will be wanting more. Ennek is the perfect target for that.

two, Ennek is unarmed (except her natural claws, which Saph also has). tigers have grown somewhat dependent on their weapons, but dragons depend on their powers… which Saph already has keyed up for more use.

Saph can fly and select the range (as in ‘out of reach’) while Ennek can not escape Saph’s power.

ennek has rage buddy. ive seen that conqure adrenaline a number of times. especially when that adrenaline comes from you going crazy. its hard to concentrate that way.

ennek has a chance. theirs no telling she might have. or what may happen. heck, we saw her rock chucking skills against kess. if she manages to evade saph. if she throw a rock that hard, imagine what she could do with a weapon. she needs a sythe though. or she just get close to here and try to take her out bare handed. saph wouldn’t try to attack with her powers when she’s so close.

yeah, dragons can fly, but i haven’t been seeing that alot latley, sense from i have seen, dragons like to fight up close. they must lack the accuracy to hit targets from far away or something. and ennek can escape saphs power. if she evades her line of sight or stays hidden, she can possibly take her by surprise. however, with a more cautious approach.

I wonder if that’s an actual thing? Could it be that earth dragons actually DO experience an elevated tendency for bloodlust? Blood makes a great (if macabre) fertilizer for the earth… so what if by extension, if fuels them in violence? Is this a long forgotten reason for both the choice to keep them from the battlefield, and their own breed’s seeming habit of wishing to avoid violence?

…that would be interesting, but just conjecture, really.

OK, Saph has gone into killy, bloody, lala land, but I don’t think she will make the next move. It’s way to soon for anyone else to get involved so everything rides on Ennek now.
I see two options for Ennek now:
1) She tries to avenge Kenzi and dies. Seriously, she’s screwed if it comes to a fight.
2) She breaks down into a crying mess and doesn’t try and fight or run, maybe she even wants to die, and leaves it to Saph to kill her. I’m just not sure if Saph would have it in her to attack if that happens. Killing Kenzi was pure instinct and self-defence, but cold blooded murder of someone who is crying and grieving for a lost friend, who you just sung with not 2 minutes ago, that’s something vastly different, even for someone with the bloodlust.

i believe that either saph dies or they both die. seriously, ennek might have a hidden weapon, or she may try to strangle her to death. can’t crush a tiger unless who’s close to you, unless you want to be killed along with her.

I think you are seriously underestimating what Saph can do here.
As Ennek leaps forward Saph raises a wall, blocking her, next move pushes the wall over and crushes Ennek. She could also create another rock pillar that strikes Ennek in the chest, caving in the ribs and rupturing the vital organs, even a limb hit would be enough to shatter bone and through her off balance before Saph delivers a finisher.
Ennek makes it through to Saph and starts choking her, Saph uses a free arm to create a rock spike that goes straight through Enneks chest or rips up a boulder and smashes it into Ennek’s head caving in the skull. Her only saving grace is that Dragons don’t have claws to rip out her throat or eyes.
Ennek is choking Saph and has her arms pinned, preventing her from using magic. Depending on flexibility, Saph either uses her tail to try and pry off Ennek or whacks it against her back as hard as possible. Follow this with saph pushing off the ground with her wings and she flips over and lands on top of Ennek.
The Tigers were to little to have any weapons so her only armament is Kenzi’s sythe which is stuck in between the rocks. She motions to reach for that and is crushed instantly.
Yeah, I’m sticking with Ennek dies if she tries to fight.

buddy, in every situation of yours ennek dies. what you forget is that tigers are more agile and faster than dragons and when it comes to hand to hand fighting. as you saw when the tigers and dragons first fought in the comic. the only thing that gives dragons an edge is their magic. now if all saph can do is bring up rocks, then i think ennek and dodge or avoid them. i think the reason why of what happened to kenzi, was because when kenzi saw saph, she thought she was vulnerable and could be taken by suprise. sadly, she was not aware of saph’s full power. ennek is. she’s seen what saph can do and if she chooses for fight. she will do so smart. possibly even pretend to still play peace maker and then get close enough to snap saphs neck. she’s smart and she won’t let this go that easily.

OK, I’m maybe being a bit unfair toward Ennek here. She is no doubt a competent fighter and she seems really clever, but I still don’t think she can take Saph, not easily anyway, especially after what just happened.
Remember that for all the Tiger’s’ weapons and fighting skills, they still rely heavily on sheer numbers to win, something Ennek doesn’t have. Besides, all Saph has to do to guarantee a win is flap her wings a bit and she’s completely out of Ennek’s range.

sheer in numbers? according to the draconia chronicles wiki, the tigers outnumber the dragons 2 to 1. but none the less. ennek will at least hurt saph a little.

yeah, saph can fly, but the only way she’ll do that is if she fleas. if she tries to fly, ennek will just run back into the forest. with how crazy saph is now, im guessing she’ll want to stay up close and personal. which i hope, will be her downfall.

as i said, saph’s death is possible the best thing that could happen right now. even though it would add to the deaths of characters that have already died, at least kenzi can be avenged. ennek, gets off without any hate from the other tigers. and eone can chew out red and the dragon queen when they see that saph has died.

none the less, this just sucks though. now once again, kilani is the only one hoping for peace. easy come, easy go, i guess.

Figured it would be a lot more graphic. A body doesn’t get crushed without it’s remaining bits going somewhere. Conservation of mass/matter, and all that.

DAMN! This is getting to be like Game of Thrones when it comes to character deaths. I totally did not see that one coming. Nicely done.

I just hope there aren’t any weddings coming up in Draconia!

wedding? all the characters in this comic are female, remember?

Yes, we all know what an intense “gay hater” you are.

Unfortunately he went on an anti-gay rant over on Uber Quest #53 a couple of months ago. He used terms like “not natural”, “genetic defects”, “prefer (purposely) to never understand the lifestyle” and “I’m not afraid of homosexuals, i just hate them.” He pissed off a bunch of people.

My question is whether the two rocks are concave or not.

Aaaaand this is why the earth dragons don’t fight. One kill, and they become homicidal maniacs.

On the other hand. I can’t help but loooooove the rampant lunacy plastered all over Saph’s face. It makes me laugh. Like, maniacally so. Still, I want to see Ennek walking out of this with dragon scale boots, hat, belt, and handbag, but judging by the look on her face, I’m going to guess that she’s not about to stick around when her entire environment is now a weapon to be used against her.

In short, I see pain. Lots. And lots. Of pain. In the near future.

I’ve been reciting the words “rampant lunacy” in my mind throughout the day. I love that phrase you came up with!

I try. And it was the best choice of words I could come up with based on her reaction to her first blood.
The other thing that entered my mind was “Beware the Sapherwock, my son. With hands that glow and rocks that smash.”

Genuinely looking forward to how this turns out.

Well then…that was honestly a WTF! moment in this comic. Just like when Gaia was beheaded, another big death scene I feel. Just like looking at the loss of Gaia oh so many pages ago, It felt as if my heart was ripped out seeing another of the chars die in such a…well..way. However when a char’s death can make anyone react like this or any other way, it shows how well loved, or in some cases maybe hated they were, with their loss. I hope to keep getting heart wrenching shocks and surprises, great job as Always! ^_^

Orange Crush…
I literally heard a sitcom’s canned “aww” in my head when I read that.
And here I was thinking the first paving stone to the path of peace had been laid. Now Ennek is probably gonna go into Berserker mode, all diplomatic progress will grind to a halt, and you know what the worst part is?
We won’t get to hear the rest of the Tiger’s version of the song.

Thus a very good reason why you don’t yell while making a surprise attack. I fear for Ennek’s safty. However if Saph is playing by the rule of only react to hostile actions can Ennek figure that out and use it to her advantage? …. That out of the way I feel like there should be some sort of flat cat joke here but I can’t think of one to save my hide.

Well, based on Saph’s logic, particularly about Eone’s potential reaction, you think maybe she’ll hold back until provoked?

From my point of view yes and no. Yes: Ennek’s peace has worked in her favor so far keeping it up forces stalemate possibly. No: Saph may now view Ennek as having tried to distract her for an attack meaning she has already been provoked. However regardless of how it goes it is in your hands all I can do is guess and be surprised right or wrong.

This was bound to happen, I kept recalling lately how Gaia was beheaded back in the beginning. A beginning I still have to go back and read someday(And I hope gets colored someday as well). All in all, good work, Razor, albeit psychotic and traumatizing; This will lead to so much, I am excited by the prospect of all the possible routes.

Thanks, and truth be told, I’m excited, too! Kenzi may be gone, but with her demise comes a ton of new potential paths. Hope you’ll continue to join me for the journey! ^__^

Of course! I’ve been following Draconia Chronicles since I saw your table at AMA 2010 at Virgina Beach. I knew how to deal with people even less then, so I ended up asking the table next to yours what he knew about it. A pity, since that was probably my only chance to meet you.

Also, I noticed that one of Saph’s eyes has turned blue. Something’s gone wrong with her.

That’s just the way the moonlight interacts with her eyes. The blue moonlight tints everything it touches, and all shadows in this scene are unconditionally done in purple. Saph’s eyes are actually light green in normal light.

That is the definition of a crushing defeat.

Hard to say if Ennek will recover from the shock fast enough to reply. If she doesn’t then Saph will have an easy target. If she does then Saph will need more then a few pillars of rock to stop her.

Too many paths to follow to make any kind of predictions.

I am still waiting to see what reinforcements show up.

We’ll see ourselves the farmer’s woe,
For what you reap is what you sow!

Take a Dragon by the blade,
‘Twas not the dream she donned that day,
A dream shared by many with her Coat…
To make it home, to stand far from harm,
Yet here she lay in Dragon’s Glade!

Wise was once a Tiger,
She told her kin to hide,
“Your fur is soft, to say the least,
So stay within these trees!
I’ll lure the beast away tonight,
and she’ll be none the wiser!”

To think she’d see the agony
And twisted winner’s grin,
“You’ll rue this night,
For from your scaly neck
Shall your head run free!”

That’s lovely! An original work of yours?

Let’s see

Constant feeling of dread and hopelessness? Check

The morally grey to morally reprehensible characters always succeeding in their plots and being rewarded for their crimes? check.

The handful of morally decent people constantly being abused, traumatized and eventually murdered in overly brutal and cruel ways, as if fate itself is punishing them for DARING to think anything good can ever happen in this hellhole of a world? Check.

EVERY SINGLE moral victory that is achieved is almost immediately undone in a cruel way specifically designed to make the situation even worse? Check.

Yeah, this is basically Game of Thrones: The Webcomic.

Aww, I hope she didn’t really die T_T

Sweet Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ. O.O
I can’t say I was a fan of Kenzi (especially her actions over the last few comics), but when I first saw this page…it felt like a sumo wrestler was standing on my ribcage. I know she was just a fictional character in a webcomic, but we *knew* her, and her death gives a mighty yank on our heartstrings. Aspiring writers, take note: THIS is how you develop a character that is real and relatable to viewers, even if they don’t agree with his/her morals or actions. *slow clap*

Okay, so I’m late to the party and wow. That is one way of just taking the stakes to the edge of the cliff and then deciding to blow them up with TNT. But for a second, Razor, I have to call something.

Your bluff, because one thing is missing from all this action. The blood, the guts, any show of actual death by smashing. And we know you like blood, and that you’re not afraid to use it. But possibly the most gory worthy page you’ve made so far and not a drop? There should be blood and gory, and very unnerving things going on, but there’s not. Not even a little droplet of blood to symbolise death, if you wanted to be PG13.

So I’m going to say that Saph fucked up, she’s a constructor, right. Not trained in combat, possibly in defensive? I say, she’s not a killer and that although it looks like death, her magic just couldn’t. I say the earth, maybe, is in a sort of mold like situation around Kenzi. Containing her, and certainly hurting but not actually killing, cause this page should be gore happy, yet it’s not.

I am willing to eat my words if wrong though, always willing to eat my words.

You make a fair point. That earth isn’t necessarily rock hard. It could just be loose dirt. The fact that it was so easily lifted from the ground in perfect chunks supports that hypothesis. Although we are probably reading too much into it :p

My initial thought was that Earth Dragons were peaceful with non-violent ways to protest their treatment in Dragon society, but just like in life, you can’t assume that everyone in a group has the same way of thinking. This Earth Dragon got taste of killing, and her giddy reaction to it was slightly disturbing. Nice work, man.

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