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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

While it appears that Cinder may have won the first round against Kess, Kess appears to have scored a win here in round two.  Will Lady Red take matters into her own hands, or will Kilani beat her to it?  Stay tuned…

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Shit is right…if Kess still has that rock in her hand thats gonna cause major amnesia…

But on whom?

To Khilani…heck it might have done even worse! Mayor Head trauma anyone? As for Cinder from the looks of it Kess hit her horn so the worst itll do is a knock out. And I just love Lady Reds reaction in the last panel! XD

Wow kess is going psychopath at it right here right now man oh well such as it is in life in war I war waching a new episode of star wars rebels it is awesome


I don’t know, it can and does get pretty good.

I saw the new trailer as well….They find a Sith training temple and Kanan starts fighting 3 Jedi sentinels (they kinda look like the Orokin from Warframe to be honest) and Ezra gets the cross-guard lightsaber….Ahsoka also fights Darth Vader. And even after all that they will all have plot armor also did anyone notice Ezras age? Why did Kanan started training him! Hes older than Anakin when Qui-Gon Jin took him to the Temple but he looks younger than Luke when Obi-Wan decided to train him…Ezra is destined to be a Sith! And it will happen when Sabines dies when his fear comes to pass and anger and hate take control!

Well have you seen it conquest I am a big star wars fan so each to it’s own.

I’ve seen enough what Disney has to ofeer with Rebels but I am sorry man im just not satisfied with Clone Wars being canceled….

Geezus Christ, Kess, that left hook of yours xD; Red would do well to step in, but it’d be better if either Meta or Eone helped to shield the prone Kilani and Cinder. Look’s like Cinger got KO’d but good, though. Now they *have* to find Saph to help carry Cinder back. Thing is, are Saph and Ennek still headed straight for the others? Or will they reach the rest of the tiger pack first?

I’ve only really noticed this fairly recently, but the Dragons have massive wingspans. Then again they’d need to have large wings in order to lift their body weight in flight, so kudos to you for keeping things realistic.

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